One Piece Chapter 1081 Spoilers & Chapter 1080 Synopsis

Apr 07, 2023
One Piece 1081 spoiler prediction, chapter 1080 summary: Landing Hachinosu, Garp and Sword confronting the Blackbeard Pirates! In another development, the situation at Egghead became more and more tense with the appearance of...
One Piece Chapter 1081 Spoilers & Chapter 1080 Synopsis

1080 One Piece Synopsis

Hachinosu Island is where we are taken in Pirate Island Chapter 1080. Koby is making an attempt to flee with Perona's assistance. Members of the Sword and Garp have already arrived on the island. They each demonstrated their skills before Garp came and destroyed a portion of the city.

One Piece 1080 spoiler: Robin saves Vegapunk! The Blackbeard Pirates versus Garp!

Prediction of One Piece 1081 spoilers

As chapter 1080 continues, the following chapter will probably concentrate on the war at Hachinosu. The performance by the Sword members is pretty outstanding. Lag predicts that the Blackbeard Pirates' oligarchs will engage in combat and "team" up" against Sword. But, doing so would make the marines slightly less effective, so Garp would intervene and take out the pirates one by one.

Garp outweighs Blackbeard and the others in terms of strength. However, Blackbeard's mobs were outnumbered and filled with villains. Garp would have a difficult time fighting and protecting Sword at the same time. That is, we don't know if the island has only four oligarchs or if there are others.

Devon is not present at this time. Kuzan, who shows up in the flashback, is likewise unidentified. One (or both), according to Lag's guess, is traveling to Egghead Isle. If Kuzan is here, it makes sense; the "Ohara Incident" version 2.0 is set to happen at Egghead.

In the next chapter, Sword and the Blackbeard Pirates will face each other. Like Law's battle, after a few pages of fighting, One Piece will return to Egghead.

Spoiler: One Piece 1081

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One Piece release time: 1081

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