The start of the Egghead Arc in One Piece appeared to be a fun one for the Straw Hat Pirates, but they can't stay long. The World Government and the Marines have taken over Future Island with the intention of assassinating Dr. Vegapunk. As a result, the scientist asked the Straw Hats to transport him off the island.

The doctor and the Straw Hats aren't the only ones who must leave this island under the control of the World Government, though. Many people, and even entire communities, would fare better if they weren't forced to deal with the approaching Marine ships, an Admiral, or even one of the Five Elders. However, that ship will start to feel quite crowded if they all attempt to board the Thousand Sunny at once, which they may very well have to do.


Who is leaving Egghead With the Straw Hats for good?

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When Dr. Vegapunk was their only visitor, the Straw Hats' burden was heavy enough. He's a high-priority target for the World Government because he's the world's smartest man and one of the closest to discovering the secrets of the Void Century. He may have only asked Luffy and his crew to take him off Egghead because of their Emperor-level status, emphasizing how much the World Government will be after him.

Vegapunk, on the other hand, specified in Chapter 1071, "The Hero Deploys," that he wanted himself as well as the six Satellites with whom he shared a brain to board the Sunny. This may not have been an issue for some of the smaller Vegapunks, such as Lillith, Shaka, or Edison. They're relatively small and should be simple to transport to another island.


The real issue with bringing all seven Vegapunks is some of the larger Satellites. This is especially true for Atlas, who dwarfs Jimbei in stature. York can also get quite large if she allows her BMI to rise too high; in Chapter 1073, "Miss Buckingham Stussy," she's bigger than Pythagoras even when lying down. In terms of size, Pythagoras is comparable to Franky in that he is large but manageable; he also has a smaller, lighter body that is more akin to Edison. These Satellites could probably fit aboard the Sunny, though they might struggle to move around the cabins.

In Chapter 1073, Stussy was also invited aboard the Sunny. She gladly assisted Vegapunk by subduing Rob Lucci and Kaku of CP0 as a clone created by MADS. Unfortunately for her, this means she is no longer a member of CP0 and has become an enemy of the World Government. She'd easily fit aboard the Sunny, but by this point, Usopp was furious at Vegapunk for inviting so many guests without consulting anyone.


Who Else Could Be Taking the Straw Hats Away from Egghead?

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Jewelry Bonney may also need to hitch a ride with the Straw Hats. Her ship was eaten by the Mecha-Shark guarding Egghead's waters. She's also just as much an enemy of the Marines as the Straw Hat Pirates are. If she wants to leave Future Island safely, her best bet is to board the Thousand Sunny.

Caribou is another passenger on the Sunny, though no one knows how long he will be there. He agreed to be sailed from Wano to their next destination with the Straw Hats, but he hadn't counted on it being a Government-run island. The Straw Hats aren't required to take this wet-haired stowaway anywhere, but maybe they'll find room in their hearts (and barrels) to take him to one more island.


The Seraphim could also end up going with the Straw Hats depending on how their story is supposed to play out. The fact that they have traces of humanity could mean they're meant to someday become allies of the Straw Hats. They also happen to be some of Vegapunk's most valuable creations. However, St. Jaygarcia Saturn, one of the Five Elders coming to Egghead, could bring the Seraphim under his absolute authority. The Straw Hats could end up either having to destroy the Seraphim or knocking out Jaygarcia so they fall back under Vegapunk's control. If the latter happens, they could add these four children who are all bigger than the average adult man to their expanding list of passengers.

Chapter 1067, "Punk Records," suggested the Straw Hats would only need to bring one or two people off of Egghead. Now, however, they have at least eight passengers with another potential six just waiting to be confirmed. Suddenly, a ship meant to house 10 or 11 people could now also play host to up to 14 unexpected guests. This is to say nothing of how cumbersome each guest could be in their own right. Most if not all of them will likely have to be dropped off as soon as possible. That, or Caribou could just store most of these guests with his Swamp-Swamp powers.