• Manhwa series like The Boxer and Windbreaker offer fresh takes on sports, drama, and self-discovery in captivating storylines.
  • The World After The Fall and Unholy Blood delve into action-packed, fantasy worlds with intriguing characters and dark pasts waiting to be revealed.
  • From advanced technology to supernatural abilities, series like Nano Machine and Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint bring unique twists to the action and adventure genres.

Beyond its visual allure, the manhwa medium has many more enticing features. However, the length of most manhwa has never been eye-catching enough to cause any deliberation.

Plots, storylines, and visual appeal are usually the factors that determine how much attention a manhwa draws, which means that a manhwa can go on for as long as it takes as long readers are kept entertained and thrilled. As a result, the manhwa medium boasts an array of stellar projects across various genres. Therefore, this recommendation is for the best manhwa with over a hundred chapters.

10 The Boxer

Anime-Planet Rating: 4.4 / 5

  • Creator(s): Jeong Ji-Hoon
  • Release Years: 2019-2022
  • Genre: Drama, Sports

The Boxer offers a thrilling and relatively dark twist to the usually brightly shining features of a successful life in sports. The series is focused on the life of the central character, Yu, who, due to having suffered severe bullying for a significant part of his life, has become emotionally numb and dissociated from society, unable to expect any positivity out of his life.

Resigned to live a purposeless life, Yu's life takes a drastic when he meets the world-renowned Coach K, who offers him a life outside of his current reality, and in the hope of recounting an experience from his past, Yu accepts his offer. What follows for Yu is a journey to the pinnacle of boxing and what lies after.

9 Windbreaker

Anime-Planet Rating: 4.4 / 5

  • Creator(s): Jo Yongseok
  • Release Years: Ongoing
  • Genre: Action, Drama, Sports

Wind Breaker explores the life of high schooler Jay Jo as it is layered with intricacies and contrasts, affecting not just him but everyone around him as he decides what purpose he is to seek out in life.

Burdened with expectations of excellence from his parents, Jay's life unravels when he is convinced to join his high school's biking crew. Being exposed to a reality different from what he is used to, Jay's convictions conflict, leading him down a path of self-discovery through biking.

8 The World After The Fall

Anime-Planet Rating: 4.1 / 5

  • Creator(s): sing N song, Undead Gamja
  • Release Years: Ongoing
  • Genre: Action, Fantasy

The World After The Fall features a world on the brink of destruction and humanity on the cusp of annihilation after the mysterious Towers suddenly appeared worldwide. A select few of humanity were chosen as 'Tower Walkers' and tasked with climbing these towers to prevent humanity's destruction.

The series' central character, Jaehwan, is one of these Tower Walkers, who are given the choice of using a regression stone to return to the past of a different timeline, can they not continue to climb the Tower. Jaehwan, unlike his comrades, chooses to keep moving forward, even if it means destroying the world as he knows it. Curious to know what lies beyond the Tower and the reason for it, Jaehwan chooses to keep fighting for the original timeline and will learn of the Tower's secrets.

7 Unholy Blood

Anime-Planet Rating: 4.3 /5

  • Creator(s): Im Lina
  • Release Years: 2020-2022
  • Genre: Action, Romance, Supernatural

Unholy Blood revolves around the life of the central character, Hayan Park, whose only want in life is to be able to live a peaceful life with her adopted family after the death of her birth parents at the hands of vampires. However, Hayan's wish becomes a quest for vengeance after her adoptive is also brutally murdered for protecting her.

Finally embracing the secrets and origin of her past as the last remaining pure-blooded vampire alive, Hayan sets out to eliminate every vampire, starting from the ones responsible for her father's death. In doing so, Hayan will learn of the darkest secrets of herself and the truth behind her tragic past.

6 Nano Machine

Anime-Planet Rating: 4.4 / 5

  • Creator(s): Hanjung Wolya, Geumgang Bulgoe
  • Release Years: Ongoing
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Advanced technology meets extreme martial arts in this thrilling series. Nano Machine follows the life of the illegitimate child of the leader of the Heavenly Demonic Sect, Cheon Yeon-Woo Yeo-Woon is destined to live a life of misery and shame due to being an illegitimate heir to the leadership of the demonic sect, unlike his other siblings.

Yeon-Woo's fate changes when he is paid a visit from the future by his descendant, who gifts him a piece of technology called the Nano Machine in hopes of changing a lineage of weakness. Now, with an unlikely and advanced source of help, Yeon-Woo will re-examine his claim to the throne of the Heavenly Demonic Sect and, by so doing, mark the birth of history's most fearsome martial master.

5 Omniscient Reader's ViewPoint

Anime-Planet Rating: 4.5 / 5

  • Creator(s): sing N song, Sleepy-C
  • Release Years: Ongoing
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint explores the solitary life of the protagonist, Kim Dokja, who considers himself a backseat passenger even in his own life. Carefully avoiding relationships and interactions throughout adolescence into adulthood, Kim Dokja's only pleasure is the novel Three Ways To Survive The Apocalypse.

Through the eyes of the novel's protagonist, Yoo Joonghyuk, Kim Dokja, for more than a decade, has lived the apocalyptic reality of the protagonist. Kim Dokja's reality takes a dark turn when he finally concludes the novel, only to realize the events of the book have now become his reality. As the sole reader to conclude the story, Kim Dokja soon finds himself to be the protagonist that he had never been.

4 Cheese In The Trap

Anime-Planet Rating: 4.2 / 5

  • Creator(s): Soonkki
  • Release Years: 2010-2017
  • Genre: Comedy, Mystery, Romance, Slice Of Life

Cheese In The Trap explores the carefully crafted but somewhat problematic romantic relationship that forms throughout the series between the central characters, Hong Sul and Yu Jeong. Hong Sul begins college by getting on the wrong side of the campus's favorite senior, Yu Jeong.

From then on, her life seemed to go from bad to worse, with Yu Jeong somehow attached to each of these instances to the point where Hong Sul decides to take a year-long break. Now, back from her break, in the hopes of starting over, life is seemingly normal again for Hong Sul. However, Hong Sul is worried about Yu Jeong's sudden friendliness since her return.

3 Noblesse

Anime-Planet Rating: 4.3/ 5

  • Creator(s): Son Jae-Ho, Lee Gwang-Su
  • Release Years: 2007-2019
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Supernatural

Noblesse revolves around the life of the titular protagonist, The Noblesse, Cadiz Etrama Di Raizel, as he awakens to modern society while being an entity of ancient origins of the supernatural. A noble among the nobles of the vampire realm of Lukedonia, Raizel is the Noblesse— the highest authority among the vampire nobles. After sleeping for 820 years, Raizel awakens in South Korea to modern society.

In an attempt to blend in and familiarise himself, Raizel finds himself at Ye Ran High School, a school operated by his only trusted servant, Frankenstein. With Frankenstein's help, Riazel eases into society and experiences an everyday life. However, unresolved conflicts from the past threaten to take away the new life that Riazel holds dear.

2 Tower Of God

Anime-Planet Rating: 4.3 / 5

  • Creator(s): SIU
  • Release Years: Ongoing
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Drama, Mystery

Tower of God follows the life of the central character, Twenty-Fifth Baam, as he encounters the mysterious Tower. Before deciding to climb the Tower in search of his friend, Baam had lived most of his early life alone beneath the Tower. However, all of that changed after he met Rachel.

However, their friendship doesn't last long as Rachel climbs the Tower, leaving Baam behind. Once alone again, Baam chooses to follow after Rachel in the hope of reuniting with her. However, what awaits Baam inside the Tower is beyond anything he could have imagined. It also remains to be seen whether his reunion mission will go as he hopes.

1 Solo Leveling

Anime-Planet Rating: 4.4 / 5

  • Creator(s): Chugong, Jang Sung-Rak, Disciples
  • Release Years: 2018-2023
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Solo Leveling explores a world suddenly overrun with magic and monsters after the mysterious 'Gates' appearance. Due to these gates, humans have received supernatural abilities to become 'Hunters' to combat the monsters that appear alongside these gates. The series' protagonist, Sung Jin-Woo, is one of such hunters, famous for being the world's weakest hunter and an E-rank.

Jin-Woo's life drastically changes when he is the only survivor of a raiding expedition and is going through a reawakening. Now able to grow stronger without any restraints, Jin-Woo sets out to test just how much stronger he can become, setting him on the path to becoming the world's strongest hunter.