The relationships in the Forger family have been extensively explored in the second season of Spy x Family, with the most recent episodes particularly putting Loid and Yor's relationship to the test due to the introduction and interference of Loid's coworker and fellow spy Fiona Frost. Yor has had trouble feeling confident in her role as Anya's mother and as Loid's wife, but in Episode 24, a night out with Loid, she is able to explore how she really feels about her non-traditional family situation.

Even though Yor already experiences anxiety prior to meeting Fiona, their interactions make Yor feel even more anxious. Yor still notices the rivalry between Fiona and Loid, despite the fact that she hides her affection for Loid behind a stone-faced exterior. Yor thinks that she won't be able to defeat Fiona because of her lack of confidence. In order to safeguard the stability of Operation Strix as well as the honor of the Forger family, Loid is determined to assuage Yor's worries after he notices them and the rumors that follow.


Yor Is Terrified of Losing Her Family

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After winning by a wide margin in the impromptu tennis match she played with Fiona in Episode 23, Yor isn't in the mood to celebrate. Yor is more concerned than ever that Loid has Fiona in mind as a replacement after being disappointed by Loid's lack of heartfelt congratulations. Yor believes that it is only a matter of time before Loid dissolves their fictitious marriage to pursue Fiona because she already feels inadequate as a wife and mother.

Yor's worries in the past had to do with her perception of the Forger family's protection as a means of allowing her to carry out her covert assassination work. Recent episodes have focused on Yor's evolving viewpoint; Episode 24 in particular shows how fond of her improvised family Yor has become. Yor tries to say that she's willing to step aside if that's what Loid wants, but she doesn't understand why she's being invited out for drinks. The more she realizes how much she wants to be a part of their little family, the more she realizes she cannot go on. She no longer wants to let go of the connection between her fear of losing Loid and her love for her family.


Yor Suggestions for Creating Romantic Feelings for Loid

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While Yor has realized how much the Forger family as a whole means to her, it seems as if she may be developing special feelings for Loid as well. As she struggles against the fear of losing the family she has grown to care about so much, she also acknowledges that Loid's happiness is more important than her own. In her drunken state, Yor compares herself to Fiona, suggesting that she does want to be viewed the way she thinks Loid looks at Fiona.

Yor is asked to continue being Yor's wife and Anya's mother after Loid assures her that she is a great mother and that he would never take her place. Yor is overjoyed that her worries are no longer a problem. She now genuinely cares about Loid as a person and values his thoughtful efforts to reassure her when she is unsure of herself. Yor and Loid's conversation definitely paves the way for Yor to start falling in love with Loid, even though the series hasn't yet created an overtly romantic mood for the two.

Despite the fact that Loid and Yor's romantic conflict hasn't yet been addressed in Spy x Family, Episode 24 does offer the possibility of romance developing in the future. The series has plenty of room to continue examining the true bonds forming in the fictitious Forger family with the announcement of both a movie and a second season.