In the 13th episode of My Hero Academia Season 6, the battle between the Hero Association and the Paranormal Liberation Front is officially over. Technically, the heroes have won the war, but the aftermath of the battle makes it appear otherwise. Episode 14 delves deeper into how the heroes have suffered and continue to suffer as a result of their most recent engagement.

Because they have the element of surprise, the heroes quickly gain the upper hand in the early stages of the war, even eliminating one of the Paranormal Liberation Front's top officials. However, they are unable to complete what they have begun in a timely manner. Tomura Shigaraki eventually awakens and, on his own, turns the tide of battle. Shigaraki's resurrection also brings Gigantomachia into the fray, further putting the heroes in a bind. Despite this, the heroes are able to drive them away with the help of the top-ranking professionals and the strongest members of Class 1-A.

Shigaraki is no longer alive, but the heroes' work is not done

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Shigaraki's rampage has been forcibly put to an end thanks to the combined efforts of Midoriya, Bakugo, Todoroki, Endeavor, and the other heroes. The villain's damaged body, which is still incomplete, is unable to withstand the damage he has accumulated, and it is destroyed. The bad guys won't leave quietly, though. Dabi has finally come clean about who he really is, shocking everyone and rattling Endeavor to its very core. The other members of the Paranormal Liberation Front carry on their fight even without Shigaraki and the main force. It goes without saying that the fallout has been disastrous.

Midoriya, Bakugo, Endeavor, and countless other heroes have suffered severe injuries and are out of commission. Numerous notable heroes have also lost their lives, including U.A.'s very own Midnight. Despite their losses, those who can still move can't catch a break just yet. They are tasked with arresting the remaining villains, transporting the wounded, and rescuing those who are in distress. The majority of the students, including Ochako, belong to this group. The heroine is pushing herself to save as many lives as she can. But by doing so, she exposes herself to the reality of how tragic war can be. She even witnesses a professional hero crumbling from the traumatic experience, losing hope and wanting to switch professions.


The students will be forced to mature by this experience

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Although the Class 1-A students have engaged in large-scale combat before, this is the first time they have lost so many familiar faces. Their homeroom teacher, Aizawa, has a permanent disability, whereas Midnight gave her life for the greater good. Even Endeavor, the biggest beacon of hope in society, will undoubtedly be harmed by Dabi's admission. As a result, the students will need to step up and take over for those whose capacity to perform their duties was lost. To become heroes society can rely on, they must develop quickly, especially given that the Paranormal Liberation Front has already begun planning its next move.

While the loss of Midnight and Aizawa will doubtlessly push the entire class forward, the gravity of this battle may serve as a bigger catalyst for a few specific students. Ochaco, for one, experiences firsthand what accumulated stress can do to seasoned heroes, and more so, to a youngling like her. Bakugo, Midoriya, and Todoroki are also bound for a power-up. These three have personally experienced how powerless they are against Shigaraki. Todoroki will not only have to deal with the villains but his own family problems as well. Bakugo has been reminded of his weakness once again, and Midoriya has almost lost his Quirk to All For One. Given that they are also My Hero Academia's most promising young heroes, huge responsibilities and great expectations rest on their shoulders.