MHA 385: All For One Breaks Free – And Steals [SPOILER]’s Quirk

Apr 19, 2023
My Hero Academia’s final war takes a turn for the worse in Chapter 385. All For One is free again and has stolen a valuable Pro-Heroes’ Quirk.
MHA 385: All For One Breaks Free – And Steals [SPOILER]’s Quirk

The following includes significant spoilers for Horikoshi Kohei, Caleb Cook, and John Hunt's My Hero Academia Chapter 385, "The Impulses of Youth," which is available in English from MangaMonster.

After a deadlock between the Pro-Heroes and All For One spanning several chapters, The most dangerous villain in My Hero Academia once again demonstrates the superiority of his Quirk by making a bloody getaway from the Gunga Villa battlefield. All For One managed to escape with a stunning display of power despite the heroes using their combined strength to attack the Demon Lord, who was still rewinding, but not before adding yet another Quirk to his collection.

Following a scorching defeat at Endeavor’s hands, All For One restored himself to peak fighting form using a shaky variant of Eri's Rewind Quirk. Because of this dramatic action's irreversibility, All For One would gradually rewind himself into oblivion. An additional outcome of this procedure was disclosed in Chapter 385. Apparently, the younger All For One got, the closer he became to the Shigaraki-fusing version of himself. The villain is starting to exhibit levels of bloodlust that were previously reserved for Shigaraki thanks to this new link.


In My Hero Academia 385, All For One defeated the Pro-Heroes

While it seems All For One’s affliction will inevitably end in his disappearance, Rewind also prevents any of the damage he sustains in the battle from being permanent. Since the heroes had continued to tire themselves out restraining him, they were helpless to defend against the sudden barrage of laser beams the fully refreshed All For One unleashed on them. Their heaviest hitters suffered the worst his attack, with Mt. Lady getting thrown several kilometers and Dark Shadow getting instantly shredded by the blinding beam.

Even Gigantomachia wasn’t spared by All For One’s sudden onslaught. All For One has all but confirmed that he never actually cared for the giant by giving him a deep wound that has likely amputated Gigantomachia’s right arm. In a terrifying turn of events, Dark Shadow was very nearly taken from Fumikage Tokoyami. Had it not been for a desperate joint attempt by Hawks and Minoru Mineta, the Demon Lord would’ve gained a Quirk to match his name. Unfortunately, Hawks had to sacrifice his own Quirk to save his student. All For One stole Fierce Wings on a whim but with the Rewind still in effect, it’s unsure whether he will be able to retain any new Quirk factors.

How All For One’s Escape Influences My Hero Academia’s Final War

Since All For One’s villain army was separated by Monoma Neito’s Warp Gates, his number one objective has been to reunite with Shigaraki. After escaping, he’s making a beeline straight for his former protégé -- not out of any concern for Shigaraki’s wellbeing, but to complete his takeover of the young villain’s body. The closer in proximity the two are, the stronger the bond between them should grow. All For One plans to complete this process by having Shigaraki steal his duplicate of the All For One Quirk.

To realize this goal, he’ll have to contend with Midoriya Izuku, who is currently battling Shigaraki. Deku is currently on his last legs, and already has his hands full dealing with the blowback of his Gear Shift Quirk, while Shigaraki now has full access to his Quirks. At this point, even allowing Shigaraki a casual grab could spell his doom. If All For One does reenter the fray, Deku’s fight is going to become even more difficult; however, it also perfectly sets the stage for the young hero to finally achieve his own agenda for this war, saving Shigaraki from All For One’s influence.


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