Some say that twins share a sort of special bond that other siblings just do not have. While the intensity of that bond may vary from family to family, there's no shortage of interesting twin sibling dynamics in the realm of anime that makes viewers feel like they're seeing double.

Some twins are so identical that it's like looking in a mirror while others are just simply two halves of one whole. There are quite a few anime twins who are pretty strong in a fight, regardless of if they have the deepest of relationships or the fiercest of rivalries.

10 Mairu & Kururi Orihara Are Both Deceptively Capable In A Fight (Durarara!!)

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Durarara!!'s version of Ikebukuro is crawling with interesting characters who're more than what they seem, and the outgoing Mairu and reserved Kururi are no exception. As the younger twin sisters of Izaya Orihara, the two share a bit of his chaotic nature, which he even admits he's partially to blame for, and the twins are quite capable in a fight.

Mairu and Kururi have studied martial arts, and it seems that they've learned well, as Mairu can take on multiple opponents on her own without any issues. Kururi is also just as skilled, though she also relies on whatever she has in her bag, such as pepper spray or tasers. Underestimating these two would be a big mistake.

9 Hansel & Gretel Are A Deadly Duo Of Assassins (Black Lagoon)

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Black Lagoon has many individuals as capable as they are deadly, though one of the more unexpectedly effective killers in the series would no doubt be the twin assassins, Hansel and Gretel. While the two siblings may look young, their time working as mob hitmen has made them capable of slaughtering whole rooms of targets.

Hansel wields an ax while Gretel wields a high-powered rifle and to say they both know how to use them would be an understatement. Due to the abuse they've suffered, as well as the constant bloodshed, the twins are of the mindset that their killings end up extending their own life.

8 Maki & Mai Are The Daughters Of The Zenin Family (Jujutsu Kaisen)

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The Jujutsu Kaisen world has many sorcerers, but the three major families are the ones who run the show. One such family, the Zenin Family, values strength and cursed techniques so much that they will reject anyone who doesn't live up to their standards. These values made Maki Zenin leave the clan and become a great sorcerer to spite them, a choice that her twin sister, Mai, despised her for.

Maki and Mai's separation and Mai's harsh training with the Zenin Family have made the two fierce rivals. Despite Maki being born a non-sorcerer with little to no cursed energy, she's become a skilled hand-to-hand fighter with cursed tools, which seems to have been a good match against cursed spirits and Mai's gun-based cursed techniques.

7 Rem & Ram Are The Oni Twins & Faithful Servants Of Roswaal (Re:Zero)

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Re:Zero's Rem and Ram were born to an oni village with one horn for each of them. Ram was praised for her innate talents while Rem remained in her shadow, however, things took a turn after their village was attacked and Ram lost her horn, which made her once potent strength more limited. After being rescued by Roswaal, the two became his servants.

Being oni, Rem and Ram are considered to be stronger than humans, with more attuned senses along with great skill in the ways of magic. While Ram is unable to access her full power, due to her damaged horn, she is still a capable mage, and Rem's berserker strength with her oni power is nothing to sneeze at.

6 Rin & Yukio Okumura Are The Exorcist Sons Of Satan (Blue Exorcist)

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Blue Exorcist's Satan is the king of demons and ruler of Gehenna who sired many children, two of which were twin brothers, Rin and Yukio Okumura. While their lineage would remain mostly hidden, the two went on to become exorcists, though only Rin would inherit the flames and power of his demon father.

Rin is the brawn of the two while Yukio's best weapon is his wit and knowledge. Despite their difference in power, the Okumura brothers are strong exorcists, resistant to demon flames, and capable of standing up to various demonic foes, including their many half-siblings.

5 Hanako & Tsukasa Are Two Ghost Twins Who Couldn't Be More Different (Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun)

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The supernatural is all around the unwitting students of Kamome Academy in Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun, this even includes the ghosts of former students, such as the resident of the school's bathroom, Hanako, and his twin brother who haunts the Broadcasting clubroom, Tsukasa. They may look identical, but the two siblings couldn't be more different.

While Hanako uses his afterlife to protect the school, its students, and even other spirits bound to it, Tsukasa manipulates things behind the scenes, creating problems for his amusement and getting under the skin of his brother, the one who killed him in life. As ghosts, the twins have similar abilities, though it seems Tsukasa's are more unrestrained.

4 Saya & Diva Are Two Pure-Blooded Chiropteran Queens & Sworn Enemies (Blood+)

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Blood+'s monstrous Chiropterans are man-eating monsters who crave human blood and are created from the blood of a queen. Typically, only two queens can exist at a time and the only thing that can harm either of them is their opposing twin sibling. Saya and Diva the second known generation of Chiropteran queens who have been enemies for over 100 years.

While Saya's amnesia and time in Okinawa gave her a normal life and a compassionate personality, Diva's time in isolation and neglect made her cold and ruthless. The two queens are essentially opposites of one another, each out to kill the other for their own reasons.

3 Yubaba & Zeniba Are Two Witches Who Are Not To Be Trifled With (Spirited Away)

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In the Studio Ghibli film Spirited Away, Chihiro meets two witches, Yubaba and Zeniba. While they may both look the same, their personalities are the most significant difference between them. Yubaba is as intimidating as she is self-centered, willing to use her powers for her own ends, including stealing people's names to force them to work in her bathhouse. Meanwhile, Zeniba is seemingly the kinder of the two (despite initial impressions) and even gives Chihiro some much-needed advice.

Regardless of Yubaba and Zeniba's differences and symbolism as the balance of good and evil, they are both powerful witches capable of harming, cursing, and transforming anyone they so choose to.

2 Aura & Mare Are Nazarick's Twin Guardians (Overlord)

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On the outside, Overlord's Aura and Mare might seem like two dark elf kids, but they are much stronger than they appear and quite comparable to the other floor guardians of Nazarick. The energetic Aura is the more physical fighter of the two, though she's also a skilled Beast Tamer who can wrestle and train strong monsters who will fight on her behalf. Mare may seem timid and harmless, but he's just as tough physically and a powerful mage.

While Aura and Mare aren't the strongest floor guardians at Ainz's disposal, they're not too far behind the stronger members like Albedo or Cocytus. Being part of Nazarick, they're already more powerful than even many of the new world's strongest warriors by default.

1 Beerus & Champa's Sibling Rivalry Can Destroy Whole Universes (Dragon Ball Super)

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Some sibling rivalries can be considered destructive in some way, but Beerus and Champa from Dragon Ball Super take that to a whole other level. The two pretty much get along like oil and water, as they're both ill-tempered and often trying to prove who's better.

Being that Beerus and Champa are gods of destruction, the two are capable of wiping out whole planets, galaxies, and their respective universes if their bickering gets out of hand. Since an actual fight between them would spell bad news for everyone, Beerus and Champa often have to have others compete in their place.

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