As the fourth person to join Luffy's Straw Hat crew in One Piece, Vinsmoke Sanji serves as a chef for the band of misfits known as the Straw Hat Pirates and makes up one-third of the monster trio. Alongside Luffy and first recruit Roronoa Zoro, Sanji possesses deadly strength. Alongside his fearsome speed, reflexes, and agility, Sanji is notorious for his lovesick tendencies.

Dubbed the "Love Cook," Sanji enjoys the intimacy that goes into creating a beautiful meal and likes sharing his creations with the ladies. Outside the world of One Piece, there are plenty of anime girls who Sanji would be more than happy to cook for.

10 Shimizu Kiyoko Deserves Pampering (Haikyuu!)

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As manager of the Karasuno Boys' Volleyball team, Haikyuu's Shimizu Kiyoko is organized and logistical. At first glance, she appears to be rather aloof and her character is virtually unreadable to most, but she's someone who holds great depth and intrigue.

Outside of Kiyoko's devotion to her managerial role, she excels in track. Her impressive speed and stamina amounted to her becoming one of the top hurdlers in her prefecture, and she often trains to the point of exhaustion. Sanji would be in complete awe of Kiyoko's dedication and skill and would love nothing more than to lavish her with hearty meals.

9 Yor Forger Is Both Dangerous & Delightful (Spy X Family)

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In the new fan favorite Spy x Family, Thorn Princess Yor Forger has many roles. As a wife, mother, city hall clerk, and assassin, Yor is as dangerous as she is delightful.

It's no secret that Yor Forger is a disaster in the kitchen, and while this would strike most as every chef's worst nightmare, it would only enamor Sanji further. He'd surely cook up clever ways to pass on some of his skills to the Thorn Princess. In the meantime, he'd put great effort into making sure her dietary wants and needs were met.

8 Kitagawa Marin Is Sugary Sweet (My Dress-Up Darling)

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Kitagawa Marin is a lovable anime character. Passionate, bubbly, and self-assured, Sanji would undoubtedly be impressed with Marin's confidence and poise, and treat her to delicacies just as sweet as she is.

Full of initiative and drive, Marin takes charge of her life in My Dress-Up Darling and has the perfect balance of boldness, creativity, and realism when it comes to pursuing her passions. Marin is spirited and lively. She brings joy to everyone around her, and Sanji would love nothing more than to return it via his culinary creations.

7 Wedding Bells Are Ringing For Sanji & Charmy (Black Clover)

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Due to being close friends and comrades with the likes of the cheeky and troublesome Luffy and Usopp, Sanji would be more than equipped in dealing with the rambunctious Charmy Pappitson from Black Clover.

Hailing from the notorious Black Bulls Squad, Charmy has quite the ardor for everything delicious, and Sanji would find himself a new shadow. Sanji would undoubtedly provide for her insatiable appetite, and take the utmost pleasure out of doing so. Charmy would certainly take advantage of Sanji''s somewhat misplaced, but genuine, kindness and indulge in the yummiest eats she's ever had.

6 Kugisaki Nobara Challenges Stereotypes Against Women (Jujutsu Kaisen)

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Kugisaki Nobara is a force to be reckoned with. She challenges the stereotype that women must be either strong or beautiful, and she challenges it well. Passionate and expressive, Jujutsu Kaisen's Kugisaki Nobara is a diamond in the rough.

While Nobara wouldn't flinch away from putting Sanji in his place, her brash nature would only intrigue him more, and he certainly wouldn't falter while preparing her an array of mouth-watering meals. While she may not outwardly show it, she'd appreciate Sanji's attentiveness and agree with his shower of compliments proudly and confidently.

5 Gourmet Hunter Menchi Is Hard To Please (Hunter X Hunter)

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Notable as the finest Hunter in her field, Menchi is a Single Star Gourmet Hunter and is acknowledged for her contributions to the culinary world. Sanji would take cooking for her as a challenge, but a challenge he wouldn't back down from nonetheless.

In Hunter x Hunter, Menchi takes disrespect towards both the art of food and Gourmet Hunters very seriously, which is something Sanji would admire, considering he'd already be lured in by her beauty and confidence. Menchi would have no qualms about critiquing Sanji's food if necessary, and the pirate would eat up every harsh word she'd have to offer with hearts in his eyes and a spring in his step.

4 Atsuko Jackson May Be Hard To Sway (Michiko & Hatchin)

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Police Officer Atsuko Jackson has an indomitable will. Despite her seemingly cold personality, she has strong morals and a good conscience, something that wouldn't go unnoticed by Vinamoke Sanji. However, it's her enthralling beauty that would first catch the pirate's keen eye.

Atsuko's magnificence is captured through both her beauty and strength. While her profession would make her a natural-born enemy of Sanji, he wouldn't be deterred from his mission to woo her. Sanji would stop at nothing to break through Atsuko's walls, starting with her stomach.

3 Femme Fatale Faye Would Have Sanji At Her Beck & Call (Cowboy Bebop)

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There's nobody quite like Faye Valentine, and while it doesn't take much for a pretty lady to get Sanji weak in the knees, one look at this cowgirl would sweep him off his feet altogether. Whether she's chasing down a bounty or causing trouble aboard the Bebop, Faye Valentine is simply stunning.

Cowboy Bebop's Faye is often short on cash, and as a result, she has gone hungry more than once. Much like One Piece fan favorite, Nami, Faye would utilize her undeniable feminine appeal in order to seduce Sanji. Although, she wouldn't have to do much at all. Sanji would unquestionably fall deeply in love. The two would certainly enjoy a smoke and a sundae together, provided by a certain Straw Hat Pirate, of course.

2 Sunny Sasha Has A Penchant For Handsome Chefs (Attack On Titan)

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In Hajime Isayama's renowned shonen masterpiece Attack On Titan, Sasha Braus may look innocent and unassuming, but her true strength and capabilities shouldn't be underestimated. As a member of the Survey Corps, Sasha's sharp instincts and keen sense of danger have helped her become a fearsome soldier, and her loyalty and devotion to her loved ones is something that would resonate with Sanji deeply.

With an appetite as mesmerizing as Sasha's personality, she rivals even Luffy's lust for meat. Sanji, however, would stop at nothing to please her and would cook for her until she couldn't eat anything more. Sasha would most likely fall equally in love with the Straw Hat Chef, as he would with her.

1 Love Cook Sanji Would Kill To Cook For Love Hashira Mitsuri (Demon Slayer)

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Love Hashira Mitsuri Kanroji is just as honeyed as she sounds. Her sweet disposition allows for a kind and non-judgemental individual, and her passion to do good only fuels the admiration shown towards her by fellow demon slayers and fans alike. With the award-winning Demon Slayer already possessing a myriad of stunning characters, lovely Mitsuri has no trouble at all standing out.

To put it simply, "Love Cook" Sanji would find himself besotted with the Love Hashira. Not only would he be completely taken with her gentle soul, but her immense power would cloud his mind. Mitsuri Kanroji is sweet as pie, but she isn't someone to make an enemy out of. Her acrobatic skill allows Mitsuri incredible flexibility and versatility within her movements. She's nimble and graceful, and Sanji wouldn't be able to look away.

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