The Uchiha Ranger and Sarada are looking for a cure for Naruto's illness in Naruto: Sasuke's Tale — The Uchiha and the Holy Stardust. They've struck gold, going undercover in Redaku at a prison and discovering a pond in a National Treasure-style hunt. They're supposed to employ unique seals after solving a cryptic conundrum left behind by the Sage of the Six Ways.

The voyage, however, has not been simple due to the warden, a crazy scientist named Zansru who harbors sinister secrets. Sasuke has previously fought one of the lab experiments, a raptor named Men, after finding the tyrant had terrifying weaponry. As the second part of Chapter 6 progresses, Sasuke discovers the truth about the project, and it's a Jurassic Park story including the scariest jutsu/technique in the Naruto and Boruto era.


At a Cost, Sasuke and Sakura Uncover the Cosmic Dust

A Forbidden Technique Turns Sasuke's Story Into a Prehistoric Nightmare_0

In Chapter 6, Part 2 of Sasuke's Story, Sasuke and Sakura bring forth a giant blast from a pond where the dust has been hidden. Sakura's excited to collect the urn, but the ever-observant Sasuke realizes what Zansūru has been doing all this time with the prisoners. He's had them excavating dinosaur DNA from the prehistoric era, via fossils.

This crater was caused by one of the meteors that impacted Asia billions of years ago and wiped out the monsters. As a result, the terrain is rich in dino DNA, which Zansru has been extracting. The story closes with pterodactyls attacking, but there's one more deep cut that makes the conflict even more perilous. Sasuke deduces that the resurrection of these monsters is linked to the Edo Tensei, a forbidden technique in Naruto lore because it is considered unnatural and heresy.


Naruto's Edo Tensei Is a Scary, Strong Technique

A Forbidden Technique Turns Sasuke's Story Into a Prehistoric Nightmare_1

Sasuke is familiar with the Edo Tensei -- a forbidden summoning technique used for reincarnation -- from the Kaguya War. With a host body and DNA of the deceased, as long as their souls are in the Pure Land/afterlife, a ritual can be conducted using seals to bring them back into these vessels. It effectively kills off the hosts, allowing the targets to be reborn in the forms they died in, with the practitioner of the arts in control of the bodies.

Orochimaru tinkered with this to create elite assassins, but Kabuto was the one who perfected the dark arts, not realizing he was reviving pawns for Madara, Obito and Kaguya. Among the returned were Hokages such as Hashirama, Tobirama, Minato (Naruto's father) and Hiruzen, while the likes of Itachi, Mū, Nagato and even former Akatsuki members (Deidara and Sasori) were resurrected. Kabuto, coincidentally, altered the process to revive Madara in his younger, powerful form, proving the process can be subverted even more according to how powerful a puppet the master needs.

In the present day of Sasuke's Tale, this means Zansru might resurrect T-Rexes and other creatures to pursue Sasuke and Sarada. He doesn't want spies bringing down his project since he's selling dinosaurs to other countries for war. Finally, the warden may have modified the dinos to make them even more lethal, leaving Sasuke and Sarada at the mercy of a ravenous, frenzied army of monsters they won't be able to predict.