Spy x Family is a comedy shonen anime starring one of anime's best found families, the lovable Forger household. All three members love one another and gain something much more from this household, such as Yor impressing her co-workers with her new husband and Loid gaining a foster daughter for Operation Strix. Anya Forger loves both her foster parents, but not quite evenly.

For the most part, Anya is immensely fond of her spy father Loid and her assassin mother Yor, and if asked, Anya couldn't say which of them she loves more. However, deep down, Anya might actually have the answer, even if she couldn't put it into words, as she has a few key reasons to love one parent slightly more than the other.


 Anya Forger Loves Her Father, Loid

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Anya's relationship with her foster father Loid is what launched the entire Forger household. In Episode 1, for the sake of his mission, Loid visited a shady orphanage and adopted the young telepath Anya, giving her his own fake last name to become Anya Forger. Right away, Anya was close to her new father, grateful to finally have a loving parental figure in her life and someone who could protect her without question. Thanks to her telepathy, Anya also knew Loid's secret identity as a Westalis spy with a vital mission for world peace, and Anya resolved to do her part for Operation Strix. This motivated Anya to hatch all kinds of schemes at Eden Academy to befriend the target's son, the tsundere Damian Desmond. Anya finds it empowering and exciting to fight for world peace on behalf of her super-cool spy father.

Loid and Anya have their issues, though. Loid is a stern disciplinarian who pressures Anya to succeed in school, and he has little tolerance for horseplay or distractions. This frustrates the carefree, curious Anya, who is simply acting her age, and she is also eager to explore the world. Anya might even cry if Loid keeps fussing at her to study, making Anya resent school and studying all the more. Loid has trouble changing tactics on his own, which slows down everyone's progress.


Anya Forger Loves Her Mother, Yor

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Soon enough, Anya found herself with a foster mother, the lovely dandere Yor Briar, now Yor Forger after legally marrying Loid. Anya adores her new mother, as they more openly share their emotions with one another than either of them can with Loid. Anya is hugely impressed with Yor's protective mother bear ways, with Yor leaping right into action to save Anya from thugs or kidnappers without hesitation. Anya finds Yor a bit scary in those scenes, but she also understands that it shows how protective Yor can really be. Yor is scary for Anya, not to her. Anya also appreciates how Yor indulges Anya's childish ways and has a relaxed, easygoing parental strategy compared to the knuckle-rapping Loid.

Anya also has some criticism of her new mother. Anya, like Loid and now the family dog Bond, abhors Yor's comically terrible cooking. Anya trusts her father to prepare meals, but not her mother, and Anya might cry at the thought of Yor preparing dinner. Anya also humorously derides Yor for being bad at studying, despite Yor being an adult, and Anya also thinks Yor is a bit airheaded -- the downside of Yor being so relaxed and carefree. Anya also doesn't find Yor's assassin career inspiring or empowering, merely frightening. Spies are way cooler in Anya's mind.


Loid vs. Yor: Which Foster Parent Does Anya Love More?

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Anya loves both foster parents dearly, and the gap between them is small at most. Ultimately, though, Anya is slightly closer to Loid than to Yor, and for a few noteworthy reasons. It's true that Anya has a tighter emotional connection with her foster mother, so in that sense, she loves Yor more. However, this is no ordinary family -- it's a shonen found family of an orphan telepath, a secret Westalis spy and a deadly assassin, meaning there are more factors at play in Anya's mind.

For one thing, Loid was the very first person to ever love and cherish Anya, and he alone adopted Anya from the orphanage and gave her a happy, meaningful life at last. This gave Anya a strong impression, meaning there were some diminishing returns when Yor entered the picture too. Of course, Anya was delighted to meet her new mom, but Loid beat Yor to the punch as Anya's first real parental figure.

Secondly, Anya is much more impressed with Loid's career than Yor's. Anya's love of Loid extends to the latter's cool spy career, with Anya finding Loid's mission empowering, inspiring and exciting. Anya knows she is just Loid's tool for getting closer to Donovan Desmond via Donovan's son Damian at school, but Anya doesn't mind. In fact, Anya feels honored to play a part in her new father's mission to protect world peace across the land, and she also enjoys watching Spy Wars. Loid Forger, being Anya's very first parental figure and an ultra-cool spy, has a slight edge over Yor in Anya's mind, making him her favorite. Still, that barely diminishes Yor's importance in Anya's life -- Anya loves Yor very nearly as much, and Yor adds much-needed maternal warmth and joy to the new Forger household. For that, Anya will always be grateful, even if Yor isn't a cool spy with a cool mission.