The long-running Monster Association narrative of One-Punch Man just came to an end. The manga appears to be prepared to begin its new arc after a few epilogue chapters to offer viewers some breathing room. One-Punch Man appears to have made the decision to put the spotlight back on Hellish Blizzard, the sister of Terrible Tornado, the hero who is now ranked No. 2. The Tsukuyomi, the third evil group featured in One-Punch Man, appears to be linked to both Tornado and Blizzard.

The most recent One-Punch Man chapters alluded to Blizzard's upcoming battle. The psychic has assembled her whole Blizzard Bunch in order to be ready for a potential battle. Then she takes them to the new Hero Association headquarters, where she meets Saitama by chance. Blizzard asks the bald hero to join her, which the main character obliges to. They ultimately go to where Psychos is being held, revealing how Blizzard and the Monster Association executive are connected.


Terrible Tornado and Tsukuyomi have some issues to resolve.

One-Punch Man: What Is Tsukuyomi and How Are They Connected To Terrible Tornado?_0

The moment Blizzard arrived at Psychos' detaining facility, she asked the heroes to clear the room. Of course, they didn't follow. Blizzard then went on to explain how Psychos' name appearing on the prisoner list would cause trouble. Once Terrible Tornado got hold of the news, the overpowered psychic would come for her head. That was exactly what happened. The walls started shaking and cracks formed everywhere. Tornado came through, destroying everything in her path. She immediately attacks Psychos, though the member of Tsukuyomi and Blizzard were able to protect her. As to how Blizzard was able to withstand her sister's attack, a flashback held the answer.

The flashback showed the two sisters having dinner with each other. Tornado told Blizzard about Tsukuyomi. It turned out that it was the very same organization that captured and experimented on her. It was also Tornado who relayed to Blizzard that it was Psychos that Tsukuyomi was after. And so, they formed a plan; Tornado needed Blizzard's help to prevent Tsukuyomi from getting their grubby hands on the former Monster Association executive, however, their ruse didn't seem to work. Instead of kidnapping Psychos, the Tsukuyomi member turned his attention to the sisters. He attacked Tornado, even gaining the hero's acknowledgment.


What is Tsukuyomi Specifically Doing?

One-Punch Man: What Is Tsukuyomi and How Are They Connected To Terrible Tornado?_1

Even though One-Punch Man has yet to reveal what Tsukuyomi really is, there are enough bits and pieces to speculate about their objectives. For one, it is almost certain that they aren't a good organization. They are behind Tornado's grim past, and undeniably delve into psychic research. Their representative even openly shares how they plan to cut Psychos' head open. They are also somehow creating artificial psychics, the likely products of their experimentation. As to what their main goal is, it ranges from world domination to obliteration of non-psychics. But nothing is clear at the moment.

One-Punch Man has recently revealed its next villainous organization, and they are the ones behind Tornado's suffering. They also seem to be delving into psychic research, though their intentions are dubious at best. With one of their members already having their eyes set on the psychic sisters, they will likely be the ones Saitama will be taking down next.