Though the year is halfway over, there are still plenty of exciting romance anime for avid fans to look forward to in the fall. The season's most anticipated series will be fan-favorite action-packed shonen titles like My Hero Academia, Spy X Family, and Chainsaw Man's anime debut.

However, there are a few exciting romance series in the mix to tug on the viewers' heartstrings. Many of these anime are making their TV debut this autumn, but some of them are coming out later in the summer. A few series recently debuted, but the hype is just building around them.

10 The Maid I Hired Recently Is Mysterious Is A Bizarre Romantic Comedy

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The Maid I Hired Recently Is Mysterious debuted in the middle of July. Many fans were unsure what to think of the first episode, but most were pleasantly surprised by the series' oddball sense of humor.

The series is about Lilith, a charming maid who was hired to look after her boss' son, Yuri. Unfortunately, Yuri finds Lilith offputting, but he can't quite put a finger on why. Despite his suspicions, Lilith grows fond of Yuri and likes to poke fun at his jumpy nature.

9 When Will Ayumu Make His Move? Is A Heartwarming Romantic Comedy

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When Will Ayumu Make His Move? follows the titular protagonist after he drops the kendo club in favor of joining his school's shogi club. Urushi is the president, and she's grateful to finally have someone interested in the club. Since she's older than him, Urushi vows to be his mentor and show him the ins and outs of the game.

Throughout the series, they grow closer together. This series is a heartwarming romantic comedy full of adorable moments between the main characters and plenty of hilarious banter.

8 Love Flops Is A High School Romance

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Love Flops is a high school romantic comedy set to air later this year. The anime follows Asahi Kashiwagi, a high schooler whose life drastically changed one morning when a series of strange events occurred on his way to school. Interestingly, everything aligned with his horoscope that morning.

Asahi ends up meeting many girls that day, all of whom are teachers or students at his school. Then, he receives a love letter ordering him to come to the cherry blossom tree behind their school - another detail in line with his horoscope.

7 Call Of The Night Is All About Vampires

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Call Of The Night is sure to become one of the most beloved vampire anime. It has a recognizable art style and well-rounded cast that sets it apart from the rest. Kou Yamori, the protagonist, seems like an average middle schooler. He gets good grades and is well-liked among his peers, but that's all a lie. He drops out of school one day and developed insomnia because he had nothing to do during the day.

Kou started taking walks at night to deal with the excess energy. Then, he meets Nazuna. She determines that he's tired because he didn't achieve true freedom. Nazuna invited Kou back to her place for the night and bit his neck while he was pretending to sleep.

6 Engage Kiss Is A Hilarious, Chaotic Rom-Com

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Engage Kiss is a slapstick rom-com that will make viewers cry from laughing so hard. Though the series is chaotic, it's hilarious and immersive. The characters are beautifully designed and have distinct aesthetics that set each apart.

The series takes place in Veyron City, an artificial floating island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Shuu runs a small business but has a terrible spending problem. His irresponsibility causes significant issues for the rest of the cast. Kisara constantly checks up on him because he's so immature that he can barely take care of himself. Ayano, his ex-girlfriend, also worries about him.

5 Rent-A-Girlfriend's Second Season Is Even Better Than The First

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Rent-A-Girlfriend made its anime debut in 2019, instantly becoming one of the most popular romance series back then. Unlike most other series, this one didn't take itself too seriously. It's a shonen series that, despite its lovable side characters, has a terribly polarizing protagonist.

The series' second season strengthens the relationship between Kazuya and Chizuru. At the end of the first season, the two were forced to pretend like they were dating after Kazuya slipped up and introduced Chizuru as his actual girlfriend to his grandmother. The second season also has plenty of drama between Kazuya and the other rental girlfriends, Ruka and Sumi.

4 Princess Bibliophile Is A Royal Romance Series

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Princess Bibliophile will be coming out in October 2022. The series is about Eliana Bernstein, the "Bibliophile Princess." She earned this nickname because she loves reading and would prefer to stick her nose in a book than socialize. Since she's a noble, Elaina is responsible for finding a marriage partner for herself.

Luckily, Crown Prince Christopher Selkirk Asherald struck a deal with her. He'll protect her precious reading time, while Elaina only has to pretend to be his fiancee. After years of living under this arrangement, however, they gradually realize their feelings for each other.

3 Raven Of The Inner Palace Is A Historically Themed Love Story Based On A Light Novel

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Raven Of The Inner Palace is set to release in October 2022. It's a historically themed love story based on a light novel with a gorgeous art style. The Raven Consort is a mysterious figure. She doesn't serve the emperor, and hardly anyone has seen her. Those who have seen her claim that she looks like a frail older woman, but others say she looks like an adolescent girl.

The mysterious consort becomes somewhat of an urban legend. People tell stories about her occult arts and willingness to take on any request, whether it's cursing someone to death or helping someone retrieve a lost item. Koushun is the reigning emperor, and he decided to meet her. Little did he know that their fated romance would be a major taboo.

2 I'm The Villainess, So I'm Taming The Final Boss Is One Of Fall 2022's Most Anticipated Shojo Series

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I'm The Villainess, So I'm Taming The Final Boss is slated to become one of fall 2022's most popular romance series. It's a shojo series based on a light novel by Sarasa Nagase and Mai Murasaki. A young girl with a chronic illness spent years playing otome games in her hospital room. One day, she finds herself inside a scene from one of her favorite games, becoming the story's antagonist, Irene Loren D'Autriche.

The game's male protagonist announces that he is calling off his engagement with Irene. Since the young girl is currently playing Irene, she does everything in her power to change his mind and make him fall back in love with her.

1 Urusei Yatsura Is Getting A Reboot In October 2022

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2022 is the year for classic series getting reboots, with Bleach and Tokyo Mew Mew being just the tip of the iceberg. Urusei Yatsura is also receiving its reboot in October 2022. Initially released in 1981, the series is a chaotic romantic comedy about Ataru Moroboshi, a guy with hilariously bad luck who gets chosen to represent humanity against troops of alien invaders.

His opponent is Lum. Unfortunately for Ataru, Lum mistakes his vow to marry his girlfriend, Shinobu, as a romantic confession for herself. She moves in with him, and Ataru is forced to live a double life, keeping both Shinobu and Lum happy. However, he has to keep them both a secret from each other.

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