Released during Marvel's Heroic Age era, Brian Michael Bendis and John Romita Jr.'s second Avengers arc is an exhilarating page-turner. Fans of the MCU's sprawling Infinity Saga were certainly in for a treat as Marvel's biggest players united in an attempt to retrieve all six of the infinity gems -- space, time, power, mind, reality and soul.

In the events of Avengers #7-12, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes uncovered the existence of the Illuminati, but both groups had to put their differences aside if they were to stand a chance at saving existence itself. The Avengers and Illuminati were in a race against time, trying to hunt down the infinity gems before a power-hungry criminal called the Hood got them all.

An Underrated Avengers Run Contains One of Marvel’s Best Infinity Gauntlet Stories_0

The quest for the infinity gems took on a truly epic scale, with a sweeping ensemble cast, and big stakes. It's a Marvel fan's dream come true seeing the likes of Spider-Man, Professor X, Doctor Strange and the Red Hulk teaming up to take on such a gigantic threat. Bendis and Romita Jr.'s ambitious story also spanned practically every corner of the Marvel universe, from the Inhuman city Attilan to the astral plane. Readers are treated to a high dose of action, with one particularly striking battle sequence containing a series of colorful pages, showing every action beat in its full glory. This is a wonderfully grandiose comic, which instills a sense of pure wonder in the reader.

It's abundantly clear that the creative team enjoyed the work as much as its readers did. In keeping with his previous projects, Bendis' dialogue continues to shine here, writing some brilliantly witty exchanges between the characters, as they take on lives of their own. That's a big part of what makes this story so re-readable -- Bendis clearly understands these characters, and his style has a fun atmosphere that can captivate any demographic.

An Underrated Avengers Run Contains One of Marvel’s Best Infinity Gauntlet Stories_1

However, it's not just the dialogue that makes this story so incredible. Flipping through the pages of this story, it's noticeable how visually stunning Romita Jr.'s art is. Every page is a real spectacle to behold, crackling with excitement and energy. In Romita Jr.'s hands, every character is drawn so beautifully. He rendered several great moments, including a scene where Iron Man wielded the infinity gauntlet, which mirrors the iconic "I am Iron Man" scene from Avengers: Endgame.

Bendis and Romita Jr.'s collaboration on this story arc makes for an enthralling Infinity Gauntlet story. It has everything that makes the Avengers great -- memorable character interactions, blockbuster fights, and an overwhelming sense of fun. This is an absolute must-have for any Marvel fan's collection.