Anime characters often find themselves in unexpectedly dangerous circumstances along their respective adventures. Though encounters with villains or hostile creatures quickly set protagonists up for a bad day, danger sometimes provides protagonists with essential information to use later on. Situations that appear deadly can resolve themselves thanks to the convenient presence of nearby allies.

Anime protagonists who experience misfortune occasionally also have the good luck to escape an otherwise tragic fate. Perfect timing and other factors combine to give protagonists the edge they need to avert a disaster or walk away unscathed. The timing of events proves instrumental to a protagonist's eventual success.

10 Zenitsu Enters Daki's Room After Following A Sound (Demon Slayer)

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Zenitsu accidentally stumbles upon the demon Daki's room in the "Entertainment District" arc after he tracks the sound of a crying girl. Zenitsu's attempt to comfort one of Daki's attendants results in him identifying Daki as a demon by the sound of her voice while questioning him. His discovery and his defiance of Daki spare the attendant additional injuries at Daki's hands.

Zenitsu leaves the encounter with only minor injuries due to the attendant's presence and Daki's uncertainty of his true identity. His narrowly avoided death leaves his fellow Demon Slayers the opportunity to rescue him later on.

9 Riko Gets Rescued By Reg (Made In Abyss)

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Riko first meets Reg after he narrowly saves her from being killed by a Crimson Splitjaw in the abyss' first layer. Riko's chance proximity to Reg during the encounter both prolongs her life and provides her with a friend with invaluable combat prowess. She obtains an ally's help right when her fatigue prevents her from fleeing or fighting back.

Riko's encounter with Reg provides her with the ally she needs to descend to the abyss' lower layers alive. Her newfound friend contains facts about the abyss that will be necessary to understand its secrets.

8 Deku Crosses Paths With Gentle Criminal (My Hero Academia)

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Deku unexpectedly runs into and discovers Gentle Criminal's plan after Class 1-A's missing equipment forces him to go early morning shopping. Deku's battle against Gentle Criminal and La Brava inadvertently provides U.A.'s School Festival with its only defense against intruders.

Neither villain manages to infiltrate U.A. and force the festival's cancellation thanks to Deku's encounter. Deku finds himself in a unique position to protect his classmates when nobody else was aware of it. A simple errand turns into a chance for Deku to put his hero skills into action.

7 Homura Escapes A Witch's Labyrinth (Madoka Magica)

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Homura avoids the dangers of a witch's labyrinth after Madoka and Mami appear at the right moment to save her. Homura's witnessing of the witch's demise starts her wholesome yet tragic friendship with Madoka during a lonely time. Her close call finally gives her a best friend who shares her time and experiences with her.

Homura's rescue and her admiration for Madoka and Mami's performance give her motivation, which forever shapes who she is. Her knowledge of the cycle of magical girls never would've developed without her wandering into a witch's trap.

6 Kimimaru Finds Purpose In Orochimaru (Naruto)

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Kimimaru regains his sense of purpose after the Kaguya clan's demise after he catches Orochimaru's attention. Kimimaru's interaction with Orochimaru prevents him from returning to the same solitude he experienced in life among his clan. His kekkei genkai both impresses Orochimaru and protects him from a war that the Kaguya clan never should've started.

Kimimaru attacks the Hidden Sound Village despite being a kid with little understanding of his clan's reason for fighting. He finds another place to belong in the Hidden Sound village due to his skill and uncertainty about his future.

5 The Stardust Crusaders Barley Evade Death (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)

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Jotaro and his Stardust Crusaders escape Death 13 with only minor injuries, thanks to a series of lucky interruptions. Polnareff evades Death 13's scythe in the dream world due to Joseph waking him at the last moment. Kakyoin avoids the same fate after an unexpected palm tree causes a plane crash that startles him awake.

The Stardust Crusaders gain the ability to fight back in the dream world after Kakyoin's quick thinking brings Hierophant Green with him. Death 13's near unlimited power within dreams would have rendered the Stardust Crusaders powerless without lucky timing.

4 Anya Finds A Family Through Unusual Circumstances (Spy X Family)

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Anya meets her dream family after years of moving between orphanages due to chance encounters with a spy and an assassin. Anya's mind-reading talents lead to her adoption into an out-of-the-ordinary family that accepts her for the same personality traits that once made her an outsider.

She stumbles upon a life that offers the excitement she always searches for. Anya's quick thinking enables her to escape from a place that always lacked a sense of belonging. She finds a set of circumstances that suit her ability to know things that others cannot.

3 Gon And Killua Escape Neferpitou Due To A Sacrifice (Hunter X Hunter)

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Gon and Killua escape their initial encounter with Neferpitou after Kite's presence buys them time to flee. Neferpitou's exceptional Nen would've meant Gon and Killua's defeat and death if not for Kite's decision to sacrifice himself.

Gon's resulting grief greatly impacts him yet grants him the time to find a method to win in the future. Gon and Killua benefit from the protection of a more experienced Hunter who chooses to protect them during a despairing encounter.

2 Kei Nagai's Accident Uncovers His Identity (Ajin: Demi-Human)

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Kei Nagai's hidden immortality as an Ajin revives him from death after his inattention leads to him being hit by a truck. Kei's accident makes him a target for experimentation yet allows him to understand his capabilities and origins. He stumbles upon a secret to his identity that could've remained unknown for decades due to his initial lack of information on Ajin.

Kei's reveal of his immortality earns him allies among other Ajin who help him escape from government pursuers. He learns how to adhere to his morals and fight for Ajin who only seek freedom.

1 Kirito And Asuna Survive A Boss Due To AI Intervention (Sword Art Online)

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Kirito and Asuna escape a surprising encounter with the Fatal Scythe after Yui uses her AI abilities to defend them. Kirito and Asuna face off against a plausibly lethal boss without knowledge of Yui's identity or ability to interfere. Yui's presence spares Kirito and Asuna from receiving further critical damage and continuing the fight at a disadvantage.

Yui's defeat of Fatal Scythe also protects both players from fighting a boss with no indication of its power level. Kirito and Asuna's kindness towards Yui results in a particularly lifesaving favor.

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