Greetings from Demon School! Iruma-kun, a multifaceted isekai franchise, made a comeback in the roster for the next fall season. The student council of Babyls and its president, Azazel Ameri, are examples of the "school life" notion in this anime, which is mostly isekai fantasy action.

Ameri is accustomed to serving as Babyls' top pupil. She possesses extraordinary natural talent, strong leadership abilities, and the respect and adoration of every pupil in her immediate vicinity. Ameri might have been a complete himedere, but she prefers to be the underdog shojo heroine who must stand up for herself. She also fervently hopes that Iruma Suzuki, the main character, would fulfill his role in this shojo dream.


In Iruma-kun, Azazel Ameri's Changing Love Life

Iruma-kun: Ameri Is On the Verge of Her Big Shojo Romance - If She Lucks Out_0

Iruma-kun is not primarily about romance, but it does spend a lot of time on each character's emotional condition and personal growth, making it more than just an action series. Asmodeus Alice attempting to understand what precisely he stands for as a noble-born demon, or Valac Clara's funny yet curiously heartbreaking attempts to play with Iruma like they are children, are just two examples of how deeply each key character's inner life has been explored in the anime.

Iruma-kun works best when it blends action, emotions, isekai and comedy, and such is the case for Azazel Ameri. She dazzled fans with her bloodline trait and martial arts back in Season 2, but she is also a lovestruck student council president eager to get her own shojo love story. But it won't be easy, even for Babyls' #1 student.

Ameri's romance subplot has gone in fits and starts so far. She scored big when she went on a lovely date with Iruma to the aquarium, but being a total ahodere, Iruma was friendly but failed to recognize her very real feelings for him. Then, Iruma's newfound fame as Walter Park's star kept him and Ameri apart, and Season 3 reinforced that theme in an early episode. The two have barely spent a few moments together this season, and Ameri tried in vain to find Iruma in the Harvest Festival's jungle in Episode 10. For now, she can do little more than daydream and hope.


How Ameri Nerfed Herself Romantically in Welcome to Demon School!

Iruma-kun: Ameri Is On the Verge of Her Big Shojo Romance - If She Lucks Out_1

Interestingly, as a smart, powerful and influential demon student, Azazel Ameri can easily get whatever she wants, but she doesn't always take advantage of that. She is a highly responsible and hardworking student council president who leaves nothing to chance, yet she treats her personal life differently. Instead of aggressively pursuing Iruma and demanding romance, Ameri holds herself back by role-playing as a timid, dandere-style shojo protagonist. This is a game for her, and she intends to win while playing by shojo's rules rather than her own.

Ameri has effectively nerfed herself in Welcome to Demon School! by becoming a passive, wistful girl who merely hopes her male love interest will wow her with a big display of affection. In this case, she daydreams of Iruma giving her an entire bouquet of Legend Leaves in the Harvest Festival, a fitting gift in this jungle survival tournament. But of course, Iruma has no idea that's what his friend wants.


As for why Ameri would nerf herself and act like a passive dandere she's not, there's one strong possibility -- she's simply bored of being #1. She may take her student council duties seriously, but it must also bore her always being in control and having all the power. Personally she craves something new, and shojo manga has the answer. Ameri may reinvent herself by acting like a timid dandere who can't just force her way through things, giving her an exciting new challenge to overcome.

People and demons alike thrive when they take on challenges and push themselves to grow, and Ameri may do just that with her mental shojo simulator. By stepping into that heroine's shoes, she may start all over as an underdog girl with much to prove and everything to gain. Evidently, it's a lot of fun, and Ameri won't stop anytime soon. It would feel anticlimactic if she used her real power to score Iruma as her boyfriend and/or subordinate. Ameri will only feel true satisfaction if she can do it as her alternate dandere self and live the manga life she always wanted.