15 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Minako Aino / Sailor Venus

By: Tom Nov 15, 2022
MINAKO AINO / SAILOR VENUS is the fifth warrior to join the group of beautiful female warriors. Guided by a talking white cat named Artemis.
15 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Minako Aino / Sailor Venus

In addition to having her own manga series proposed for an anime adaptation, "Woman Warrior of Love and Beauty" also has a past of catching criminals in the UK or the fact that she was the one who killed Queen Beryl. There are many other interesting things about this girl. Here is a list of 15 things you may not know about Sailor Venus. Stay tuned!

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In the English dub of Sailor Moon, some episodes were cut. One of them features Sailor Venus' first appearance and discoveries about her past. The episode is titled "Sailor Venus’ Past!" "Minako's Tragic Love," which was not voiced in the DIC version but later featured in the VIZ version, In that episode, there are images of Minako from half a year ago, when she was in London. She fights criminals and becomes good friends with a policewoman named Katarina. She also has feelings for an older guy named Alan and introduces him to Katarina. The three of them became good friends. Minako's life as Sailor V fighting criminals was pretty good, but it all came to an end. During an explosion, Katarina thought that Sailor V had died. However, Minako is still alive and witnesses the romance between her best friend and Alan. Minako decides to leave them and start a new life as a member of the Sailor Warriors. In the present, Katarina is again the target of Minako's enemies because she knows her identity well. As Sailor Venus, she saved Katarina, and everything ended well.


"Codename: Sailor V" was also composed by Naoko Takeuchi, and it predates "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon." The manga follows 13-year-old Minako, a high school girl who protects the inhabitants of Earth. Artemis, a white talking cat with a crescent-shaped bald spot on her forehead, appears. Artemis gave her a magical pen to help her transform into Sailor Venus, but now she calls herself Sailor V and begins her quest to fight evil. The manga begins as a one-shot and ends with 15 chapters (or 16 chapters because, in a reprint, Naoko split the last chapter into two parts). Naoko continued to work on Codename: Sailor V at the same time as Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon. However, the popularity of the "sister" project overshadowed the original project. As we have seen, Codename: Sailor V has a smaller number of chapters, and the release is not as consistent as Sailor Moon.


Toei Animation contacted Naoko Takeuchi with the intention of adapting Codename: Sailor V into an anime. They are interested in the content, but they want more characters with the ability to transform. And that's how Sailor Moon was born, and Codename: Sailor V is still just a manga. Although there was an OVA to promote the manga, this project has not yet been able to "fruit." However, Sailor V also gets its own video game. It is similar to Street of Rage, developed by Vladimir Kutiakov's "Caroline Software Incorporated" group. It was released on the NEC PC-88 and NEC PC-98 systems in 1993.


Like the other Sailor Soldiers, Minako also has her own theme song, the purpose of which is to better express the character's personality. You can check out some songs like "I Saw Your Dream" in the first part, "I’ll Stand Alone" in the second part, and "The Goddess of Love" and "How to Love" in Sailor Stars. She also sang the song "Route Venus" in two episodes of the anime. Sailor Venus also has several songs in the live-action version, in large part because she is an idol singer. Not only does she have visual songs, but she also performs her own songs. She released her second album, called Venus. Her song is also quite popular and is included in the album "C'est la Vie." Some of her songs include "Venus Over My Shoulder," "Romance," "Kiss! Kiss! Bang! Bang!"; "Sayonara, Sweet Days"; and "Happy Time, Happy Life." In addition, she also sang the song "Friend" with the rest of the warriors. In the Sailor Moon Musical, Sailor Venus has the song "Traditional The Grace of the Storm of Love," and she also sings with the rest of the warriors, "We Can't Be Soldiers of Love Forever."


Sailor Venus has many identities, which means she has many different names as well. Her Japanese name is Aino Minako, which means "Pretty Baby of  which is related to beauty, youth, and the power of love. Aino also alludes to "the only one," referring to the fact that she fought evil alone when she initially appeared as a sailor warrior. "Mina" also means "love." Her warrior name is symbolic of the goddess of love in Roman mythology, but actually this planet is called Kinsei () by the Japanese, meaning "metal star." This involves her power to control light and metal. She has a metal bead necklace worn on her belt, which can be used to attack, trap enemies, or save allies. She also has a metal crescent boomerang.

10. People should sail for Venus

Rica Fukami (the voice of Myung Fang Lone in Macross Plus) voices Minako/Sailor Venus in Sailor Moon. Nanae Sumitomo (the voice of Fuji Shizuku in Battle Arena Toshinden 3) replaced Rica Fukami in episode 163 of SuperS. DiC's English dub was given to Stephanie Morgentern (the voice of Yin and Chung Pow Kitties in Yin Yang Yo!) for the first 89 episodes, along with 3 movies. And Emillie-Claire Barlow (the voice of Courtney in Total Drama All Stars) took over the role of Cloverway's dub from episodes 90 to 166. Cherami Leigh (the voice of Lucy in Fairy Tail) voices Sailor Venus in Viz's version. She also continued to voice Minako in the Sailor Moon Crystal version, while in the original Japanese version she was played by Shizuka Ito (the voice of Lenalee Lee in D-Gray Man). Minako Aino in the live-action version is played by Ayaka Komatsu. In the musical, there are names like Nana Suzuki, Ayumi Murata, Muzuki Watanabe, and Momoko Shibuya.


Despite being the fifth member to join Sailor Moon's party, Sailor Venus is actually the first warrior to awaken and transform. Minako met Artemis at the age of 13. He gave her the ability to transform through a magic pen a year before Usagi actually became Sailor Moon. Sailor V is mentioned in both the manga and anime before appearing as Sailor Venus.


While the other warriors battled the Dark Kingdom, Sailor Venus was the sole fighter against the Dark Agency, a branch of the Dark Kingdom. This group is also tasked with gathering energy to bring back to the Dark Kingdom using idols. Unlike any other enemy in Sailor Moon, this group is widespread and located outside of Japan. Danburite, one of Kunzite's subordinates, told the leader.Danburite's story has a lot to do with Sailor Venus. He is the reincarnation of Adonis, who died in the attack during the Silver Millennium. In the past, he had feelings for Venus, but this love was not reciprocated. Venus becomes his obsession after being reincarnated. Danburite tried to get close to Sailor V, even posing as an actor in an attempt to make Minako fall in love with him. He succeeded in breaking Minako's heart by showing her his true identity.


Queen Beryl has different destinies in Sailor Moon. In the 1990s version, Sailor Moon used the Moon Stick to defeat Queen Beryl. It changed in the Crystal version, when Sailor Moon used the Holy Sword to kill Beryl by breaking her necklace. However, the most original death of Queen Beryl was actually not at the hands of Sailor Moon but rather Sailor Venus. Venus used the Holy Sword to kill Queen Beryl to save Sailor Moon. In the Crystal version, she nearly killed her to help her teammates, but Beryl was able to parry the attack. Later, it was Sailor Moon who destroyed the bracelet that provided Beryl's power.


Yes, every warrior has a secret identity, but Sailor Venus has a little more to do. She is not only a sailor warrior but also a crime fighter known as Sailor V. Sailor Venus, like Sailor Moon, can disguise herself as someone else using a crescent-shaped compact, which Artemis was in for.No other warrior has this ability. In Codename: Sailor V, she frequently disguises herself, but in the anime, she only transforms into Sailor Moon once.She was also the first female student at the TA Academy to compete in the Exam Battle.And another time in the Crystal version, she became a student of Mugen's to go to the music festival. In the live-action version, Minako lives with two identities as a pop idol and a heroine.

5.  Sailor Moon's Surprise Sailor

Venus looks quite similar to Sailor Moon, and the Moon Kingdom has used this to its advantage. Both in the manga, anime, and live-action movies, Minako pretends to be the Moon Princess, Princess Serenity. She and Artemis used this plan to play the Dark Kingdom card and protect the real Princess Serenity. She only stopped this mission when Usagi fully awakened and became the princess of the Moon. Venus is the only warrior besides Sailor Moon who can disguise herself with a crescent-shaped compact. In the 90s version, Sailor Venus used Sailor Moon's disguise pen to transform into her in order to trick Kaolinite into taking back the Cosmic Heart Compact for Sailor Moon.



Every planet has a graphic symbol in astrology and astronomy known as a planetary symbol. These symbols appear on the foreheads of sailor warriors and in their signature attacks. Each symbol represents a specific metal based on alchemy. Accordingly, the actual metal associated with Venus is copper. However, instead, the stone of Sailor Venus is orange-yellow. True yellow is associated with the sun. The word "Venus" in Japanese is "Kinsei" in addition to the meaning of "metal star," which can be translated as "gold." The color of the planet is similar to the light (yellow) power of Sailor Venus.


Princess Venus lived in Fort Magellan before her reincarnation on Earth. This palace revolves around Venus; this is Queen Serenity's gift to her. It is named after the space probe sent to explore Venus in the 1990s, named after Ferdinand Magellan. Besides her royal life, Princess Venus is also the leader of a group of people tasked with protecting Princess Serenity. In the Crystal version, it is determined that she and Kunzite fell in love in a previous life. However, in Sailor V, a guy named Adonis has a crush on her. He later reincarnated as Danburite and led the Dark Agency under Kunztie's command. In the final chapter of the series, Sailor V does not belong to Kunzite.


Poor Minako is like that, having always felt unlucky in love throughout the Sailor Moon manga. It has some amusing elements, but it's also sad for her in some ways. The first person she defeated was a boy she had a crush on. She had a crush on Phantom Ace, the actor later known as Danburtie, a man who had previously loved her but now works for Kunzite. Instead of living happily, she is forced to kill him. In the final chapter of Sailor V, which is most notable compared to the earlier lighthearted chapters of Codename: Sailor V, Minako is known to never have luck in love as she has to take on a lot of responsibility as a character and first guardian. This is part of the reason why her character looks so much more serious in the next Sailor Moon manga series. Minako faces an ironic fate as a warrior who is bound to love but will never find love.


Minako is a very different character from the live-action version of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. Instead of becoming close to the other warriors, she looks like a lone wolf. Minako is also a popular pop idol in this version, with several albums released. She is determined to find the silver crystal and the moon princess. Part of the reason she kept her distance from her friends was because Minako was diagnosed with a terminal illness. With only a short time left to live, Minako had to undergo surgery, and the chances of success were very low. Before that, she asked the closest member of the Sailor Senshi group, Sailor Mars, to lead the group after her death. The rest of the group planned a surprise party for Minako after the surgery, but the celebration never happened. Minako dies and captivates the viewer with a song from the other side of the world. However, she was brought back to life when Usagi used the Silver Crystal to restore the world.

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