The continued success of 706z87" title="akira">Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Super, the latest chapter in his signature shonen franchise, is proof of the series’ perennial popularity. Dragon Ball has several characters who have been around since the start, while other individuals like Uub are more recent additions. Uub is the pure-hearted human reincarnation of Kid Buu’s power.

However, Uub is someone who Dragon Ball repeatedly sets up for future success instead of immediate development. Many possibilities lie ahead for Dragon Ball Super after the release of its latest movie and its new manga arc on the way, which means that it might finally be Uub’s time to shine.

9 He Starts To Fight With Goten And Trunks

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Dragon Ball Super’s growing cast of characters has made it increasingly challenging to give everyone something to do. Goten and Trunks enter Dragon Ball Z with infinite promise, especially in their upgraded fused form, Gotenks. However, they largely amount to comic relief in Dragon Ball Super.

Uub’s younger age puts him in the same demographic as Goten and Trunks and a partnership between all three would be a promising turn of events. Uub can properly thrive in this context, but it also feels as if all three of these characters would get along and could complement each other’s personalities.

8 It Leads To A New Transformation For Him

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There are many reasons to love Dragon Ball, but the grandiose transformations that mark characters’ powerful milestones have become one of the anime’s most popular elements. Dragon Ball Super continues to unveil new plateaus of Super Saiyan strength and character-specific transformations for individuals like Gohan, Piccolo, Goku, and Vegeta.

Uub has never gotten to experience a transformation and his human biology makes it impossible for him to become a Super Saiyan. However, Uub would be an ideal candidate for the Kaio-Ken and other power boosts that aren’t dependent upon being a certain race.

7 He’s Appointed To The Galactic Patrol Or Helps Other Universes

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Dragon Ball Super’s multiverse concept is one of the series’ most rewarding innovations. The anime spends a lot of time with the prime universe’s sister realm, Universe 6. There have been teases that a dedicated Universe 6 training arc is on the way, especially for their trio of promising Saiyans. However, it’s yet to come to pass.

Uub is the perfect individual to work together with the Universe 6 lot, which could be predicated by something happening to Universe 7’s Saiyans. Additionally, Uub is the ideal candidate for the prestigious Galactic Patrol, which would open his eyes to such exciting delights.

6 He Fosters A Team Dynamic With Buu

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Uub’s existence comes as a result of the passing of Super Buu and Goku’s poignant Dragon Ball wish, but this doesn’t mean that Good Buu ceases to be. Buu hasn’t been ignored as much as Uub, but he’s another powerful character who hasn’t properly gotten his due. Dragon Ball GT briefly attempts to explore a Buu and Uub team, but the anime is too focused on Goku for this to ever gain much traction.

However, the more evenly balanced Dragon Ball Super could develop a legitimate team between these two anomalies who are oddly connected through evil origins. It’s a smart way to redeem both characters.

5 He Becomes The Centerpiece Of The Next Movie Or The Anime’s Return

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Feature films are nothing new for Dragon Ball, but the character-driven approach that’s adopted by Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has fans eager to see more movies that embrace this formula for the series’ many neglected characters. Super Hero is a fantastic showcase for Gohan, Piccolo, and even Pan.

It’s truly exciting to think what a Uub-centric movie could accomplish. Much like with Dragon Ball Super: Broly, this new movie could properly bring Uub into the anime. It could also give the overlooked individual the attention that he deserves as the franchise continues to move forward.

4 He Provides Vital Help Against Black Frieza

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One of the newest revelations to shake up Dragon Ball Super’s dynamics is the powerful return of Frieza, complete with a deadly new form. It’s unclear what Black Frieza plans to use his new power for, but it’s safe to say that the heroes are going to need all the help that they can get.

Dragon Ball Super has yet to fully embrace Uub’s character, but the increased threat that Black Frieza poses might finally be enough to require Uub’s support. Black Frieza might even make Uub an early target since he knows the potential that Uub holds.

3 He Can Help Mentor The Next Generation Of Younger Heroes

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Uub is still relatively young himself, but Dragon Ball’s timeline has introduced even fresher fighters like Pan into the mix. Uub has plenty to learn from Dragon Ball’s seasoned martial artists, but his natural skills and strength also make him a valuable mentor to the characters’ youngest combatants.

Most ideas for Uub present him as someone who strives to grow stronger, but it’d be compelling to flip this dynamic and see how he does as a teacher. Uub could also impart his growing wisdom on Dr. Hedo and Gamma 1 after their defection from Red Ribbon over to Capsule Corporation.

2 Fusion With The Character Can Get Explored

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Fusion is one of the many tactics in Dragon Ball where characters can exponentially boost their power in a concentrated period of time. Some of the series’ biggest threats are conquered by the impressive fusions of characters like Goku and Vegeta, while other individuals like Goten and Trunks use fusion to remain relevant.

Dragon Ball GT technically features a fusion between Uub and Buu when the former consumes the latter, but it amounts to a half-baked boost. Dragon Ball Super could do “Majuub” justice or also experiment with other Uub fusion combinations.

1 It Can Prompt A New Major Training Arc

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The limited context in which Uub appears at the end of Dragon Ball Z sets up a substantial training arc as Goku prepares to turn Uub into Earth’s greatest protector. Dragon Ball Super could replicate this original plot point with Goku taking Uub under his wing, possibly even with Vegeta’s help as Saiyan support.

However, there are even more interesting possibilities for Uub's character if he were to seriously study under King Kai, Beerus, or any of the series’ other martial arts masters. Uub could even find himself making an unexpected pit stop over to Planet Yardrat and getting the opportunity to master their many unique techniques.

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