Top 10 Tailed Beasts in Naruto. What is their true strength?

Nov 14, 2022
Synthesize biographical information and the power of the tailed beasts in Naruto. Facts you don't know
Top 10 Tailed Beasts in Naruto. What is their true strength?

The Tailed Beasts (Japanese: 尾獣, Bijuu) consists of nine monsters with a tremendous amount of power and the same amount of Chakra that gives the tamer of that power called the Jinchuuriki in Naruto. Depending on the number of tails, the nine monsters have different names:

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1. Ichibi-Shukaku - One Tails 

One-Tails Shusaku (一尾の守鶴, Ichibi no Shukaku) is a tailed beast sealed into Gaara's body] of the Sand Village. Shusaku was captured by Deidara and taken away by Akatsuki.

First appearance in Manga : Chapter 134.
First appearance in Amine: Episode 78.
Appearance: Takuni (a species of golden mink)

Ichibi-Shukaku is a monster sealed inside Gaara by Mrs. Chiyo. Gaara is the best beast god controller. Deidara took it out of Gaara's body and carried it away. After that, Gaara died, but thanks to Mrs. Chiyo using her life-changing technique on Gaara, he was brought back to life. According to her story, this monster was sealed inside the two, but because it escaped, they both died. Shukaku bears the resemblance of a type of dog. According to Japanese legend, he was once a monk who lived in the Nara desert. Because of a dark power released by Yamata no Orochi (1 of the 9 bijuu) and during a sandstorm, he transformed into a dog (his true form). He has a very wild personality and is very playful. Shukaku lives in the hearts of those killed by the wind and sand (like in the case of Gaara's mother). And he is the embodiment of the god of wind. Shukaku has the ability to control the wind and the sand. Shukaku has 5 battles in the legendary war between Bijuu, winning 1 match with Son Goku (Four-Tails), losing 3 battles with Saiken (Six-Tails), Matatabi (Two-Tails), and Isobu (Three-Tails), and running 1 battle against Gyuki (Eight-Tails). Shukaku is considered the Wind God, with the 8th highest strength and the 9th rank of chakra.

2. Nibi-Matatabi - Two Tail

The Two-Tails Matatabi (ニ尾の又旅, Nibi no Matatabi) is a tailed beast sealed into the Yugito of Cloud Village.

Appearance: A black cat with two tails, large and pointed ears, serrated teeth, and a black fire body.
Abilities: death, soul control..
Strength: ranked 4th.
Charka: ranked 8th.
Icon : Sound .
Nibi's embodiment is a cat that possesses the power of death and is considered the only female bijuu. Nibi is considered the god of darkness. This nibi lives in a place called "Forest of Death" in northern Hokkaido. Her appearance is described as a very large black cat with black wings. She is Death's pet. Nibi eats the souls of the dead and can summon them to fight in her stead. Nibi uses the third eye to burn those souls. In the legendary battle between 9 bijuu, in order to prevail over the enemy, Nibi teamed up with Kokuo (Five-Tails) to fight against Kyuubi (Nine-Tails). But both failed miserably and Nibi was rescued by Death. Nibi went through 3 battles, including 2 wins against Chomei (Seven-Tails), Isobu (Three-Tails) and 1 loss against Kyuubi-Kurama (Nine-Tails). The Two-Tails was taken by the Akatsuki organization by Hidan and Kakuzu. The Two-Tails is also known as Nekomata.

3. Sanbi-Isobu - Three Tail

The Three-Tails Isobu ( 三尾の磯撫- Sanbi no Isobu) is a tailed beast imprisoned within Yagura, the Mist Village's Fourth Mizukage.

To protect itself, a turtle with three tails and a dark green body likes blood has a large shell on its back.
Capability: water control...
Strength: ranked 5th.
Charka : 7th place.
Symbol: Thuy.
a monster that lives in the water. has three tails, a dark green body, likes blood, and on the back has a large carapace to protect itself. Sanbi is considered the god of water, with the 5th highest strength and the 7th rank of chakra. was taken away by Akatsuki (Deidara and Tobi). The Three-Tails is also known as the Isonade.

4. Yonbi-Son Goku - Four Tail

Four-Tails Son Goku (四尾の孫悟空, Yonbi no Son Goku) is the 4th of the 10 tailed beasts. Can be called Sokou

Appearance: A giant red monkey.
Ability: control poisons, poisonous gases, and poisons.
Strength: ranked 9th.
Charka : 6th place.
Symbol: Poison.Dwells in the body of Roushi of Stone Village. Sokou's avatar looks like a monkey. It is a creature that lives near Mount Fuji. Because the poisonous gases and volcanic ash turned this creature into a monster. Anything around Sokou wilts or dies because of its poison. Legend has it that when Sokou hibernates on Mount Fuji, its snoring causes two volcanic eruptions. In the battle between the bijuu, Sokou fought 4 battles, including 3 defeats with Shukaku (One-Tails), Chomei (Seven-Tails), Kokuo (Five-Tails). Son Goku is considered unique with the 9th power and the 6th rank of Chakra. Was taken by Kisame and Itachi.

5. Gobi-Kokuo - Five Tail

The Five-Tails Kokuo (五尾の穆王, Gobi no Kokuō) is the fifth of the ten tailed beasts. Also known as Houkou.

Appearance: It looks quite similar to the youkai dog but it has 5 tails, its body is white, its 5 tails contain the powers of Wind-Lightning-Water-Fire-Earth.
Ability: can combine control of five powers of Wind-Lightning-Water-Fire-Earth at the same time.
Strength: 3rd place.
Chakra: 2nd place.
Symbol: Hoan
Dwells in the body of the Stone Village Han. The embodiment of Kokuo looks like a dog with 5 tails with each of its tails representing each of the five elements: lightning, wind, water, fire, and earth. When it uses all 5 tails, it will create a powerful destructive power. Houkou would willingly destroy nature in order to receive the power it coveted from nature. It was once seriously injured when with Nibi (Two-Tails) challenged the Kyuubi (Nine-Tails). Kokuo lives on a very large old tree. In the battle between the bijuu, Kokuo fought 4 battles, in which he won 3 battles with Son Goku (Four-Tails), Matatabi (Two-Tails), Saiken (Six-Tails) and lost 1 battle with Kurama (Nine-Tails). Kokuo is considered the God of Illusion with the third highest strength and the second rank of chakra among the nine. Was taken by Akatsuki

6. Rokubi-Raijuu - Six Tail

The Six-Tails Saiken (六尾の犀犬, Roku no Saiken) is also known as Raijuu.

Appearance: A type of white snail
Ability: Can control lightning.
Strength: 6th place.
Chakra: 4th place.
Symbol: Lightning.
Dwells in the body of Utakata of the Misty Village. Saiken's embodiment is a snail. Its cry sounds like thunder and it is also considered the god of thunder. Because the power of Yamata no Orochi (Eight-Tails) made it turn into a beast. Raijuu can release a huge amount of electricity to aid in combat. In the battle between the bijuu, Saiken fought 5 battles, including 2 wins with Shukaku (One-Tails), Son Goku (Four-Tails) and 3 defeats with Kokuo (Five-Tails), Gyuki (Eight-Tails), Kyuubi ( Nine Tails). Saiken's power ranks 6th and chakra ranks 4th. Was taken away by Akatsuki's Pain.

7. Shichibi-Chomei - Seven Tail

The Seven-Tails Chomei (七尾の重明, Shinibi no Chomei, Nanabi no Chomei) is also known as Kaku.

Appearance: Is the smallest of the 9 gods, blue, living in a cave.
Ability: transform into other animals and hide, control the earth.
Strength: ranked 7th.
Chakra: 3rd place.
Symbol: Earth.
Dwells in the body of Waterfall Village Fuu. Chomei embodies a scarab, its Japanese can also be read as Mujina (Meles Meles Anaguma). It has 7 tails and is the smallest of the 9 bijuu, but it is also the most cunning. The Chomei spends most of its time hunting its prey underground by destroying the ground beneath its prey, allowing it to fall into its mouth. On the ground, wherever Chomei goes, it can transform into all sorts of creatures, but it can only do so when it has clay. In the battle between the bijuu, Chomei fought 4 battles, including 1 victory with Son Goku (Four-Tails) and 3 escape battles with Matatabi (Two-Tails), Isobu (Three-Tails), Gyuki (Eight-Tails). Chomei is considered to be the god of earth with the 7th ranked strength and Charka lined up to try 3 out of 9. Was taken by Akatsuki.

8. Hachibi-Gyuki - Eight Tail

The Eight-Tails Gyuki (八尾の牛鬼, Hachibi no Gyūki) is the eighth of the ten tailed beasts (including the Seven-Tails).

Appearance: A giant buffalo with 4 horns, 8 octopus tails, the largest of the 9 gods, dark brown in color. In Japanese legend, it is a monster with the same power as the Nine-Tails Demon Fox.
Ability: Reincarnation.
Strength: 2nd place.
Chakra: 2nd place.
Symbol: Ghost.
(Hachibi or Yamata no Orochi - also known as Hachimata) Eight-Tails Gyuki is sealed in the younger brother of the Cloud Raikage and his name is Killer - Bee (killer bee); is a very powerful swordsman with the ability to use 7 swords at the same time, and he is also a rapper, passionate about rap genre combined with enka (a Japanese folk music genre). The Killer-bee is one of the few jinchuriki (hosts) that can control and master the power of the Tailed Beast. Once captured by Uchiha Sasuke's Taka group. But it's really just a scheme to escape the control of his brother, the Raikage of the cloud village. Each tail of the Eight-Tails represents a symbol: spirit, ghost, evil, demon, monstrosity, death, hell and death (English in the above order is: Soul, Ghost, Evil, Devil, Monstrous, Kill, The Afterworld and Death). Its power is weak by nature, but the members of the Kasanagi family when fighting the Eight-Tails used the Kusanagi no Tsurugi sword (the sword used by Orochimaru) and unintentionally let the Eight-Tails take it. Thus, the Eight-Tails absorbed the power of the sword and became a creature of tremendous power, and the sword was kept in the Eight-Tails' body. With a new power, the Eight-Tails released large amounts of black energy, awakening the other tailed beasts and making them arrogant. The Eight-Tails has defeated many tailed beasts but it only failed against the Nine-Tails. The reason is simply that the Nine-Tails has an infinite power more than the Kusanagi sword. Therefore, we can see the tremendous power of the Nine-Tails when receiving the title of "king of bijuu" (king of tailed beasts). But the legend also describes that the Eight-Tails has the same power as the Nine-Tails, but the truth is that the Eight-Tails has a certain limit of strength. In the battle of the Bijuu, the Eight-Tails fought 5 battles in which won 4 battles with Shukaku (One-Tails), Isobu (Three-Tails), Saiken (Six-Tails), Chomei (Seven-Tails) and lost only 1 battle with Kyuubi (Nine-Tails). Vi). The Eight-Tails is symbolized as a Demon with strength and Chakra is ranked 2nd

9. Kyuubi-Kurama - Nine Tail

Appearance: The strongest fox demon of the nine, with crimson fur, sharp teeth and claws, the only one that has not been completely defeated (Fourth Hokage Namikaze Minato - Naruto's father) can only seal the positive energy into Naruto's body, while the negative part is kept by Minato himself)
Abilities: Its 9 tails contain infinite amount of chakra, use flaming fox claws, control fire, when fighting, create a type of chakra to use (eat) and then curl or spray bullets will have a great destructive power
Strength: 1st place.
Chakra: 1st place.
Symbol: Fire
The Nine-Tails Kurama (九尾の九喇嘛, Kyūbi no Kurama) is sealed within Naruto's body. Kyubi was sealed into Naruto's body by the Fourth Hokage of Konoha, and had repeatedly "borrowed" Naruto's chakra to use. When Naruto finished using it, he often fainted, because the amount of Chakra was too strong. Kyuubi-Kurama is the strongest Bijuu of all the 9 Tailed Beasts with the form of a 9-tailed fox. The reason why Kyuubi has such power is very simple, Kyuubi has an infinite amount of energy, receiving the title of "king of Bijuu" after 100 years of fighting with Gyuki (Eight-Tails) that Gyuki is exhausted but Kyuubi still has can continue to fight. And the Kyuubi are also very arrogant and smart. In the legendary battle between the Bijuu, the Kyuubi fought 4 battles and all won with Matatabi (Two-Tails), Kokuo (Five-Tails), Saiken (Six-Tails), Gyuki (Eight-Tails). Kyuubi is considered the god of Fire with strength and Chakra is the first of the 9.

10 Juubi-Shinju - Ten Tail

The Ten-Tailed Divine Tree Shinju (十尾の神樹Juubi no Shinju) is the first Tailed Beast and the ancestor of the Tailed Beasts. Kurama said that Shinju has many nicknames such as god of enlightenment, god of destruction...

Appearance: It is a strange monster. The shape is very similar to the Nine-Tails but only has one eye. But that eye is the Mangekyou Sharingan combined with the Rinnegan.
Ability: Infinite (In the manga, it has the ability to use Tsukuyomi)
Strength: Infinite
Chakra : Infinite
Symbols: Wind, Darkness, Water, Poison, Hoan, Thunder, Earth, Ghost, Fire, Moon.
The first Tailed Beast. Also the ancestor of the Tailed Beasts.

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