One Piece 1086 SPOILERS: What To Expect From The Chapter

Jun 05, 2023
With the Reverie with Sabo and the rest revealed, the tale may return to Luffy on Egghead Island in One Piece chapter 1086.
One Piece 1086 SPOILERS: What To Expect From The Chapter

After a two-week hiatus, One Piece has returned with a fantastic chapter to kick off the upcoming chapter streak. Oda produced what could be called the best chapter of the year thus far, as well as one of the best in the entire series. All eyes are now on One Piece 1086, and it will undoubtedly be a great chapter to finally close the door on Sabo's flashback.

The Reverie's events will be concluded, and the attention will shift back to the main timeline of the plot. Without a doubt, One Piece chapter 1086 will be massive, as have the previous few chapters.



Big News Morgans' Entry

One Piece chapter 1086 will most likely throw some light on Big News Morgans. As fans know, Wapol and Vivi are currently with Big News Morgans. In the previous chapter, fans saw Wapol try to escape from the Pangea Castle as he went eating his way through the walls, thanks to the ability of his Baku Baku no Mi. With Vivi at his side, Wapol abandoned his wife, Kinderella, and ran straight for the exit. It is very unlikely that anyone will be able to stop them, given that Wapol is a King and the Cipher Pol will likely not be able to attack them in public space. He will most likely make his way to the edge of the Red Line and find some way to safety.

From the previous acts of Wano, fans also know that Wapol then contacts Morgans because he has news to sell. Morgans immediately starts moving and he will most likely make his way to the location where Wapol is at. The two will then meet and fly to a different location altogether, keeping Vivi as a hostage as well. It is very likely that Wapol gave every bit of information to Morgans, however, Morgans certainly has not printed the information about Imu and the Five Elders just yet. Whether he's going to do that or not remains to be seen and One Piece 1086 will certainly aid in that regard.

Sabo's Escape

One Piece 1086 will most likely also cover Sabo's escape from Pangea Castle, along with the other members of the Revolutionary Army. As fans know, Sabo is gravely injured at the moment due to an attack that was likely launched by one of the Five Elders. Nonetheless, fans also know that he safely makes his way out of Marijoa. How exactly Sabo makes his way out isn't known. What fans do know, however, is that the Revolutionary Army splits up. The other commanders managed to take Kuma away and make their way back to Momoiro Island. Meanwhile, Sabo somehow ends up on an island near Lulusia and, as seen previously, he contacted Dragon from that island.

Fans will finally get to see how he made his way out of the cursed place that he described to be hell atop the Red Line. One Piece 1086 will shed a lot of light on his escape and also the escape of the other members of the Revolutionary Army, along with the slaves that they freed. Fans can also get a look at how exactly they transported the slaves out of the holy land. Fujitora, one of the Admirals, will likely aid in this process as well, as he was at odds with Ryokugyu, who wanted to recapture the slaves. One Piece chapter 1086 might also give fans a glimpse of Imu and the Five Elders lamenting the fact that they could not stop Sabo, or even King Wapol from escaping. At the very least, fans know that the Five Elders took notice of someone spying on them. At the same time, they let Sabo escape from their grasp and this would be a great concern for them.

Revolutionary Army Make Their Move

One Piece 1086 will most likely also cut back to the present as the flashback will likely wrap up in the next chapter. Undoubtedly, this flashback has been intense and has delivered some incredibly nerve-wracking moments for the fans to digest. It has also revealed bits from the history connected to the Void Century and has fleshed out the character of Imu a lot more, adding a lot to their history as well as showing their powers. The Five Elders have, thankfully, also received quite a bit of characterization, and fans now also know that they are capable fighters, on top of being at the head of the world. As the flashback ends, the story will likely go back to Momoiro Island, where Sabo was seen conversing with Ivankov and Dragon.

The truth about Imu's identity will surely be a great shock to Dragon as well as Ivankov. Fans might get to see what move they plan on making next. It is possible the Dragon will want to meet up with Vegapunk, given that he is the smartest man in the entire world and has tremendous information related to the history of the world. Kuma, on the other hand, has also seen quite a lot of things in Marijoa and getting information out of him would also be one of the key things that Dragon would want to do. Everything points at the Revolutionary Army making their move and attempting to fight against the Holy Knights who will be mobilized very soon.

A Return To Egghead Island

One Piece chapter 1086 could also see the story return to Egghead. It has been quite a long time since fans got to see Luffy and the Straw Hat crew. While the chapters that they didn't appear in have been nothing short of spectacular, at the end of the day, Luffy and the crew are the heart of One Piece and seeing them back would be a welcomed change by the fans.

Furthermore, events on Egghead are getting more intense and, as Oda has teased previously, the Egghead Incident is almost upon the fans. One Piece 1086 could take fans back to Egghead Island, where Vegapunk is going to be rescued very soon and, at the same time, York has revealed her falseness. Furthermore, a ship of the Blackbeard Pirates is approaching the island and, at the same time, a Navy fleet, led by Kizaru, with even Saint Jaygarcia Saturn on board, and 100 battleships behind him, is approaching Egghead as well.

The Egghead Incident is going to be an event of massive proportions that will shake the entire world of One Piece and fans are just a few chapters away from it. No matter what way fans look at it, One Piece chapter 1086 is going to be jam-packed with a lot of incredible incidents that will only enrich the story even further.

One Piece is on no known break at the moment. As such, One Piece chapter 1086 is expected to be released on June 11, 2023. As always, fans can expect to read the chapter for free on the Shounen Jump and the Manga Monster website.


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