Heroes are expected to be determined and ready to defeat villains at any moment. While some of the best heroes have these qualities, other heroes don't. Amongst some of the most skilled heroes, there are some who are surprisingly lazy. When they're not saving the town, winning wars, or catching criminals, they can be found watching TV, sleeping, or doing absolutely nothing.

In most cases, a good hero doesn't always have to be the most productive. However, there are times when their laziness does end up causing problems for others. Whether they're successful in their heroic duties or not, their laziness is impossible to dismiss.

10 Aizawa's Laziness Stems From His Quirk (My Hero Academia)

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Aizawa values his students and takes his job seriously in My Hero Academia, but he can sometimes be found rolling into class in his sleeping bag. Needless to say, he's an unconventionally lazy teacher.

Aizawa's quirk, Erasure, requires complete focus, and he often ends up having to strain his eyes. After holding his eyes open for so long and needing to remain focused on one person throughout that time, it makes sense that he'd be so tired. His body also isn't physically enhanced like most heroes. Aizawa's so lazy that he often doesn't even feel like joining in on the battlefield.

9 Ikta's Life Motto Is All About Taking It Easy (Alderamin Of The Sky)

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Alderamin of the Sky's Ikta is one of the laziest characters in anime, but he's highly intelligent. If he wasn't, Ikta wouldn't have received the nickname "the Lazy Invincible General."

Firmly believing that leaders die from being overworked, Ikta's life motto is all about being lazy. He's never attended any of his military classes, and only desires a beautiful woman by his side and a great place to sleep. Rather than dealing with weapons, Ikta prefers to win a war by being tactical. To him, that requires way less effort.

8 Gintoki Is Notorious For His Lazy Demeanor (Gintama)

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Gintoki is a lazy goofball, but his fighting skills are the real deal. Gintama's ex-war hero and samurai may be someone who should be taken seriously, but it's impossible to ignore how lazy Gintoki is.

Having been through a lot in life already, Gintoki doesn't tend to take things seriously. He completes jobs as a freelancer and performs with amazing skills, but Gintoki only does so to make money and keep his head above water. His silly disposition and manner of joking around show fans what he's really about. If it were up to him, Gintoki wouldn't have to lift a finger.

7 Finral Is Lazy Thanks To His Ability (Black Clover)

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Finral's spatial magic comes in handy in Black Clover, but his lazy personality doesn't. Although fans feel for Finral being in his brother's shadow, his decision to back away from fights comes off as pretty lazy.

Finral's magic is useful for support, but his interest in women tends to be at the forefront of his mind instead. While he could be helping his fellow Black Bulls, he prefers to run away from dangerous situations and talk to women. His inability to use attack magic does a number on his mindset, but Finral should be able to persevere with the support of his team.

6 Shikamaru Finds Everything To Be Bothersome (Naruto)

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Shikamaru is so well-known for his laziness in Naruto that he even has a signature catchphrase for it. Whenever he's given a task, he sighs and replies with, "What a drag," to signify just how excited he is to take on his responsibilities.

As one of the smartest ninjas, Shikamaru is perfectly capable of getting any job done. He's proven himself time and time again, but he just doesn't feel the need to do anything that seems unnecessary, perhaps because he's so smart. If it was up to him, Shikamaru would work smarter and not harder.

5 Shunsui Is A Rightfully Lazy Soul Reaper (Bleach)

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As one of Bleach's oldest captains in the Thirteen Court Guard Squads, Shunsui is undoubtedly the laziest. He's often lying around with his straw hat tilted over his face so that he can relax without any disturbances.

Shunsui's lazy demeanor could be the result of being amongst the oldest generations of captains. As one of the most experienced and wisest Soul Reapers, Shunsui is very laid-back. Even in battle, Shunsui remains calm and doesn't get worked up. His combat skills are top-notch, which gives him the right to laze around.

4 Spike May Be Lazy, But He's A Force To Be Reckoned With (Cowboy Bebop)

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Spike is the calm, cool bounty hunter in Cowboy Bebop who only expels energy when it's time to catch a bounty. When he's not busy, he's lying around with one leg kicked up or relaxing by smoking a cigarette.

Spike enjoys sitting around, but he's extremely reliable when necessary. His indifferent personality is a stark contrast to his skills as a bounty hunter. Spike can use weapons or his bare hands to take down an opponent if he really needs to. However, he prefers spending his time simply relaxing or watching TV.

3 Matsumoto Loves Drinking And Lying Around When She Can (Bleach)

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Despite her strength as a lieutenant for the 10th Division in Bleach, Matsumoto is pretty indifferent toward work. When she's not helping in battle, Matsumoto can probably be found lying around with a drink in her hand.

Matsumoto is a serious opponent in battle and has proved how tough she can be when the odds are stacked against her. However, when there's no work to be done, Matsumoto is often intoxicated. She also despises doing paperwork and would rather joke around and tease her captain, Hitsugaya. Matsumoto is a great Soul Reaper, but she couldn't be expected to help out much elsewhere in Soul Society.

2 Usagi's Laziness Is Unexpected Of A Sailor Scout (Sailor Moon)

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Sailor Moon's Usagi can fight crime, but not her lazy disposition. Fighting evil isn't easy, but since Usagi is still in school, she should take her schoolwork and lifestyle a bit more seriously.

When she's not being the leader of the Sailor Scouts, Usagi is just a teenager. Understandably, she prefers lazing around and watching TV. However, Usagi stating how she wished she could spend her whole life sleeping is a bit extreme. Although Usagi is a Sailor Scout, which is a big deal, it's honestly no surprise that the young girl isn't the most productive.

1 Saitama's Laziness Is Well Deserved (One-Punch Man)

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If anyone has the luxury of being lazy, it's Saitama. As the only character in One-Punch Man who's capable of obliterating an opponent with just one punch, it's easy to see how Saitama could become so bored.

Since there's no competition for him, Saitama doesn't need to train. He doesn't need to do anything to become stronger because he's already the strongest. He spends his time playing video games, watching TV, and reading manga, and there's no reason to even be mad at him for it. Even if someone had a problem with his laziness, they couldn't do anything about it when going up against Saitama.

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