One-Punch Man is evolving into a grand, action-packed journey, but the series is still a parody of superhero tales. Both the heroes and the villains in the story excel at what they do, especially the top tiers. That being said, Terrible Tornado serves as an example of why one should never meet their heroes in Chapter 177 and shows that being a good hero does not always entail having excellent social skills.

One-Punch Man's Hero Association lists Terrible Tornado as the second-strongest hero, and that isn't likely to change anytime soon — unless, of course, Saitama finally receives recognition for his extraordinary deeds. Tornado, however, is strong enough to defeat almost any threat, including synthetic psychics that could interfere with her psychic abilities. Even during the conflict with the Monster Association, she exerted a lot of physical effort. Sadly, she can't apply her superior combat skills to other aspects of her life.


It's a Horrible Experience Meeting One Punch Man's Horrible Tornado

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The highly-protected lodging offered by the Hero Association's new HQ is finally reaching its target customer base; one specific family takes up a 35-year loan just to afford the housing. On the way to their supposed dream residence, they see the epic clash between Tornado and Saitama, which is only growing more intense. Fortunately, the young boy turns out to be a big fan of Tornado and wants to get a closer look at her. Seeing that she has already conjured a literal tornado, the boy's parents are logically against the idea.

Unfortunately for this family, they are fated to be part of the heroes' battle. When Tornado begins hurling huge chunks of rock at Saitama, one almost hit their car. Saitama does successfully crush the boulder before it hits, but the bald hero also deflects another one toward them -- and now it's Tornado's turn to save them. The young psychic lifts their car beside her, giving the boy a chance to see his hero up close. However, the two combatants are also exchanging fiery insults, and Tornado not-so-gently brings the family's car back to the road and tells them to scram.


Dream Home for the Family Likely Destroyed by Tornado

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The main goal of the Hero Association's new housing plan, as One-Punch Man has demonstrated, is security. Those who take advantage of the housing program are essentially safe from any threat because A-Class and above heroes are given free residence in the new headquarters. Sadly, for the family depicted in Chapter 177, this may no longer be the case. They might not think highly of the heroes after seeing Saitama and S-Class Hero Terrible Tornado fight. Although she may have saved them, Tornado handled them in a less than ideal way.

Of course, the opposite is also possible. While Tornado's treatment can be greatly improved, the No. 2 Hero was engaged in quite an intense fight. Taking that into consideration, Tornado's slightly rough handling of the civilian family can be overlooked. After all, the young boy was a longtime fan of hers -- but whether he'll want to meet One-Punch Man's strongest psychic again is another topic altogether.