• Villains in My Hero Academia have rooted beliefs against hero society and will do anything within their powers to satisfy their beliefs.
  • Some heroes in the series also possess a cynical nature, viewing the world negatively and putting their own desires above others.
  • The motives behind the villains' actions vary, such as Bakugo's desire to be the best, Endeavor's obsession with surpassing All Might, and Stain's mission to rid the hero society of selfish individuals.

My Hero Academia has its share of characters, personalities, beliefs, and, most importantly, quirks. As Deku and the Class 1-A students are training to become pro-heroes, they encounter some villains with rooted beliefs against the hero society. These villains will do whatever they can within their powers to satisfy their beliefs.

Being cynical is not a trait solely designed for villains, as some heroes and other individuals in theMy Hero Academia world have this trait, but most villains are known to be cynical. In the sense that they view the world in a negative and somewhat selfish way, and everything has to go their way, and if it does not, they make sure it does.

7 Katsuki Bakugo

Hero: Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight


Right from when he was a young child, Bakugo has only cared about himself and being the best. It is not bad that he thinks this way, but he does too much and has no regard for others and their feelings. Because of this nature, he constantly bullies Izuku Midoriya, even though Midoriya does not have a quirk. The one thing Midoriya had was his heroic nature, and Bakugo felt threatened by it and constantly tried to make Midoriya feel weak and insecure. Bakugo is able to master his quirk at a very young age, and the constant praise from others fuels his cynical behavior of wanting to be the best and winning at all costs.

During the U.A. Sports Festival, most spectators saw Bakugo as a potential villain because of how he was using his powers without regard for or care for the people around him. During this sports festival, the League of Villains took an interest in him because they saw his rage and desire to win by all means and wanted to recruit him, but unfortunately for them, Bakugo showed no interest. He wants to be a hero, but he needs to understand that as a hero, others come first, and there is no winning. Luckily, fans see how he is slowly but gradually leaving this phase.

6 Enji Todoroki

Hero: Endeavor


As a father and hero, Enji Todorki is not the most selfless person. For the longest time, Endeavor has been obsessed with catching up to All Might. He wanted to be more powerful than him, but when he saw it was not feasible, he did not stop. Instead, he decides to marry a woman with an equally powerful quirk, like his, in the hopes that he will produce a child who will be strong enough to defeat All Might.

Enji tried to train his first son, Toya, to become powerful, but he pushed him aside when he was not forthcoming in his training. He tried two more times till he found the perfect child the third time, a child with equal quirk distribution. His obsession led his son Toya to despise him, and he became the evil villain we know as Dabi.

5 Chizome Akaguro

Villain: Stain


Stain believes that some heroes are heroes for selfish reasons and that All Might is a true hero because he genuinely cares about the well-being and safety of others. He believes that the hero society lets anyone become a hero, and it is his responsibility to weed out the bad heroes from the good ones. The bad heroes are those who are heroes for money and praise.

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Stain is so focused on what he believes in that he does not see anything wrong with killing innocent heroes because of his belief. His view is quite problematic because, as much as he is right, he cannot go around playing God and killing innocent heroes who are trying to get by. He wants all heroes to have a sense of duty and be like All Might and Deku, and anyone who does not fit into his category, he goes out to destroy them regardless of their age, as he even tries to kill Tenya Ida.

4 Tomura Shigaraki



Tomura is another twisted and cynical individual in My Hero Academia. He had a traumatic childhood, but it is no excuse for him turning out the way he is. Not only does Shigaraki hate the hero society, but he also hates the idea of humans existing and wants to destroy the world.

As a child, Tomura had dreams of being a hero, but his father hated that, and he abused Tomura for it. After his deadly Decay quirk manifested, Tomura’s family were his first unfortunate victims. Alone and, weirdly enough, happy about it, Tomura meets All For One and becomes a pawn in All For One’s sick and twisted game of destroying Izuku Midoriya.

3 Toya Todoroki

Villain: Dabi


For the longest time, Dabi was just another villain who hated heroes and wanted to eliminate them. He is a member of the League of Villians and has quite a powerful quirk, blue flames. During the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, Dabi shocks Japan and fans of My Hero Academia by revealing that he is the oldest son of the number one hero in Japan, Endeavour.

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He tells of his traumatic upbringing with his father, Endeavour, and how he was obsessed with training him to become stronger than All Might but tossed him aside when he noticed he had some flaws. His father’s obsession pushed him to continue training, hoping he would find and gain his father’s attention, which he so desperately sought. He hates his father for putting him through harsh and unnecessary training, and this hate fuels his quirk, making his blue flames extremely powerful and dangerous. He desperately wants to see his father's downfall and will not stop until he sees it.

2 Kai Chikasi

Villain: Overhaul


Overhaul wants one thing: for the world to return to how it was before the existence of quirks. It may seem quite innocent, but Overhaul takes extreme measures to achieve this goal, including torturing a six-year-old girl. Undoubtedly, quirks changed the dynamics of their world and introduced a world of villains and heroes.

Chisaki depends on his quirk so much to achieve his goals, and without his quirk, he might not have been able to cause as much damage as he has. Chisaki is known for creating the quirk-erasing bullets that erase the quirk of whoever it comes in contact with, and he sells these bullets to other villains who use them to cause more harm. Fueled by his selfish desires, Chisaki uses Eri and her rewind quirk to make these bullets, subjecting her to physical and emotional trauma.

1 All For One



All For One wants to control the world, but he needs to steal One For All in order to feel complete. As the main antagonist of My Hero Academia, he is the most selfish individual with no regard for human lives. All For One is best known for getting people to do his evil bidding, and he gets rid of them immediately without thinking twice or feeling remorse.

His latest disciple is Tomura Shigarki, as All For One takes over his whole being to carry out his evil plans. He uses Shigaraki to hunt down All Might to kill him, but now All For One has his eyes on Izuku Midoriya, the recent recipient of the power he so badly craves and wants to steal, One For All.