In anime, romance is frequently used to spice up plots and help build investment with characters. Oftentimes, one person's connection to another can also be a great driving force to further the narrative. However, some couples are so forced that they would ultimately not be realistically compatible.

Instead, they are cobbled together due to plot necessity without much chemistry to justify their relationship. By identifying such individuals and why they wouldn't reasonably last with their partners, it becomes easier to gauge the unresolvable differences in their personalities and the flaws of their characters.

Spoilers for the Attack on Titan manga.

10 Misa Is In An Abusive Relationship With Light (Death Note)

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Superficially, the relationship between Light and Misa is endearing. He provides her with stability and certainty, always able to calculate the next move. However, the pleasant veneer belies a harsh reality behind the couple – Light is actively abusing her.

Not only does he withhold his affection in order to receive favors, he cheated on Misa at the earliest opportunity in order to increase his political reach. Realistically, such a relationship is bound to fail since it is built on deception rather than trust.

9 Tsuru Waited For Kin'emon For 20 Years (One Piece)

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The relationship between Tsuru and Kin'emon was never ironclad. Since he spent his youth as a thief, there were stark differences between them that needed to be ironed out.

However, these complications became untenable when Orochi took over and Kin'emon was whisked twenty years into the future. Not only has this created a noticeable age gap between the two characters, it is also unrealistic that Tsuru didn't pursue another partner, especially when Kin'emon was dead as far as she knew.

8 Miroku & Sango Are Too Different To Work (Inuyasha)

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For most of the series, Sango gently rejected Miroku's advances toward her and with good reason. She was a demon slayer, while he was a cursed monk. Their career paths were too fundamentally different to make the most of. Their personalities make them even more incompatible.

Miroku is a wanton lecher that ogles any women who cross his path, whereas Sango is reserved and faithful. Ultimately, Miroku's lust would exacerbate her insecurity, cause a wedge between the two of them, and result in the unfortunate collapse of the relationship.

7 All Might Would Lose Inko If Something Happened To Deku (My Hero Academia)

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The fledging relationship between Inko and All Might is sweet given the parental role he has served in Deku's life. Through his pleading, Inko was convinced that her son could continue hero work. However, their relationship hinges on Deku's ability to perform in the field.

If something ever happened to him, Inko would likely hold All Might responsible for the severe injury or even death of her son. Given that One For All users historically meet violent ends, the fate of their relationship is uncertain at best.

6 Elizabeth & Meliodas Were Forcibly Bonded By A Curse (Seven Deadly Sins)

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Since Elizabeth and Meliodas have been together for thousands of years, they technically might come across as one of the most compatible anime couples in history. However, this relationship only lasted due to a curse mutually placed on them by the Supreme Deity and Demon King.

Analyzing the couple's union for what it is, they don't have much in common. In addition to being a demon courting an angel, Meliodas has little respect for Elizabeth's body and fondles her in public. He does not care about the people it disturbs, nor his partner's feelings on the matter.

5 Pudding Is Too Temperamental For Sanji (One Piece)

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Given Sanji's insatiable interest in women, one might expect Pudding to be a viable partner. However, there are a number of ways that the couple is incompatible. Not only do they come from warring pirate crews, their marriage was planned with Sanji's murder in mind.

Even after he seduced her into loving him, Pudding still shows indications of emotional instability. Every so often, she will curse Sanji and wish for his death in some form or another. Such a habit may seem permissible at first, though it will quickly lose its novelty.

4 Joseph Joestar Cheated On Suzie Q (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

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At first, the relationship between Joseph and Suzie started on a high note. After saving her from the diabolical Pillar Men, they were married and had a daughter together.

However, not only does Joseph's work constantly summon him across the world on dangerous missions, he had an affair in Japan. This would realistically put an end to their relationship, especially since Joseph fathered a child with another woman.

3 Esdeath's Relationship With Tatsumi Is Built On Coercion (Akame Ga Kill!)

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Despite Esdeath's barbaric mannerisms, she has shown mercy, patience, and compassion toward Tatsumi. Over the brief period they have been together, she has even broached the subject of marriage. Although Tatsumi feels badly for Esdeath, their relationship is still massively one-sided.

He did not consent to being with her regardless of how much he enjoyed her presence afterward. Additionally, since Tatsumi stated that he'd rather die than serve the empire, Esdeath could not hope to win his allegiance by completely obliterating the rebellion and giving him nowhere else to turn.

2 Sasuke & Sakura Have Too Much Bad History To Work Out (Naruto)

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After Kaguya's banishment, Sasuke became a "reformed" member of Konoha. Shortly after, Sakura's many attempts to express her affection were acknowledged, and the two became an official couple. However, there is far too much negative history for them to remain together.

In addition to attempting to kill her, Sasuke is still something of a pariah to the Leaf. Worse yet, he disappears unnoticed for large periods of time. Sakura may be committed, though there should realistically be a breaking point where their relationship falls apart.

1 Eren Was Ultimately Too Radical & Abusive For Mikasa (Attack On Titan)

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Mikasa has been devoted to Eren ever since he saved her from human traffickers. However, he has spurned her love time and again, whether forcing her to assist him at Liberio or directly telling her that he was using her due to her Ackerman lineage.

Further, Eren's plans to crush the world with the Rumbling proved much too radical for even Mikasa to condone. In the end, she sided with the Allied Coalition in order to defeat him. This was in spite of the fact that she still had feelings for him, as proven by their final, poignant kiss.

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