The seasonal anime catalog for 2022 strikes a decent mix between highly anticipated blockbuster shows and surprises. Additionally, compared to the spring and fall seasons in 2022, the winter and summer seasons didn't have as many outstanding anime shows. Many of the much-awaited reboots and sequels were either hits or misses, but Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War lived up to the expectations. Regarding the recently released series, Chainsaw Man continues to rule and draw fans in with its gory dark fantasy action, whilst My Dress-Up Darling, a cosplay series, provided viewers a sweet love tale and introduced them to the cosplay industry.

But the most prominent of them. Spy x Family was not only the finest anime of the spring but also took the top place for the best anime of 2022 because of its vibrant and endearing characters and its flexibility in genres.


A fantastic blend of action and family entertainment

This Anime Was Not Only the Top Spring 2022 Title But the Best of the Year_0

Spy x Family was split into two seasons, the first of which is presently showing during the Fall 2022 anime season. It debuted in the Spring 2022 anime season. After competition in the second part of Spy x Family Season 1, the buzz and enthusiasm are still strong despite a long layoff.

The Forgers, the most singularly dysfunctional family ever, are introduced to the world in Spy Family, a 2022 spy action-comedy anime. No criminal can escape their eyes since they have a spy father, an assassin mother, and a psychic daughter. This 12-episode television program, which was directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi, is a translation of the acclaimed continuing manga series created by Tatsuya Endo. The anime received a lot of attention before it was released, including rumors about the cast and the soundtrack.. The weekly ratings have continued to attest to this hype, making Spy x Family the second-highest-rated anime on the charts.


Before Spy x Family, there haven’t been much significant spy-themed anime series aside from Takao Saito's Golgo 13 and Koji Yanagi's Joker Game. Yet, Spy x Family is unique because it attracts a western audience for its James Bond atmosphere. Loid Forger embodies James Bond’s persona, showcasing his flashy moves as a spy, wearing intricate disguises, and capturing crooks. Hence, its popularity among international audiences could be due to how relatable it is to western spy films.

Despite being an action shonen, Spy x Family incorporates plenty of slice-of-life and family elements. For example, when Loid Forger goes on his secret missions, there are plenty of action-packed moments between Loid and the bad guys. However, these action moments are often told from the perspective of Anya. She tries to “assist” her father even though she gets in the way. Anya brings a comedic aspect to the action scenes, inviting viewers to be amused. By mixing genres, Spy x Family has successfully attracted a wider audience of anime fans than most other series.


Because of her cuteness, Anya made an impression on the anime and manga communities. 

This Anime Was Not Only the Top Spring 2022 Title But the Best of the Year_1

Spy x Family has a fun and entertaining cast, but one charismatic and unforgettable character connects everyone -- Anya Forger. Anya is the catalyst for her parents to change. In Episode 5, “Will They Pass or Fail,” Loid uses WISE’s resources to reenact the rescue scene from Anya’s favorite cartoon, "Spy Wars," as a reward to Anya for getting into Eden Academy. Although it is a bit extravagant and Loid is only pleasing Anya for the sake of his mission, viewers can assume Loid is earnestly acting like a doting father to Anya and is willing to do anything to make her happy.

As for Anya, she sets herself apart from other iconic child anime stars, such as Kotaro from Kotaro Lives Alone and Tsumugi Inuzuka from Sweetness and Lightning, in which her childish reactions and expressions are realistic to how young kids would react. She has a wild imagination, envisioning herself as a “spy” going on “real” missions. Additionally, Anya’s displeasure with doing schoolwork and her amusing social interactions with her classmates are actions that any viewer can relate to when it comes to school. Lastly, Anya’s facial expressions in situations have led to memes, fan art, and merchandise. Anya is an icon in the anime community; hence, she made a lasting impression on fans this year, making her an unforgettable character.


One aspect that fans enjoy is witnessing the daily antics of the Forger family. Although they're pretending to be a real family, they really connect like a real one, presenting to viewers that true familial bonds don’t necessarily have to come from blood-related individuals. In Episode 16, “Yor’s Kitchen,” Yor seeks assistance from her coworker Camilla to teach her how to cook. She learns to cook a stew and realizes how much she cares for Loid and Anya. Yor may not be a skilled chef, but she will put in great effort to make Loid and Anya happy. Although pretending, the Forger family can be seen as a genuinely happy and supportive family. As viewers, we appreciate the wholesomeness of their family dynamics because it invites us to believe that an authentic family life like that can exist.

Some fans may disagree that Spy x Family is the anime of 2022. However, Spy x Family is a series that can bring in newcomers to anime, and its fans have been hyped throughout the year. The series has a great balance of action and wholesome family comedy, consisting of some quirky and unforgettable characters.