After the massive success that was Sword Art Online, everyone wanted in on the isekai craze. The fans didn't seem like they were getting tired of them, so light novelists and manga creators alike kept creating more and more stories about people sent to another world.

But eventually, it was hard not to notice how so many isekai stories seemed exactly the same. Many isekai anime followed stale trends or were poorly written, which made fans cherish the good isekai anime even more. At this point, most isekai fans would agree it would be better to simply give new seasons to the good anime series rather than continue making more bad ones.

10 How A Realist Hero Rebuilt The Kingdom Has An Entire War To Address

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How A Realist Hero Rebuilt The Kingdom managed to get two seasons in pretty rapid succession, something that's unheard of for even popular series these days. The second season ended with Souma having properly settled into his role after discovering why he was made the king of Elfrieden shortly after he arrived.

However, there are still plot points to address, even though the second season has a solid ending. The light novel is continuing, and it's obvious the point of the series isn't combat. Instead, How A Realist Hero Rebuilt The Kingdom's focus continues to be how Souma revolutionizes this world via social reforms to make it a peaceful land.

9 Cautious Hero Should Show Seiya & Ristarte Fixing The New Worlds

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Cautious Hero had an ending that was both a good finish and something of a cliffhanger. Seiya uses everything he has to save the world he was sent to by Ristarte, but after that, Ristarte has to break the rules to ensure he survives. As punishment, she's assigned to fix an even more broken world than the last one she saved and is once again given the opportunity to use Seiya to help her.

Though it seems like an impossible task the second time around, with a protagonist as hilariously cautious as Seiya, it's certain to still be a breeze. Plus, the light novel sees him traveling to a new world and learning how to fight even with the limiters on.

8 Trapped In A Dating Sim Only Finished Its First Arc

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Trapped in a Dating Sim isn't the best isekai series by any means. The series abandons its own premise early on, and more importantly, the series is barely animated in certain spots. However, that doesn't mean the series doesn't have its fans. For people who are used to isekai series, this series still offers enough twists and turns to make it worth watching.

However, the first season of Trapped in a Dating Sim ended after only covering the first major arc. There are still a lot of reveals and surprises that would come in future seasons, including seeing Leon and Marie's friendship develop.

7 The Rising Of The Shield Hero Needs To Explore The Aftermath Of The Spirit Tortoise Arc

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One of the few isekai with popularity near Sword Art Online, The Rising Of The Shield Hero's next season is technically already confirmed. There's a Season 3 coming, though fans aren't sure when it actually comes out. It can't happen too soon though, as the entire Spirit Tortoise Arc got away from what fans wanted to see in Shield Hero.

Fans of the light novel are well aware there are much cooler storylines waiting after the Spirit Tortoise Arc. This includes what happens when Naofumi meets up with the other heroes after the Spirit Tortoise Arc, as all three of them were relatively useless during that storyline.

6 Dog Days Deserves A Chance To Explain Its World More

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Compared to a lot of isekai series these days, Dog Days was surprisingly wholesome. There were some ecchi elements — especially considering defeat means a character's clothes explode, but since this series aired other series have grown much more risqué.

The Dog Days universe had a lot of aspects to it that went unexplored, though — such as the history of the two legendary heroes who appeared in the later series, and how they managed to make their world such a peaceful place. If nothing else, it would be great to have Dog Days return just to have a low-stress isekai series for once.

5 Knight's & Magic Had Just Introduced A Comparable Villain To Its Hero

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Knight's & Magic feels like it ended right at the good part. After several episodes of Ernesti working on building his perfect mecha, he finally achieves a design he can stick with for more than a few weeks. Then, in the end, the main villains reverse-engineer part of his tech to create weapons of their own.

Though Ern and his friends are able to defeat the villains, they escape, surely making themselves threats down the line. Unfortunately, despite Knight's & Magic being one of the best mecha anime of the 2010s, no second season is on the horizon.

4 No Game No Life Left Off With Blank Having Barely Challenged Most Of The Societies Of Disboard

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No Game No Life is the main series everyone wants a sequel to, as the first season finished years ago. Fans have been waiting to discover what happened to Sora and Shiro since the series finished in 2014. The light novel has gone on ahead by so many volumes that the series could get another two seasons and likely not catch up.

At this point, the best fans can hope for at the moment is for No Game No Life to get another film. The prequel movie No Game No Life Zero was well-received by the fans, and explained a bit more of how Disboard came to be. Maybe Madhouse could make sequel films going forward.

3 That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Ended On A Huge Mystery

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While That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime's second season had some high moments, it wasn't as strong as the first overall. Despite that, the story ended on a big question mark. The heroes managed to defeat Clayman with such ease it was anti-climactic, but then they learned he wasn't the big villain.

Instead, Clayman's allies proved to be far stronger than Clayman himself. With those characters still running around without anyone to address them, Rimuru's quest to make a world that's safe for his city is far from over. Currently, there's no confirmation That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime will get another season, but there's certainly enough source material left for it.

2 KonoSuba Hasn't Seen Its Heroes Challenge The Demon King Yet

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The fantasy world's worst heroes from KonoSuba are scheduled for a return sooner rather than later. The first two seasons saw them deal with two of the Demon King's generals, but there are still several more for them to take down before they can challenge the Demon King directly.

However, if fans of KonoSuba are being honest, it's unlikely they even care to finish the story of the series. What they really want are more shenanigans from Kazuma and the most useless party members ever. Unfortunately, there's no confirmation regarding when the third season is happening, so KonoSuba fans will need to be patient.

1 Mushoku Tensei Has Many Mysteries Left To Explain

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After so many episodes focusing on the adventures of Dead End, the last episode of Mushoku Tensei Season 1 ends with Rudeus on his own. He's forced to confront much of the trauma of his past and feels like he has no reason to keep moving forward — except for one.

Rudeus sets out at the end with the decision to find his mother, who still seems to be out there without him knowing where she is. As one of the few isekai that's any good, Mushoku Tensei deserves to have the opportunity to finish telling its story. Not only does Rudeus' family need to be collected, but there are so many mysteries left unanswered.