The following contains spoilers for "The Unwavering Path," episode 23 of Spy x Family Season 1, which is currently available on Crunchyroll.

Although the romantic tension between Loid and Yor forger hasn't been fully explored in the series, they are a popular couple among Spy x Family viewers. Although the recently introduced Fiona Frost has attempted to seize Loid for herself in recent episodes, there are some hints in Episode 23 that suggest Loid and Yor are beginning to wonder about the nature of their relationship as a result of her presence.

The marriage of the Forgers is one of convenience. Loid needs a wife as part of his Operation Strix cover, and Yor requires a marriage to shield her from attention as she performs assassination jobs. They both enjoy the arrangement, but neither is aware of the other's function. Fiona believes that both practically and romantically, she is a better match for Loid because she is a fellow spy involved in Operation Strix. Despite her success with Loid in the field of missions, the Thorn Princess proves in a spur-of-the-moment tennis match with Yor that she is not one to give up easily.


Fiona and Loid Make a Nice Team

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Despite Fiona's love-struck plotting, she is right about one thing: Loid and she makes a nice team. Their covert participation in a fierce underground tennis match as a part of a mission together continues in Episode 23. As married rivals, Loid and Fiona dominate the tennis court by slamming their dishonest rivals in order to claim their target painting as the prize. They do this by showcasing their coordinated athletic prowess in a stunning display.

It's amazing how well Loid and Fiona work together. It would not be unbelievable for the two to have a successful cover marriage for the benefit of Operation Strix given their excellent working relationship as spies. Fiona poses a threat to Yor because of her relationship with Loid and her aggressive romantic tendencies. Fiona follows him to meet Yor and Anya, prepared to challenge Yor to a match of tennis for Loid's heart, as Loid expresses worry about them being seen together and the potential accusations that would follow.


After defeating Fiona, Yor Appears Upset and Reflective.

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Despite Fiona's recent mission showing off her incredibly impressive tennis skills, she quickly realizes Yor is no match for her. Yor appears to miss her serve, but the ball splits into cubes, revealing the full force of her swing. In her second attempt, she skillfully balances her strength to deliver a fatal blow that Fiona is unable to parry, despite her best efforts. Yor may not be fully aware of Fiona's motivations for setting up the match, but she puts everything on the line because she thinks her relationship with Loid may be at stake.

Yor approaches Loid in search of validation for her victory after Fiona flees in defeat. She walks away with her own defeatist expression after he merely congratulates her, and she later exhibits upset and introspective behavior. Yor's concerns about the conditions of their marriage are probably the reason she suspects Fiona of challenging her status as Loid's wife. Yor needs to know how much Loid values her because she is already insecure. In addition, she might be dissatisfied with their current dynamic and yearn for something more after coming to value their new family.

Even though there are only small hints, Episode 23 does seem to suggest that Yor is worried about the dynamics of her friendship with Loid and the presence of Fiona. However, Spy x Family has been drawing more attention to the definition of Loid and Yor's relationship as well as the longevity of the Forger family beyond the success of Operation Strix, so fans hoping for a more defined romance may not find any palpable tension between them just yet.