• Sukuna is the most captivating villain in the JJK series, growing in power and significance in the Culling Game arc.
  • Sukuna's true form from the Heian Era showcased his unmatched strength and refined cursed energy control.
  • Having four arms and two mouths in his true form gives Sukuna a significant advantage in battle, allowing him to continuously use incantations and launch powerful attacks.

Ryomen Sukuna is the most interesting villain in the JJK series and fans have absolutely come to love his role as the main villain over the years. Sukuna is more active than ever before now in the Culling Game arc, and over the course of the last few months, he has only grown more significant in terms of both power and status.

Sukuna has even managed to return to his true form, and this form spells danger for the entirety of the hero cast in the series. His strength is impeccable, such that only a handful can't even get close to him and he truly stands at the top of Jujutsu sorcery.

Sukuna's True Form From The Heian Era


Sukuna existed long ago during the Heian Era first of all. At that time, he was easily the strongest, and sorcerers would test their skills against him and sharpen their own abilities as well. Sukuna was believed to be on an entirely different level and he could slaughter everyone and anyone in his path. There is absolutely no doubt that Sukuna was a monster in combat and that he had refined his cursed energy control to a completely different level. Sukuna utilized incredible powers, such as his dangerous cursed technique and, of course, his domain expansion, his reverse cursed technique, domain amplification, and many other abilities that he was blessed with.

Sukuna was always a force to be reckoned with. His cursed energy reserves were far greater than anyone who existed at the time. Truly, Sukuna was the pinnacle of Jujutsu sorcery and no one could stand in his path and the fact that he remained undefeated was a testament to his strength. Sukuna then turned into a cursed object and existed through his fingers, and that became a huge part of how he reached the current era of JJK. At the beginning of the series, the Sukuna that fans saw was simply a very weak reflection of his true self. It wasn't until much later in the story that Sukuna returned to full power, and once he did, nobody could get close to him.

Sukuna's Return To True Form


Once Sukuna received his full power and took control of Megumi's body, he always had a trump card up his sleeve that would allow him to reincarnate into his old body. When Sukuna was fighting against Gojo, he needed the power of Mahoraga to defeat him since Infinity would have been a thorn in his side and he would not have been able to best Gojo. As a result, this was all a calculated effort by Sukuna as he knew that without Mahoraga, his plan would not come to fruition. Thankfully, despite Sukuna receiving quite a scare in the fight against Gojo and nearly dying, and some would argue that he should have, that the plot was too kind to him.

Sukuna was the one who ended up being victorious and, shortly afterwards, Kashimo jumped into battle. As soon as Kashimo jumped into battle, he tapped into the power of his cursed technique, Genju Kohaku, and with that, he attacked Sukuna relentlessly. Knowing that his back was against the wall, Sukuna tapped into the power of his true Heian form and, once again, he returned to his full glory. Sukuna was now much stronger than before and his abilities were on a completely different level.

Why Sukuna Has Four Arms And Two Mouths


One of the most interesting things about Sukuna's true form is the fact that he has four arms and two mouths. What fans know is that Sukuna was most certainly a human when he existed long ago in the Heian era. Sukuna is, of course, not a cursed spirit or, as far as fans know, even a mutation between a cursed spirit and a human. He is simply a human who existed long ago in the past and was a powerful sorcerer. Yet, Sukuna, in his true form, has four arms instead of two and an extra mouth. This has not been explained in the series at all, however, there are some popular ideas out there that explain why he has two extra arms and an extra mouth.

A very popular idea suggests that Sukuna was a conjoined twin and that he ended up consuming his own brother. After consuming his brother, Sukuna would then morph into a creature with four arms and two sets of mouths. Essentially, it would be as if his brother was alive and part of him. This isn't all that far-fetched, given that Maki had to lose her sister in order to fully grow and, according to her, Mai is still with her and she still believes her to be a part of herself.

Similarly, Sukuna could have been a conjoined twin and this idea stems from the fact that the actual legend of Ryomen Sukuna was based on a conjoined twin. Furthermore, this would also explain why Sukuna has so much cursed energy and why he's so special. Of course, this is just a theory and fans do not actually know why he has four arms and two mouths, however, this is a question that will have to be answered in the series, sooner or later. There are many mysteries surrounding the character of Sukuna that the author will have to dive into slowly.

The Advantages Of Having Four Arms And Two Mouths


Sukuna has major advantages, thanks to his true form. This true form of his has access to two extra arms and one extra mouth and while this might not be much of an advantage when looking at it on a surface level, when looking at Jujutsu Sorcery, this is a massive boost. This is simply down to the fact that incantations and hand signs are incredibly important while performing the art of Jujutsu sorcery. Fans have seen chants on many occasions in the story, and every time they are used, it is made clear that they boost the power of certain techniques. To use the technique at maximum efficiency, incantations are incredibly important.

Similarly, hand signs are also important to boost the power and efficiency of a technique and push it to the absolute maximum. Sorcerers usually use these techniques when they have an opening to do so and these attacks are then on a level above their regular attacks. For instance, Gojo himself has his own incantations and signs for techniques such as Hollow Purple to make it a stronger version of his regular technique. Similarly, Sukuna follows a similar logic as well. However, in his case, since he has an extra mouth and two extra hands, Sukuna can continuously use incantations and chance while battling.

This essentially means that Sukuna can launch every single one of his attacks at the maximum output possible and this is a major advantage in any Jujutsu battle in the story. Sukuna's true form offers him a great advantage. Furthermore, the fact is that he can also wield the strongest cursed tools with his extra set of arms and launch powerful attacks. While fans have not seen his trident and action yet, Kamutoke certainly allowed him to produce lightning and do it to devastating effect. Truly, Sukuna's true form is a calamity.

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