What is the anime of Year 2022? Have you seen the movies you enjoy?

Oct 26, 2022
The ranking for the best anime series of the year 2022 has officially closed and Anime Corner, a community voting organization for anime, has also announced the results voted by a total of 43,675 users.
What is the anime of Year 2022? Have you seen the movies you enjoy?

The ranking for the best anime series of the summer of 2022 has officially closed and Anime Corner, a community voting organization for anime, has also announced the results voted by a total of 43,675 users. The anime season rankings are compiled through week 1 to week 12 anime rankings, and the anime season final poll runs from September 23 to October 3, 2022. Results in the final poll will be calculated to account for about 55% of the score, with weekly poll results for the remaining 45%. Anime Corner has also taken measures such as spam filtering and preventing the same IP from being voted for more than twice in order to make the results as objective as possible.

20. Ao Ashi (1.51%)

Ashito Aoi is a young, aspiring soccer player from a backwater town in Japan. His hopes of getting into a high school with a good soccer club are dashed when he causes an incident during a critical match for his team, which results in their loss and elimination from the tournament. 

Nevertheless, he attracts the attention of a significant individual who just so happens to be in town from Tokyo. Tatsuya Fukuda, a coach for Tokyo City Esperion FC, one of the major J-League clubs' young squad. He sees potential in Ashito after spending time with him and teaching him a few skills, so he send an invitation to the tryouts for Ashito.

Ashito makes his way across the vast metropolis in the hopes that his goal is still alive and continues his journey to become pro player

19. Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life: Dai-2 no Shokugyou wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita (2.02%)

Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life: Dai-2 no Shokugyou wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita 2022 The story revolves around Yuuji Sano, a person who works at a company with a mode that "makes it difficult" for his employees. After having to work from home, he received a message on his computer: “You have been call to a diffirent world !”. It's a game-like world, complete with statuses and bar skills. Yuuji raised a monster and became a chemist. Then he was naturalized by his second profession - the sage - and awakened magical powers within himself. Yuuji's alternate world storage pointer begins as he follows a slime, which looks like the most  feebleness of all monsters.

18. Saikin Yatotta Maid ga Ayashii (2.26%)

Lilith, the housekeeper assigned to take care of Yuuri and his family's estate, 
however she is so good that he must be suspicious. Every meal she prepares is great, the house sparkles when she cleans it, and ever since she started doing the laundry, all the clothes have a fresh aroma. Her sinisterly gorgeous eyes only served to confirm Yuuri's fears. Is Lilith a wizard or witch, perhaps? Yuuri is unable to understand it.

Yuuri has to coexist with Lilith despite his reservations as he attempts to solve the secret of her unearthly allure. The secret is why the anime became one of the best series of the year 2022

17. Kuro No Shoukanshi - Black Summoner (2.63%)

Our main character is a True Berserker but likes to pretend that he is just a support with the Mage class. And this series will tell about the journey of our main brother, along with him, there is a large group of slimes, old knights (of course, he is younger and more handsome than him). to ntr your daughter), werewolves, dragons..and a harem full of pretty girls from demons to angels. That's enough for everyone to come in and see

16. Isekai Yakkyoku (2.74%)

A young artist and researcher in Japan dies from overwork and is reincarnated into the European version of an old song. He was reincarnated as a 10-year-old trainee at the Royal School of Medicine, having received the ability to normally diagnose diseases, create materials, and erase materials. In a world where medical practitioners dream of being unrestricted, prices are subject to the rights of the Medical Association, and good drugs cannot be widely available to the general population. He was recognized by the Queen and opened a merchandise store in a corner of town. He will sweep away the failures that have swept the world and pass on to ordinary people real drugs that have been developed to use today's knowledge of medicinal chemistry. Thus, the pharmacist boy will use the cheat of his past life knowledge to create new medicines while helping the people of the parallel world. A story about his new life. so that he can finish it.

15. Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru (2.97%)

Tanaka Ayuru - First year student, new to Shogi. Yaotome Urushi - Second year student, head of Shogi Club (self-proclaimed). The author of "Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san" first appeared in Shonen Magazine with a romantic comedy about new generation love on the 60th anniversary of the magazine. 

14. Hataraku Maou-sama! (3.23%)

Demon King Satan seeks to conquer the world of Ente Isla by merging the four continents with the help of his four Grand Marshals: Alciel, Lucifer, Malacoda, and Adramelech. After confronting the hero, Emilia, Satan and Alciel attempt to flee Ente Isla's world via a portal to modern Tokyo, Japan. However, since there is no magic in this modern world, both Satan and Alciel changed into human forms to ease their existence. In order to be able to live in Japan, Satan takes a part-time job in a fast food restaurant called MgRonald's, while Alciel works as a housewife for him. One day, Satan, who is currently going somewhere, meets a girl who is actually Emilia in the form of Emi Yusa. The story then unfolds and explores the personalities of each character and their moral values. More characters appear from Ente Isla, and they also face difficult situations in this new world.

13. Kanojo, Okarishimasu 2nd Season (3.42%)

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Ss2 continues the content about a guy named Kazuya who hadn't had a girlfriend for 19 years 
since he got broken up, so he had to use the Dating Hire service. Just pay and you will have that day. girlfriend now! He hired Mizuhara as his girlfriend. She just works (doesn't love anything).

12. Isekai Meikyuu de Harem wo  (3.43%)

High school student Michio Kaga tries to launch an odd online game one day while surfing the web. After, he is brought with enhanced skills and a powerful sword to a small village in the game's world. After gathering his thoughts, he discovers himself engaged in a battle with bandits and quickly realizes that he is unable to log out. Michio embarks on a journey after accepting this fact and resigning himself to fate. He enjoys his new life while building a harem to satiate all of his macho needs. 

11. Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun (3.67%)

There is a mysterious giant cave system known as the Abyss, where strange creatures live and rare relics sleep. Riko lives in the town of Orth, harboring dreams of one day becoming a great adventurer and unraveling the mystery of the Abyss. One day, she decided to go deep down into the Abyss after finding her mother's white whistle. Along the way, she picks up a robot boy named Reg. Losing her memory, Reg decides to travel with Riko to find her memories. The expedition brought together Riko's group of new friends: Nanachi—who was turned into a narehate by Bondrewd; Pruschka—Bondrewd's adopted daughter who was experimented with deformity by him, has now become Riko's white whistle. Together, the party reaches the 6th floor of the Abyss, where the "village of the narehate" resides.

10. Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka IV (3.96%)

A young man named Bell Cranel, who is naive and aspires to be the greatest explorer in the world, finds that life in the bustling city of Orario is never boring. His dreams start to come true after a chance encounter with the lone goddess Hestia. Bell sets out on a fantastic journey with her help as he explores the city's monster-filled catacombs known only as the "Dungeon." In the dark, cavernous depths of this terrifying labyrinth, death lurks around every bend, and a mysterious force lurks in the shadows.

Even on the surface, survival is a privilege that must be earned. In a universe where gods and humans coexist and work together, nothing is ever truly certain, especially considering how frequently they have communication issues. But one thing is for certain: the dauntlessly optimistic protagonist of this herculean story is in for a world of mishaps, victories, and friendships.

9. Kumichou Musume to Sewagakari (4.44%)

Kirishima Tooru is a vicious yakuza, to the point of being nicknamed "Demon Sakuragi". In order to control this guy, the boss gave him a sudden task, which was to babysit for his daughter!


8. Engage Kiss  (4,62%)

The film is set in the city of Baylong, an artificial city established in the Pacific Ocean to exploit the local natural resources. The story revolves around three characters. The first is Shu, who runs a small company and is used to spending lavishly. He is constantly without money. A girl named Kisara often comes to Shu's office and always listens to him. Kisara is learning at a school center in the city of Baylong, and can be natural doing it all, from the office to household chores. Meanwhile, Ayano is Shu's ex-girlfriend and former colleague at the company that Shu used to work for.

7. Kinsou no Vermeil: Gakeppuchi Majutsushi wa Saikyou no Yakusai to Mahou Sekai wo Tsukisusumu (4.65%)

The film revolves around Alto Goldfield, a student at a magic academy who aspires to become a master of all magic. However, when he was about to fail academics and was in danger of retaking another year, he found a classic wizarding book. Following its instructions, he created a magic circle and was later resurrected by an extremely powerful demon named Vermeil, the girl sealed long ago, and made her a relative. However, Vermeil suggests addting magical energy from Alto, she declares by kissing him deeply.

6. Overlord IV (4.96%)

The capital of the recently created Sorcerer Kingdom, E-Rantel, is severely short on supplies. Due to its caution or maybe dread of its ruler, Ainz Ooal Gown, the once-prosperous city of commerce is now in turmoil. Ainz sends Albedo to the city as a peace ambassador as an act of restitution.

Ainz's attack crippled the Re-Estize Kingdom's army, and in the meantime, the cardinals of the Slane Theocracy plot for the Baharuth Empire to conquer the Sorcerer Kingdom. Emperor Jircniv Rune Farlord El Nix is confronted by none other than Ainz when he schedules a meeting with the Theocracy's messengers at a colosseum.

The emperor and his guests learn that Ainz has challenged the Warrior King, the empire's best fighter, to a duel now that their private gathering has been made public. Jircniv is powerless to stop the future of humanity from changing in front of his eyes because Ainz's motivations are beyond his comprehension.

5. Shadows House 2nd Season (5.76%)

Season 2 of the anime series adapted from the manga of the same name - Shadows House. Shadows are black creatures that emit soot when excited, living in a giant manor house. Each shadow is accompanied by a live doll, which is responsible for serving and making an emotional face instead of the shadow. Emilico is a cheerful, vivacious living doll that serves Kate, a smart and calm shadow. The two of them befriended several other living dolls and shadow couples and joined them step by step to uncover the mystery of the Shadow Mansion.

4. Mamahaha no Tsurego ga Motokano datta (6.01%)

Since they shared a love of reading, slacker Mizuto Irido and reclusive nerd Yume Ayai created to be a marriage made in heaven. Sadly, as their differences deepened over time, they split up just after their middle school graduation. However, magically, the two are reunited as step-siblings..

The pair develops a rivalry since neither of them wants to accept the other as the older sibling. In an effort to "fix" the problem, Mizuto and Yume come to an agreement on a rule: the winner will not only be referred to as the older sibling but will also be given the right to make requests. But now that they share a home, their lingering memories begin to affect how they behave, maybe rekindling feelings that 
not completely gone.


3. Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e (7,62%)

Koudo Ikusei High School, a top prestigious school with modern facilities, where nearly 100% of students graduate go to university or get a job. Students here are free to cut any hairstyle and bring any personal belongings they want. Koudo Ikusei is a heavenly school, but the truth is that only the top students receive this privileged treatment.

The main character Kiyotaka Ayanokouji is a student in Class D, where the school throws in "lower" students to mock them. For some reason, Kiyotaka was careless in the entrance exam and was placed in Class D. After meeting Suzune Horikita and Kikyou Kushida, two other students in his class, Kiyotaka's situation began to change.


2. Yofukashi no Uta (7.72%)

Unable to sleep or find satisfaction in her real life, Yamori Ko began going to school nonstop and wandering the streets every night. At this time, he meets a girl named Nanakusa Nazuna, a vampire, and shows him the joys of being a homeless. This makes Yamori also want to become a vampire but before he can do this, he must fall in love with her.

1. Lycoris Recoil (11.43%)

Lycoris Recoil tells the story of two characters Chisato and Takina, two agents of the Lycoris organization under DA. Takina, after performing an random quest, was sent to the LycoReco cafe to learn from her elder sister Chisato. This is a Japanese cafe in Tokyo that serves super delicious coffee and sweets. Not only that, this place also receives all kinds of jobs such as handling criminals, teaching children. At this cafe, both Takina and Chisato receive valuable lessons, as well as embark on unexpected dangerous missions. The anime deserves the top 1 spot in this ranking


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