Many Naruto fans know that the Senju were half-responsible for founding Konohagakure. Together with the Uchiha, they brought an end to the clan era to induct the Hidden Village model into the ninja world. As a reward for their vital political involvement, three descendants of the Senju clan become Hokage of Konohagakure.

Even before co-founding the Hidden Leaf, the Senju were prominent contributors to the shinobi world in other ways. They ignored clan specialization, instead focusing their development on all three major schools of jutsu: genjutsu, ninjutsu, and taijutsu. Their ability to create powerful techniques led to their appropriate naming, as Senju means clan of "a thousand skills."

10 Wood Release: Deep Forest Emergence Creates Entire Forests Instantly

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Hashirama Senju was the clan's leader and the co-founder of Konohagakure. His Will of Fire and ability to cast jutsu without hand signs landed him the spot of Konoha's First Hokage. His unique ability, Wood Release, made his strength comparable to none other than Madara Uchiha.

Deep Forest Emergence was one of Hashirama's strongest techniques. It could instantly create entire forests to be used as a shield. Its trees could also be manipulated to bind enemies while suppressing or absorbing their chakra. This technique was used to create Konohagakure's foundation, as the forest surrounding it was constructed using Hashirama's jutsu.

9 The Creation Rebirth Technique Prevents Death & Dismemberment

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As granddaughter to the First Hokage, Tsunade Senju was regarded as Princess Tsunade within Konohagakure. She rose to become the world's best medical-nin and was later proclaimed one of her generation's three Legendary Sannin. She assumed the mantle of Fifth Hokage, serving Konohagakure faithfully with her medical knowledge and superior strength.

Tsunade's greatest contribution to the world was her Creation Rebirth Technique. After storing vast amounts of chakra in a defined point, Tsunade's self-created jutsu made the user impervious to death, dismemberment, or damage. Wounds would instantly regenerate while Creation Rebirth was active, no matter how severe, making medical-nin an absolute necessity on any team.

8 The Bringer-Of-Darkness Jutsu Completely Obscures An Enemy's Vision

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Tobirama Senju was Hashirama's brother and one of Konohagakure's most proficient users of ninjutsu. During his lifetime, he created a variety of techniques that later became crucial to Konoha's military arsenal. Following his death, his former student Hiruzen succeeded his place as Third Hokage.

Upon Orochimaru's attack against Konohagakure, Hiruzen was forced to face Tobirama again. One of the former Hokage's techniques, the Bringer-of-Darkness jutsu, even resulted in Hiruzen's death. The genjutsu caused its target's eyesight to completely fail. Comparable to falling down a bottomless pit, the jutsu's unwary victim was literally left blind to their enemy's attacks.

7 The Body Pathway Derangement Disrupts The Brain's Electrical Signals

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During her training to become the world's best medical-nin, Tsunade fostered a deep understanding of the body's natural systems and pathways. These included the muscle network, nervous system, vital organs, and chakra pathway. She developed many techniques used for both offense and healing while conducting her extensive medical research.

One such technique was Tsunade's Body Pathway Derangement, a high-level jutsu only she'd mastered. By utilizing Lightning Release, a single touch to her opponent overwhelmed their central nervous system with electricity to scramble their brain's natural signals. With their extremities now completely outside their control, Tsunade's target completely lost their ability to move.

6 Tsunade's Age-Defying Transformation Requires No User Effort

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Among Tsunade's arsenal, most techniques fell into three categories: healing, offense, or transformation. Due to their high-level skill, most required intensive study and came with their accompanying high cost of use. For example, Tsunade's Creation Rebirth aged the user rapidly due to its accelerated division of the body's cells.

Due to the combination of Creation Rebirth's overuse and Tsunade's own vanity, she created the Ageless Transformation to combat her elderly appearance. Without any conscious effort or hand signs, Tsunade's chakra allowed her to maintain the appearance of her younger self so long as she had chakra left to spare.

5 The Water Dragon Bullet Fires Powerful Aqua-Jets At Incredible Speeds

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Among his various accolades, Tobirama Senju was renowned for his Water Release techniques. Several of his most powerful jutsu utilized water as their source. Even while copying another shinobi's attack, Tobirama's raw power and talent increased the power of basic water techniques tenfold. One example was Tobirama's rendition of the Water Dragon jutsu.

Using his chakra, Tobirama enhanced the dragon's propulsion to unreal speeds, causing significant damage to his targets on impact. Unlike other users, Tobirama created Water Dragon Bullets without a water source. He easily increased the amount of water composing the dragon, increasing his damage output while fortifying his own defenses.

4 The Flying Raijin Affords Instant Teleportation Without Using Hand Seals

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Tobirama Senju held much animosity for the Uchiha clan following the death of his younger brother, Kawarama. Although the clans' mutual feud technically ended following their co-creation of Konohagakure, Tobirama never lost his distrust of the Uchiha and his resentment for them led to the clan's eventual mass extinction.

Due to his animosity, Tobirama developed techniques designed to counteract the Uchiha's Sharingan. His space-time ninjutsu, the Flying Raijin, allowed a user to instantly teleport to any area marked with the technique's unique formula. It could be used to evade attacks, transport enemy jutsu, or eliminate opponents before their special eyes could even register what had happened.

3 The Shadow Clone Jutsu Creates Copies Of Its User For Training Or Combat

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Most Senju clan techniques required vast amounts, or complete mastery, of a user's chakra. As chakra was directly proportional to a user's power and the effectiveness of their techniques, it was essential for Senju clan member's to enhance their chakra in order to prevent exhaustion, technique failure, and even death.

Tobirama's Shadow Clone jutsu built upon these principles, with the user's chakra becoming equally divided among its created copies. These clones were physically real, able to interact with the world, and transmitted anything experienced to the user upon the technique's release. Due to its strain on the user's chakra and lifespan, the Multi-Shadow Clone jutsu was declared forbidden.

2 The Thousand-Armed Kannon Could Defeat Full-Sized Kurama Armored In Susanoo

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Hashirama Senju amassed incredible power during his time as Konohagakure's First Hokage. He was declared "God of Shinobi" throughout the world and was renowned for his ability to heal from afar and his mastery of Wood Release techniques. His power was equal only to Madara Uchiha, the world's strongest fighter and biggest threat. Hashrama's Thousand-Armed Kannon technique proved his superiority.

Accessed upon entering Sage mode, the Thousand-Armed Kannon created a wooden statue that dwarfed a full-sized Kurama. With its thousand hands sprouted from its back, the Kannon delivered a thousand simultaneous blows while still performing other techniques, like blocking or additional jutsu. It was strong enough to overpower Madara riding atop a Sharingan-controlled Kurama, despite the pair being shrouded in Complete Body Susanoo Armor.

1 The Edo Tensei Reanimated Dead Bodies To Fight For The Living

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During his life, Tobirama's ultimate contribution to Konohagakure was the creation of the village's strongest jutsu. He developed many during his lifetime to make Konoha a formidable player on the world stage. Following his death, some developed a life of their own and were ultimately used against the village Tobirama originally intended to protect.

The Edo Tensei, or Impure World Reincarnation, was once such technique. It allowed the resurrection of deceased souls in the place of a living sacrifice, so long as the caster held the DNA of the departed. Impervious to death, sealing, or damage, these reanimated bodies could wipe out entire battlefields.

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