Four major oceans, the Red Line, and—most notably—the fabled Grand Line are all features of the One Piece universe. Only the toughest and most cunning pirates can survive in the Grand Line, a chain of islands that runs roughly parallel to the Red Line. Even Don Krieg and his pirate ship fleet arrived back from the Grand Line in poor condition.


Monkey D. Luffy visited places like Little Garden, Water 7, and Thriller Bark when he first arrived at the Grand Line, where common pirates would quickly be overpowered. Serious combat prowess, a devoted crew, as well as mental toughness and cunning to evade or overcome formidable adversaries, are requirements for survival in that pirate paradise. Several anime characters stand out as being true Grand Line material outside the One Piece universe because they are robust and practical enough to survive there.

10 Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)

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Pirates and ninjas aren't exactly the same, but the smartest and toughest pirates and ninjas share a lot. In Naruto's world, Kakashi Hatake possesses jutsu comparable to many Devil Fruits, and he is a resourceful, crafty, and unpredictable fighter, as any Grand Line pirate would be.

Kakashi may not be a sailor, but with his formidable jutsu and practical, clever strategies and insights, he could survive on any Grand Line island, such as Alabasta or Dressrosa. Even the Warlords of the Sea would have difficulty apprehending this strange rogue "pirate."

9 Thors Snorresson (Vinland Saga)

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Characters like Thorfinn's father Thors are tough enough to survive in the harsh world of One Piece even though the Vinland Saga lacks supernatural elements like magic or haki. Thors might even make some headway in the New World if he had the capacity to master and use haki.

Due to his incredible strength and toughness, Thors Snorresson, known as the "Troll of Jom," is a fighter without equal. Thors is a wise and diplomatic ex-Viking who understands how to avoid pointless conflict and chase away bandits and thugs without killing them.

8 Rimuru Tempest (That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime)

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Thanks to his special Predator skill, Rimuru Tempest is one of Isekai's most potent heroes ever. Rimuru the slime acquired other monsters' spells and abilities during That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, and as a result, he is now a demon lord in addition.

Rimuru has access to a variety of Devil Fruit-inspired abilities, and even by Grand Line standards, his magical power is overwhelming. Any Grand Line island could be easily conquered by Rimuru, who could then persuade other like-minded warriors to join him in forming a new group they might call the Slime Pirates.

7 Tatsumaki/Tornado Of Terror (One-Punch Man)

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Tatsumaki is one of the few One-Punch Man characters who possesses real superpowers as opposed to just martial arts or weapons. Tatsumaki, a.k.a. Tornado of Terror, possesses incredible psychic telekinetic abilities on par with any Devil Fruit.

With her powerful abilities, Tatsumaki could easily survive on the Grand Line and fly over any Neptunian-infested waters. Despite her diminutive size, the tiny Tornado of Terror would quickly gain the respect of any Grand Line pirate crew.

6 Kenshiro (Fist Of The North Star)

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It's true that the 1980s anime hero Kenshiro battled against Logia-style Devil Fruit users like Captain Smoker or Ace as a bare-handed martial artist. But aside from that, the protagonist of Fist of the North Star would fare well against the majority of common pirates and raiders encountered throughout the Grand Line.


Kenshiro can destroy the majority of Grand Line villains with or without learning haki and punch way above his weight with Hokuto Shinken. Even if a person has access to haki or Devil Fruit powers, he can still incapacitate or kill them by striking pressure points on their body.

5 Captain Kenpachi Zaraki (Bleach)

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The Grand Line is best suited for Devil Fruit users, but master swordsmen such as Dracule Mihawk can also thrive there. Mihawk, like Bleach's Captain Kenpachi Zaraki, can defeat almost any foe with his fearsome black blade and slice icebergs in half.

Kenpachi possesses the combat abilities, bloodthirsty nature, and attitude required to survive anywhere on the Grand Line, including Jaya Island and Little Garden. He'd soon be regarded as Mihawk's true rival, and Mihawk himself might seek him out to see what all the fuss was about.

4 Endeavor (My Hero Academia)

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Only the strongest and smartest pro heroes and villains from My Hero Academia's world would thrive as rogue vigilantes or pirate captains on the Grand Line. Endeavor, the new #1 hero, has the potential to do a lot of good on the Grand Line by defending the innocent from wrathful pirate crews.

Endeavor is comparable to Portgas D. Ace, who was strong enough to roam the Grand Line as the Whitebeard Pirates' division leader. Endeavor would undoubtedly make a name for himself by blasting villainous pirate crews skyward with his flaming powers, and the World Government might soon nominate him as a Warlord.

3 Guts (Berserk)

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Guts, Berserk's rugged antihero, has only ever known war and hardship while trekking across Midland. Guts lacks haki and a Devil Fruit, but he makes up for it with incredible strength, endurance, and technique with his dragon slayer sword.

Guts possesses the practical street smarts required to survive the Grand Line's many islands, and he has even sailed on ships. Guts can don his berserker armor and stand up to any Grand Line pirate in an emergency, but he must be careful not to lose himself in the process.

2 Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

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Erza Scarlet is a powerful and well-respected wizard in the Fairy Tail guild. Erza, like other Fairy Tail heroes, relies on the strength of friendship in the most difficult battles, but even alone in the Grand Line, she can survive and make a name for herself.

Erza is a self-sufficient and down-to-earth swordswoman wizard who can scare off thugs with a glare and is charismatic enough to win over new allies. If Erza is unable to return home, she can form the Scarlet Pirates and rule the rough seas of the Grand Line.

1 Tengen Uzui (Demon Slayer)

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Most of the Hashira in Demon Slayer, especially Tengen Uzui, the sound Hashira, would do well on the Grand Line. He's a self-sufficient and stealthy ninja slayer who can easily track, stalk, and ambush a target, including the Upper Moons, giving him the upper hand.

Tengen is a lethal fighter who can outwit any Grand Line opponent who is stronger than him. Tengen could even sneak aboard a pirate or Navy ship to gain free passage to any other island without anyone noticing.

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