The world of anime is renowned for its ability to deliver unexpected and, at times, unsettling conclusions that defy conventional storytelling norms. These conclusions often add a unique allure to the narratives, capturing the audience's attention with their unpredictability. Within the intricate anime worlds, characters frequently find themselves entangled in cruel and unfortunate circumstances, where the pursuit of justice doesn't always lead to a triumphant resolution, resulting in heart-wrenching conclusions.

Amidst the melancholy endings, these anime series shine a spotlight on remarkable character development. As the characters grapple with challenges and hardships, the narratives delve into profound themes such as friendship, love, and the intricate complexities of life. The emotional journey these characters undertake serves as a powerful lens through which audiences can explore the depth and nuances of the human experience.

Anime, as a storytelling medium, excels in crafting captivating narratives filled with twists that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. While some stories culminate in satisfying resolutions where good prevails over evil, others take unexpected and darker turns, leaving an indelible impact on the audience. Despite the unconventional conclusions, these anime series contribute to the richness of the medium by fearlessly exploring complex themes and presenting characters whose stories resonate deeply with viewers.

7 Terror In Resonance

MyAnimeList Score: 8.09


"Terror In Resonance" unfolds a narrative where a covert government program exploits gifted children as weapons through harsh and unethical experiments. The program meets its demise, along with most test subjects, but Nine, Eleven, and Five are spared and taken into the American Organization. The series follows Nine and Eleven, now a terrorist duo, on their mission to expose the organization that robbed them of their childhood.

In their pursuit of revealing the secret organization's deeds, Nine and Eleven employ bomb attacks to draw attention to government corruption. Despite their ruthless actions, the boys exhibit compassion toward innocent civilians, ensuring they avoid harm. The narrative, though cruel and tragic, sets up the expectation for justice or redemption. However, this hope is shattered when Nine succumbs to the gruesome side effects of drugs, closely following the death of Twelve at the hands of the American government. The series takes an unexpected and sorrowful turn, challenging traditional notions of justice and redemption in the face of a harsh and unforgiving reality.

6 Your Lie In April

MyAnimeList Score: 8.65


"Your Lie in April" weaves a compelling tale of music, loss, friendship, and love, captivating audiences not just with its musical elements but also through its poignant storytelling. At the age of 14, Kousei, a piano prodigy, showcases exceptional skills, but his talent comes at the price of enduring emotional and physical abuse from his mother. Following her passing, Kousei is left traumatized, rendering him unable to play the piano.

The arrival of Kaori, a vivacious violinist, marks a turning point in Kousei's life. She becomes his pillar of support and motivation, encouraging him to rediscover the joy of playing music. Through their evolving friendship, emotions deepen into love, offering a glimmer of hope in Kousei's otherwise depressive existence. However, just as optimism begins to take hold, a heartbreaking revelation unfolds—Kaori is terminally ill.

The poignant narrative takes an emotionally charged turn as Kaori, unable to confess her feelings directly, succumbs to her illness. Her passing leaves behind a shattered Kousei, grappling with heartbreak and loss, yet with a future in music that holds the promise of both pain and healing. "Your Lie in April" navigates the complexities of life, love, and the enduring power of music, making it a memorable and emotionally resonant anime.

5 I Want To Eat Your Pancreas

MyAnimeList Score: 8.55


Haruki, a high school student with a disinterest in friendship and a sense of detachment, stumbles upon a diary that unravels the poignant tale of an ill-fated friendship. The diary belongs to Sakura, an exuberant girl whose vibrant spirit is fueled by a terminal illness that casts a shadow on her limited life. Despite their clashing personalities, Haruki and Sakura forge an unlikely companionship.

Haruki becomes Sakura's confidant, aware of her condition when the rest of the school remains oblivious. The two embark on adventures together, defying the odds that their differences pose to their friendship. However, the narrative takes a devastating turn when Sakura, after suffering an episode, plans to reunite with Haruki upon her hospital discharge. The anticipated reunion shatters when Sakura fails to appear.

The shocking revelation that Sakura has been brutally stabbed to death by a random stranger adds a horrifying twist to the story. This tragic event leaves the audience grappling with the harsh realities of life and the cruel unpredictability that surrounds Sakura's untimely demise. The narrative prompts reflection on the fragility of existence and the unexpected turns that can profoundly alter the course of even the most heartfelt connections.

4 School Days

MyAnimeList Score: 5.52


Japanese Title

School Days


Drama, Romance



What begins as a typical high school romance takes a dark and unexpected turn in this tale. Makoto Itou, a timid high school student, harbors a crush on Kotonoha Katsura, but his shyness prevents him from approaching her. When his friend Sekai Saionji discovers Makoto's feelings, she selflessly offers to befriend Kotonoha to facilitate a connection between them.

However, the storyline devolves into chaos as the friendship trio unravels. Makoto, rather than maintaining a faithful relationship with Kotonoha, starts cheating on her with Sekai. The narrative takes a grim turn when Sekai becomes pregnant, prompting Makoto to pressure her into terminating the pregnancy. In a disturbing climax fueled by fury and contempt, Sekai murders Makoto, gruesomely dismembering him. The macabre chain of events concludes with Kotonoha retaliating by murdering Sekai.

This unsettling narrative challenges conventional expectations of high school romance, delving into the darker aspects of human relationships and the consequences of betrayal and manipulation. The series takes an intense and disturbing look at the complexities of love, jealousy, and the destructive consequences that can unfold when emotions spiral out of control.

3 Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

MyAnimeList Score: 8.60


In a technologically advanced city where the value of a life is measured by insurance, David Martinez and his mother become victims of this discriminatory infrastructure when she is fatally injured in a motor vehicle accident. The unfairness of their world dawns on David when his mother passes away, leaving him to navigate amidst the loss of his mother and his new cyberware modifications.i

He joins a group of Edgerunners who, despite introducing him to a fast-paced and dangerous life, give him a sense of belonging and hope. A life that seemed to be coming together for David with new friends and a lover begins to fall apart when his friends die one at a time. While pushing ahead to survive, the series introduces Adam Smasher, who eventually kills David, sealing the protagonist’s fate and robbing his potential for a better life.

2 Devilman Crybaby

MyAnimeList Score: 7.75


Akira Fudo is a softhearted and empathetic boy who befriends the cold and aloof Ryo despite their dissimilar personalities. When Ryo tells Akira that demons possess the bodies of humans, the former is able to convince him to share his body with a demon, this being the only way to fight against demons and protect humanity.

Although Ryo’s ultimate plan is to destroy humanity, his intentions toward Akira are sentimental, as he initially protects him. When Akira learns Ryo’s true identity is that of Satan, they grow apart. While trying to protect humanity from chaos and disaster, a fight ensues between Akira and Ryo, the latter kills the former, and the protagonist is proven to be a mostly-impotent warrior in an endless war that the demons are winning.

1 Death Note

MyAnimeList Score: 8.62


A death note that previously belonged to a Shinigami is in the possession of Light Yagami. When a person’s name is written in this book, they die according to the writer’s will. Light develops a god complex, assigning deaths to criminals anonymously in the Death Note anime series.

Light is able to protect his identity and keep up his feats while deceptively working as a detective. When one of his loyal subordinates, Matsuda, discovers he is the killer and has been deceiving the entire police force, the enraged man shoots him. His selfish act to protect his identity unfairly costs lives, and he meets his promised death at the hands of the rightful owner of the death note.