Oshi no Ko is masterfully vicious in the way it enthralled and engaged its audience in Ai Hoshino, only to deliver her a horrible finish. The programme has not only played the audience; Dr. Goro, who has been reborn as Aquamarine Hoshino, is also a victim of this tragic fate. He witnesses Ai's murder and sees his mother's life slip away from him. Following that, Aqua makes it his life's purpose to avenge his mother's death, and the skilled Akane Kurokawa is a key asset in achieving that objective.

Akane is one of the newcomers cast on the reality show LoveNow, which Aqua had to join in order for Kaburagi to reveal what he knows about Ai. Despite her other qualities, Akane lacks the inherent zeal to shine on a reality show. She blends in with the other members, which becomes her undoing as her agency compels her to do everything it takes to stand out. As a result of one occurrence after another, viewers of the in-universe show publicly criticise her. Akane nearly dies, but Aqua intervenes and saves her before the worst happens.


Akane Exhibits the True Genius of an Actress

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Aqua's help, however, doesn't stop at physically saving Akane from harm. While it's Mem-Cho and Yuki who told Akane to portray a role while they tape, it's Aqua's preferences that led her to directly imitate Ai. After that, Akane sinks into researching everything she can about the late idol, and once she's done, she's simply superb. She has managed to turn herself into Ai, and the anime makes sure to point this out by giving her the same brilliant eyes whenever she's in-character.

Akane's acting is so natural that it causes Aqua to stumble at first. He is completely smitten with Akane's portrayal of Ai, to the point of blushing and obeying her every demand. The depth of Akane's comprehension of the persona she is portraying, however, is what actually makes her terrifying. Akane can only fill in the blanks herself because research can only offer her with so much information. Nonetheless, her intuition and stream of thought are so accurate that she grasps the essence of who Ai was as a person. When Aqua inquires about her thought alignment with Ai, Akane surprises him by assuming that Ai had children in secret.


Akane's Talent Can Aid in Exposing the Truth About Ai

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Akane's remarkable acting skills -- specifically, her ability to fully embody the characters she portrays -- can help Aqua solve various mysteries. By assuming the role of Ai, Akane gains unique insights into Ai's thoughts, motivations and potential connections to the crime. This deep understanding allows her to provide Aqua with invaluable information and perspectives that no one else can offer. Akane's role as the perfect ally bridges the gap between what Aqua can deduce objectively and the intricate nuances of Ai's psyche, bringing a new level of depth and clarity to the investigation.

This collaboration has the potential to produce ground-breaking discoveries and move the inquiry closer to completion. As they work together and share their insights, the couple will gain new views, uncovering hidden linkages and reasons that may have escaped individual inspection. The partnership, however, is not without flaws. Aqua may have to confess his darkest secret to Akane if he wants to properly utilise Akane's skills – and with Akane's insight, the actress may come to realise certain things even without Aqua's help.