Chainsaw Man is infamous for gleefully breaking many established shonen rules and conventions, such as Power being a supporting character who is a repulsive and antagonistic girl and Denji being an antihero who is lazy and has no aspirations of becoming a hero or saving the world. The bat and eternity devils take advantage of the fact that these characters can even betray or lie to one another.

The eternity devil made a similar offer to Denji's team in recent Chainsaw Man episodes. Devils are all about sinister, occult deals for power at a cost. In order to save themselves or escape the eternity devil's infinite stomach, Power and Kobeni would both betray Denji, so the group of Denji isn't exactly bound together by the strength of friendship. Fans may be brought back to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood's similar puzzle by this.


How the Context Became Denji's and Edward's Worst Enemy

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The protagonists of action shonen games like Chainsaw Man and Demon Slayer battles supernatural foes like devils, curses, and even the twelve demon Moons. It's a simple concept for the protagonist to engage in combat with a human adversary like Mahito or the combat-obsessed Akaza, but some shonen villains use the environment as their best weapon to attack the heroes from unanticipated directions. A more insignificant illustration was the demon Kyogai, who could rotate the room by striking his tsuzumi drums, confusing Tanjiro Kamado, the protagonist.

Denji, the antihero of Chainsaw Man, must now battle the eternity devil, a cunning being that turned an entire hotel into its own personal territory. Anyone who enters the hotel will be trapped on the eighth floor with no way out—all stairs, windows, and other exits lead back to the victim's starting point. It is simultaneously constricting and infinite, a strange paradox that could only be achieved by the devil.

Denji's squad may perish from thirst or starvation if the devil doesn't get to them first, making the terrain itself his worst enemy. Anime fans might also draw parallels between this and Gluttony's stomach from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, another small but endless realm with no obvious way out. The main character Edward Elric, Prince Ling Yao, and Envy were captured inside a vast room with a shallow pool of blood and a collection of previously consumed items after Gluttony used his false Portal of Truth to absorb them. The three of them were destined to perish in Gluttony's stomach, according to Envy, who explained that there was no way out in any direction. Ed had never encountered a challenge like that before, but the adversary, like Denji, had a deal in mind. The key question is whether the heroes will make a sacrifice in order to avoid death.


When The Monster Offers a Dreadful Deal to Avoid Eternity

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The anime bad guys use the environment as a weapon, leaving the heroes with few choices. Characters like Denji, Tanjiro, and Ed are capable of winning most regular fights, as demonstrated by their ability to sever the bat devil's body or chop off Enmu's head in the Mugen Train arc. However, their surroundings are more difficult to destroy. In many ways, overcoming this kind of obstacle is a test of the protagonist's and their allies' character because it challenges them to rely on their intelligence rather than their physical prowess to survive and escape. In both Chainsaw Man and Fullmetal Alchemist, that is what took place.

Ed discovered from FMA that Envy was responsible for starting the terrible Ishvalan Civil War, but for the time being, arguing with Envy about that wouldn't be productive. Instead, Ed was forced to commit the ultimate sin of human transmutation in addition to working with Envy to escape Gluttony's stomach. Additionally, he was forced to use the Philosopher's Stone's power of Envy, which Ed found objectionable on many levels. He was forced to use Envy's illegally obtained power, though, in order to use his new transmutation circle and open the Portal because he had no other option. That then made it possible for all three of the characters to escape from Gluttony's stomach.

The eternity devil in Chainsaw Man, meanwhile, puts the devil hunters through a comparable test of character. The eternity devil made a possibly false promise that if Denji was offered as a sacrifice first, it would release everyone. Kobeni is already very willing to accept what is literally a "deal with the devil." This devil hunter is a complete danger—a sweet but reserved young woman who struggles under pressure or in dangerous situations. Kobeni wants to kill Denji with a knife because he is desperate, and in the eyes of Aki and Himeno, this shows a serious flaw in Kobeni's character.

Kobeni turned to the dark side despite the fact that devil hunters are supposed to fight devils together. Along with surviving, Aki, Himeno, and the others must fight Kobeni's antics and the growing temptation to accept the eternal devil's bargain in order to secure their own survival. Even though the workplace may have strict rules and discipline, in situations like these, survival instincts may take over, as they did for Kobeni. To avoid eternal damnation, that may be necessary.