In the story of Naruto, several inspiring and wholesome romances take root, most of all the fan-favorite Naruto/Hinata pairing, also known as NaruHina. This ranks among shonen's best ships, and it reveals much about what both Naruto and Hinata look for in a lover. If Naruto weren't around, Hinata could date around and find her soulmate elsewhere instead.

Hinata's huge crush on Naruto Uzumaki is pretty informative about what she likes in boys. With Naruto out of the picture, Hinata Hyuga can seek out a partner who is optimistic, hardworking, kind, and tenacious, just like Naruto himself. Hinata wants a boyfriend who embodies the Will of Fire, even if he's never set foot in the Hidden Leaf Village.

10 Chad Fights Hard For His Friends (Bleach)

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At first glance, Hinata Hyuga would find the huge Chad downright terrifying, but she would soon learn that he is actually a gap moe character with a heart of gold. Chad may be big, but he has an even bigger heart and a pacifistic streak to him. He would rather endure a thousand blows than strike another person even once.

Chad is no pushover, though. When he faces true evil, he will use his formidable taijutsu, to put it in Naruto terms, to save the day. After seeing Chad in action and getting to know him a bit better, Hinata would definitely take a keen interest in him.

9 Izuku Midoriya Is The Green Naruto (My Hero Academia)

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The shonen protagonist Izuku Midoriya has so many similarities with Naruto Uzumaki, it would be a shock if Hinata didn't fall for him. Like Naruto, Izuku was born as an underdog with everything to prove, and he knows that sufficient hard work can overcome any talent.

Izuku backs all this up with a cheerful, friendly can-do attitude that Hinata would adore, and Izuku is even more compassionate and generous than Naruto is. If Hinata ended up a student at UA, she would certainly get close to Izuku and watch his Quirk-based taijutsu in action.

8 Alphonse Elric Is A Good-Hearted Alchemist (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

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Even in his armor body, the kind alchemist Alphonse Elric would make a wonderful first impression on Hinata Hyuga with his warm, caring personality and his strong sense of justice and duty. His tsundere brother Edward isn't quite Hinata's type, and he's romantically involved with Winry anyway.

That leaves Alphonse Elric, and Hinata Hyuga would absolutely love Alphonse's personality while also admiring his alchemy, his own kind of ninjutsu. Then, after Al regains his body, Hinata will finally see the handsome face that goes with that stellar personality. It's time for date night in Central.

7 Taiju Oki Works Hard For All Of His Friends (Dr. Stone)

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The teen scientist Senku Ishigami isn't even faintly interested in romance, and Chrome and Gen aren't really Hinata Hyuga's type either. However, if Taiju awoke from his petrification in the Hidden Leaf Village somehow, he would get along wonderfully with characters like Hinata.

Taiju, like Naruto, is a passionate boy who will always push himself to the limit for the benefit of his friends and family, and he's quite protective, too. If he's separated from Yuzuriha, then he can start his love life over with Hinata as the village's #1 working man.

6 Yuji Itadori's Kindness Will Win Over Hinata's Heart (Jujutsu Kaisen)

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Fortunately for Hinata Hyuga's dating prospects, many shone protagonists are kindhearted, hardworking boys her age, meaning she would find many of the same qualities in them that she did in Naruto Uzumaki. This includes the martial artist sorcerer Yuji Itadori.

Yuji is a sort of taijutsu specialist, using his "chakra" to power up his cursed punches and kicks in battle. However, he's no thug. Yuji is a kind, compassionate and selfless hero with a stellar sense of humor, and Hinata would quickly fall for him after fighting a few curses together.

5 Yuki Sohma Is A Shojo Prince (Fruits Basket)

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As expected, the realm of shojo anime is packed with handsome, kindhearted male love interests right around Hinata Hyuga's age, and Hinata could begin her shojo love story with Yuki Sohma, one of the stars of Fruits Basket. Kyo would scare her a little, but Yuki's different.

Yuki may seem aloof at first as a kuudere, but once he opens up, Hinata will realize how beautiful and wounded his heart is. Yuki has serious baggage, but he also has boundless compassion, hope, and emotional strength, which Hinata would find inspiring. His princely looks help, too.

4 Miyuki Shirogane Could Win Hinata's Heart (Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War)

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Kaguya-Sama: Love is War is a rom-com seinen anime where true love doesn't come easily, but it's always worth fighting for, and Miyuki Shirogane would definitely make that his personal motto. He will use every trick he's got to make Kaguya Shinomiya confess her love first, and vice versa.

If Kaguya never came along, then perhaps Hinata could join the student council in a support role and get to know Miyuki better. He seems intimidating at first, but like Naruto, Miyuki is an optimistic, hardworking, and kind boy who has everything to prove, and that is exactly Hinata's type.

3 Soma Yukihira Cooks With Love (Food Wars!)

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Incidentally, the story of Food Wars! has a Hinata-style character, the meek Megumi Tadokoro. Like Hinata, Megumi has talent but very little confidence, and she didn't realize her potential until the kind Soma Yukihira became her best culinary friend and pushed her to succeed.

If Soma can have that effect on Megumi, he could do the same for the dandere Hinata Hyuga. As a trainee chef, Hinata would need a kitchen buddy to back her up, and Soma should be it. Hinata would soon learn that love really is the secret ingredient.

2 Izumi Miyamura Is Nicer Than He Looks (Horimiya)

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Izumi Miyamura is a secretly edgy boy who must hide his many tattoos and piercings with his school uniform. He also hides his cheerful nature behind a gloomy facade of long bangs and his glasses. However, as Kyoko Hori learned, and Hinata will learn too, appearances can be deceiving.

In reality, Izumi is a cheerful, kind boy who always puts others first, and he's also good at baking cakes. If Hinata Hyuga saw this side of him, she would certainly want to spend more time with him, and a wholesome romance would soon blossom between them.

1 Fudo Aikawa Fights To Defend Love & Peace (Love After World Domination)

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The ultra-wholesome Power Ranger-style hero Fudo Aikawa is a model boyfriend, as his relationship with the villainess Desumi proved in the Love After World Domination anime. If Desumi had rejected Fudo's advances, then Fudo could pair up with another melee hero, Hinata Hyuga.

Even if Hinata doesn't join Fudo's team as a costumed hero, she would certainly be smitten upon seeing Fudo's impressive combat moves and radiant personality. Fudo is wholesome and innocent to a fault, making him more approachable for the timid Hinata.

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