The Shibuya arc of Jujutsu Kaisen has undeniably emerged as a standout chapter in the series, widely regarded by fans as the best one to date. It has surpassed even the subsequent arcs in its remarkable storytelling and intense character developments, making it an unforgettable part of the series.

One of the pivotal showdowns in this arc featured Kokichi Muta, engaged in a fierce battle against the formidable Mahito. Kokichi's strategic prowess and the contingency plan he shared with Yuji played a critical role in shaping the events of Shibuya, underlining his significance in the narrative.

Mahito, the primary antagonist of the arc, sowed chaos and orchestrated major character deaths. Despite his evolution and the augmentation of his skills, he faced a crushing defeat at the hands of Yuji and Todo, whose exceptional teamwork proved to be his undoing. In a shocking turn of events, Mahito was eventually absorbed by the enigmatic Kenjaku.

The arc's impactful character deaths, coupled with its intricate storytelling, contribute to its incredible and unforgettable nature, leaving a lasting mark on both the story and the surviving characters.

8 Kokichi Muta


Kokichi Muta's role in the Shibuya arc of Jujutsu Kaisen was indeed significant and intense. Engaging in a fierce battle against Mahito, he demonstrated exceptional dedication and skill. His efforts were truly commendable, and his actions during the battle left a profound impact.

Even after his body was restored, Kokichi showcased his abilities to the fans, leaving spectators, including Kenjaku, surprised by his capabilities. His valiant fight played a crucial role in the unfolding events in Shibuya, and his determination and strength were instrumental in ensuring the arc's progression.

Although Kokichi met a tragic end, his legacy lived on through a contingency plan that he had devised and executed with Yuji, further illustrating his importance in the story and his commitment to the cause.

7 Hanami


Hanami, a formidable curse well-known to fans, initially appeared in season 1 of Jujutsu Kaisen when they clashed with Todo and Yuji as part of a memorable battle. In the Shibuya arc, Hanami confronted Gojo, and this encounter didn't fare well for them.

Regrettably for Hanami, they faced a devastating defeat at the hands of Gojo, who harnessed the boundless might of his Limitless Cursed Technique to obliterate them entirely, reducing them to mere fragments.

6 Dagon


Dagon engaged in an incredible battle against a formidable quartet of sorcerers, including Maki, Naobito, Nanami, and Megumi. Against all odds, Dagon exhibited remarkable prowess and managed to hold his ground, pushing back these powerful fighters in a testament to his strength and skill.

However, the dynamics of the battle shifted dramatically when Toji's return through the Seance technique altered the course of the fight. Unable to contend with this unforeseen development, Dagon's resilience waned, and he was ultimately defeated and subsequently met his demise in this intense confrontation.

5 Jogo


Jogo is another one of the powerful curses who took part in the Shibuya Incident arc. At first, he, along with Hanami, clashed against Gojo. Jogo managed to survive this fight, however, later on, he came face to face with Sukuna, after he fed the fingers to Yuji.

Unfortunately for him, this ended up being his demise. He was forced into combat against Sukuna and, even though he tried his best, he failed to defeat him, which was expected. Jogo died in this fight, however, not before his strength was acknowledged by Sukuna.

4 Naobito Zenin


Naobito Zenin, a prominent and formidable sorcerer, played a pivotal role in the events of the Shibuya arc in Jujutsu Kaisen. He found himself locked in a ferocious battle against Dagon, a powerful curse, and it became evident that he was significantly overmatched by his adversary's might.

Despite receiving assistance from those around him, Naobito struggled throughout the battle and sustained severe injuries. Ultimately, it was Toji who emerged as the one to turn the tide of the conflict. However, while Naobito didn't immediately succumb to his wounds, it was later revealed that he had eventually succumbed to his injuries and passed away once all the fighting had concluded, marking a significant loss in the series.

3 Nanami


Nanami was a central figure in the Shibuya Incident arc of Jujutsu Kaisen, playing a pivotal role in the unfolding events. He demonstrated remarkable determination and fought tenaciously against all those he encountered during the arc.

In his confrontation with Dagon, Nanami displayed exceptional combat skills, although he ultimately found himself overpowered by the formidable curse. Later on, he crossed paths with Mahito, a significant antagonist in the series, and it was in this fateful encounter that Nanami met his tragic end. His demise, occurring right before Yuji's eyes, set the stage for a remarkable and intense battle, further enhancing the arc's dramatic impact.

2 Nobara


Nobara's entry into the battle in Shibuya marked a significant moment in the arc, even though she joined the fight a bit later than some of her peers, such as Yuji. Her combat skills were put to the test as she confronted Mahito, who had split his body into two entities. Nobara put up a strong fight against one of Mahito's bodies, showcasing her abilities and determination.

Unfortunately, a small miscalculation during the battle proved to be her downfall. She fell victim to Mahito's Idle Transfiguration technique, which ultimately led to her demise. While her death has not been officially confirmed, her absence from the story for an extended period strongly suggests that she has indeed perished, marking a significant loss in the series.

1 Mahito


Mahito indeed played a central role in sowing chaos and destruction throughout the Shibuya Incident arc of Jujutsu Kaisen. His actions resulted in significant character deaths, as previously discussed. However, his own fate took a dramatic turn as well.

Mahito engaged in numerous battles against various characters, but his most pivotal and challenging confrontation came when he faced off against Yuji and Todo. These two characters displayed exceptional teamwork, making it a formidable challenge for Mahito. In response, Mahito evolved his skills and powers to new levels.

Despite his enhanced abilities, Mahito was unable to overcome the combined might and coordination of Yuji and Todo. Their teamwork proved to be his undoing, and he was utterly crushed in their battle. In a final twist, Mahito was ultimately absorbed by Kenjaku, who had harbored a long-standing desire to obtain access to Mahito's Idle Transfiguration. This marked a significant turning point in the series, with Mahito's fate sealed within Kenjaku's grasp.