Anime fans stick to their favorite anime despite its length. From the 2-episode Saint Young Men featuring Jesus and Buddha to One Piece, which is ongoing even after 1,000 episodes, anime has a variety of stories and characters to offer. Many manga are so complex that they require more episodes to build an immersive universe, while some anime are short and sweet, with 12 to 30 episodes.

While some studios expertly adapt the manga to anime in a few episodes, some fail to portray the essence of the mangaka's work in unlimited episodes. Some of the most popular anime with 25 episodes are long-time favorites.

10 This '90s Fantasy Anime Packs A Punch (Touma Kishinden Oni)

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Many children let their imagination run wild, often creating imaginary friends or origin stories for themselves. While most in the real world are ordinary humans, things are different in the world of fiction. Touma Kishinden Oni is one such tale that follows Shuramaru, the main protagonist.

Shuramaru has unique powers which make him the village's antagonist. In 25 episodes, Shuramaru gains more experience as a human, only to realize he may not be one. This '90s anime is set in the world of Oni, a series of role-playing video games.

9 Godhood Isn't An Easy Path To Tread (Kamisama Kiss)

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In Kamisama Kiss, Nanami Momozono is a high schooler with an irresponsible parent who absconded, leaving her homeless. By chance, Nanami runs into Mikage, the land god of a rundown shrine, who offers her a place to stay. Tomoe, a fox familiar, mistakes Nanami for the god he is to serve and refuses to cater to a human.

Kamisama Kiss is a 25-episode shojo anime that follows Nanami as she goes from being a homeless girl without a guardian to a god with a reluctant fox as a familiar. This anime features a comedy of errors with a blossoming romance.

8 A Pitcher Gambles With His Life (One Outs)

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Fans have witnessed many anime over the years featuring sports, from the more obscure Hakone Ekiden to the more popular volleyball. One Outs is an underrated baseball anime where the main protagonist, Toua Tokuchi, reluctantly joins the Saikyou Saitama Lycaons baseball team.

Tokuchi doesn't get along with the team's owner and makes a bet with stakes so high that it would shame the gamblers in Kakegurui. In a mere 25 episodes, Tokuchi goes from being a one-on-one pitcher to bringing an entire team out of a slump.

7 A Desperate God Finds Luck In A Human (Noragami)

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Noragami follows Yato, a minor deity who wishes to have millions of worshippers. A self-proclaimed "Delivery God," Yato is one of the unluckiest characters in the series. As Yato's long-time assistant leaves him, he comes across Hiyori Iki, a middle schooler who changes his luck.

Although fans weren't too happy with the first season, the series picked up in the second season. In 25 episodes, Noragami explores the relationship between a god desperate to gain more worshippers and a middle schooler who wants her routine life back.

6 Rom-Com Tropes Have Never Felt Sweeter (Toradora!)

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Toradora! is a romance anime that follows Ryuji, a responsible high schooler, and Taiga, a short-tempered tsundere. They fall in love with each other while trying to help the other get with their best friend. A comedy of errors filled with romance, this anime features some of the most well-written characters and story arcs in anime.

Along with discovering their feelings for each other, Taiga and Ryuji learn to depend on each other and become more independent. Toradora! is a cute anime that brings a refreshing perspective to the same old romance tropes in just 25 episodes.

5 A Self-Proclaimed Mad Scientist Travels Through Time (Steins;Gate)

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Rintaro Okabe, a self-proclaimed mad scientist, is the main protagonist of the sci-fi anime Steins;Gate. Okabe discovers his ability to send messages through time and sets forth to get to the bottom of it. He and his motley crew experiment extensively with this newfound ability.

In a mere 25 episodes, Okabe loses his dear friend, Mayuri, multiple times, bringing her back using time travel. A fast-paced series with solemn moments, comedy, and chaotic time travel, Steins;Gate is one of White Fox's best productions.

4 A Young Psychic Has Unique Coming-Of-Age Story (Shinsekai Yori)

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Shinsekai Yori, also known as From the New World, is an extraordinary coming-of-age story. The main protagonist, Saki Watanabe, is a 12-year-old girl who awakens her psychic abilities. As Saki joins her friends at Sage Academy, the group questions the fate of the powerless and the rest of the world.

Entirely plot-driven, From the New World is one of the most underrated psychological horror anime in the genre. Within 25 episodes, fans witness extraordinary world-building, deep character development, and music that sends chills down their spines.

3 The Most Overpowered Superhero Prefers Lazing Around (One-Punch Man)

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One-Punch Man is one of the most popular shonen anime in the genre. It follows Saitama, who trained so hard to achieve his childhood dream and become a hero that he lost all his hair. As an overpowered hero who can defeat any enemy using a single punch, Saitama leads a very mundane life.

When Genos, a cyborg, pesters Saitama into becoming his teacher, One-Punch Man's life gets a little interesting. In 24 episodes and an OVA in the second season, this anime series gives fans everything from a competition arc to funny moments.

2 The Fourth War's The Charm (Fate/Zero)

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Fate/zero is one of the most promising and action-packed anime series. Even after three Holy Grail Wars, the Einzbern family is sure that the Fourth Holy Grail War would be different, given their possession of a secret weapon. This series accurately portrays the dirty and inglorious side of war.

In just 25 episodes, the creators have planned and executed the story in a manner befitting a great and timeless anime. The characters in Fate/zero have enough time to develop and question themselves without it feeling rushed.

1 A Man Destined To Die Journeys To Overturn His Fate (Berserk)

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Berserk is a seinen anime of great acclaim. It follows Guts, the main protagonist, as he tries his best to escape his gruesome fate. On his journey, he comes across various people, good and bad, who question his morals and alliances.

Despite Guts' selfishness regarding his mission, he establishes some lasting relationships within the Band of the Hawk. In 25 episodes, Guts discovers his fate, joins Griffith's cause, and is betrayed by the people he put his trust in. An action-packed anime, Berserk evokes deep emotion in viewers.

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