• Fans are divided over the announcement of "The One Piece" remake, with some excited for reduced filler and better pacing, while others are concerned about the timing and potential changes to voice cast and soundtrack.
  • Positive fans hope for a faithful adaptation that closely follows the source material and maintains the original story, making One Piece more appealing to new viewers.
  • There is anticipation for advanced animation techniques by WIT Studio to bring Luffy's dynamic movements to life and enhance the overall quality of the adaptation.

Netflix and WIT Studio are stirring up a little trouble on the Grand Line, as a trailer was recently released for The One Piece, which will be a retelling of One Piece that will start from The East Blue. Although no release date has been given, some fans are already divided on the thought that another version of Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates is a good idea.

While some are excited about the prospect of fewer episodes and faster pacing, some fans are left feeling as though the series is disrespectful and unwanted, as the original manga and anime are not yet completed.

What We Know About The One Piece So Far


The One Piece will be produced by WIT Studio, known for works like Spy x Family and Attack on Titan, in collaboration with Shueisha, Fuji Television Network, and Toei Animation Co. Netflix, the platform where the anime will be available, states that the new adaptation aims to provide a "fresh yet familiar experience, utilizing cutting-edge visual technology to reimagine Luffy’s adventures through the East Blue Saga."

The anime was announced during Jump Festa 2024 and on December 17, 2023, Netflix released a teaser. The short teaser, just under 90 seconds, features an artist drawing the promotional poster using color pencils. Intercut images include manga panels from the East Blue Saga, with a focus on the Romance Dawn Arc, the first arc of both the manga and the 1999 anime series. The East Blue Saga encompasses significant events, such as Luffy forming the core crew, encounters with Buggy the Clown, the Arlong Park Arc, reaching Loguetown, and the crew's first entrance into the Grand Line.

The decision of whether to watch "The One Piece" is a topic of debate within the One Piece community. Varying opinions are evident in the comments, with some expressing anticipation for the upcoming content and others expressing uncertainty about the show's direction.

Some Fans are Excited about Less Filler and Fluid Animation...


Positively, there is a shared enthusiasm among fans for a reduction in filler episodes and an increased focus on canonical content. Drawing parallels with successful anime adaptations like Hunter x Hunter (2011) and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, fans seem to desire a faithful adaptation that closely follows the source material. The hope is that such The One Piece would not only maintain the original story but also make One Piece more appealing to potential new viewers who may be hesitant due to its perceived length. The mention of "great pacing" and the desire to skip fillers suggests a preference for a more tightly-knit narrative, addressing a common criticism of the series being overly long.

One commenter noted WIT Studio's reputation for "capturing the essence of a manga in the best quality possible". This is crucial for maintaining the authenticity and visual style of the original work during the adaptation process. The praise for WIT Studio's proficiency in seamlessly and smoothly depicting scenes are particularly promising for an anime like One Piece where the main character, Luffy, exhibits unique and dynamic movements. This proficiency becomes crucial in bringing to life Luffy's stretchy and elastic abilities, ensuring that his actions appear not only fluid but also realistic on screen. The acknowledgment of technological advancements in animation since the original releases in 1999 suggests an expectation that modern animation techniques could potentially enhance the overall quality of the One Piece adaptation.

...While Some Fans Do Not Want a Change


While a majority of the feedback expresses enthusiasm for The One Piece, there is a notable portion of the fanbase that is not pleased with the prospect of change. Many comments highlight the concern that neither the manga nor the original anime are complete, suggesting that starting a new anime adaptation prematurely might not be the best course of action. The most common source of discontent revolves around the topic of any big changes. The original One Piece has maintained the same talented cast since 1999, and numerous fans have developed strong attachments to these voice actors. The prospect of introducing new voice actors for the characters is met with resistance, as fans are hesitant to see a shift in the voices they have come to associate with the beloved characters.

Moreover, the soundtrack appears to be a significant point of contention. For many fans, the music in One Piece is considered the essence of the anime, and any alteration to the soundtrack is met with reluctance.

The announcement of The One Piece has stirred a whirlwind of reactions within the passionate One Piece community. While some fans eagerly anticipate a fresh take with reduced filler and advanced animation techniques, others express concern about the timing of the adaptation and are wary of potential changes, particularly in the voice cast and soundtrack. The division among fans reflects the deep emotional connection many have developed with the original manga and anime, making any alteration a subject of intense scrutiny. As the community awaits further developments, the debate surrounding The One Piece remains a testament to the impact and significance of this beloved and enduring series in the world of anime and manga.

One Piece is currently available for streaming on Netflix.