The Naruto franchise has come a long way since it debuted in Shonen Jump. The original manga penned by Masashi Kishimoto sparked the flames of a franchise that's lasted for decades. Those who have persevered through the hundreds of episodes of the Naruto anime canon are likely already versed in popular manga recommendations.

After diving through the anime and tackling the manga, it is natural to continue exploring new manga series like Spy x Family and Jujutsu Kaisen. Taking a deep dive into webtoons is another beast entirely, but there are plenty of popular series that Naruto fans will find bingeworthy.

10 Unordinary Tells The Story Of A Boy Cursed By Strength

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For readers looking for a story following a protagonist with violent tendencies and a habit of lashing out at his friends while in the heat of battle, look no further than Unordinary. Unordinary follows a boy named John who hides his abilities from the world around him in fear of hurting the people he cares about.

Much like Naruto, John is forced to bring his powers under control when his classmates are threatened by an outside force. This webtoon takes a deep dive into John's mind, adding depth to the struggles of an overpowered superhero and serving up some of the most heartwarming panels since chapter 379 of Naruto.

9 Kreyul Works To End Unnecessary Killings In Death: Rescheduled

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Death: Rescheduled follows a protagonist named Kreyul as he risks his life to challenge the violent nature of his home. Much like Naruto worked to stop the endless cycle of unnecessary death created by the shinobi of the world, Kreyul has hopes of instilling his own ninja way on the setting of Death: Rescheduled.

In this world, every citizen is granted one kill per year, free of cost or punishment. After losing his best friend to this horrific practice, Kreyul vows to end the practice once and for all.

8 To Tame A Fire Casts An Ostracized Hero As Its Protagonist

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Like Naruto, the protagonist of To Tame a Fire spent the majority of her developmental years ostracized by society because of her parents' actions. Ray is an enhanced, or gold-blooded, citizen that survives off of the scraps of her stronger peers.

Her relative weakness and genuinely clumsy behavior at the start of To Tame a Fire will remind many readers of Naruto at the start of his adventure. Luckily, Ray's adventure has only just begun, meaning the heights she'll reach are still something to dream of.

7 Tower of God Throws Its Protagonist Into The Deep End

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Few series have matched the feeling of wonder that fans experienced when they first laid their eyes on the adventures of Naruto. The way Kishimoto threw his characters into the deep end and allowed viewers to watch as they floundered about reminded viewers what it was like to be a kid.

Tower of God by S.I.U. managed to deliver the same feeling of wonder with its first anime season and continues to surprise its readers with a weekly webtoon. This series has been called Webtoon's answer to One Piece, so it may not be as bingeable as other series, but it's well worth the time for those willing to commit.

6 The God of High School Combines Martial Arts & Mythology

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The God of High School delivers a comic adventure that dives into the history of Korean folklore as much as it focuses on martial arts. When a tournament brings all the greatest martial artists together to test their strength, Jin Mori is pushed to his limit and forced to bring out an ancient power many believed lost to history.

As this series progresses from a high school martial arts tournament into a war of the gods, fans are given the chance to explore a densely populated world with some of the best depictions of martial arts in both comic and anime history.

5 66,666 Years: Advent of the Dark Mage Follows A Magical Being Trapped In The Body Of A Child

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Sealing the power of an evil magical being into an infant may not have been invented by the Naruto franchise, but it popularized it nonetheless. 66,666 Years: Advent of the Dark Mage plays with this idea by sealing the power of a dark wizard into a child and forcing him to navigate life with two loving and caring parents.

This hit webtoon is just getting started, but it has already set the stage for an epic showdown of the gods. Before this showdown can come to fruition though, little Diablo Volpir has to escape the suffocating attention of his doting parents.

4 Batman: Wayne Family Adventures Takes Time To Tell The Stories Between The Battles

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The Naruto franchise has continued to entertain fans well into the new century thanks to its willingness to characterize its cast outside its action sequences. With its extensive list of filler, sequel series, and fan fiction, the Naruto franchise has never been one to shy away from pointing the camera away from its action-adventure roots.

Fans who enjoy the family drama in Naruto will find that Batman: Wayne Family Adventures is more than just filler. The series follows the bat family between missions as they deal with the inherent drama that comes when a group of adopted teenagers have to balance fighting crime and high school.

3 Omniscient Reader's Main Cast Is Similar To The Cast of Naruto

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It may not have an anime yet, but Omniscient Reader is easily one of the best fictional franchises being published in 2022. The webtoon that was originally released as a light novel follows Dokja Kim, a reader who finishes a light novel on his way home from work just in time to be dropped into the story he just finished.

Dokja's adventures include an angsty overpowered companion, a powerful healer, and a video game-like UI. The latter bit might not find its equivalent in Naruto, but it's a welcome addition to a tried-and-true formula.

2 Cloud Walker Is A Captivating Supernatural Fantasy Series

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The Naruto franchise is full of supernatural settings and abilities, yet it always manages to stay grounded. The same can be said of Cloud Walker, a popular webtoon that follows Kai Wattana after he strikes a deal with a devil.

Similar to the way Naruto learned to work alongside Kurama, Kai risks his own life in order to bond with a demon. At any moment, Kai is at risk of losing himself to the power of this demon, but stays strong in order to continue his work as a Cloud Walker.

1 Shotgun Boy Turns A Dark Story Into A Dark Adventure

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Ever wonder what a dark version of Naruto would have looked like? Imagine if the series protagonist disappeared in the woods, learned the Shadow Clone Jutsu, and turned his power back on the village that bullied and ridiculed him.

This is the plot of Shotgun Boy except instead of learning the Shadow Clone Jutsu, Gyuhwan found a shotgun in the woods. Luckily, when Gyuhwan returned to his village a greater enemy was there to meet the end of his barrel. This 67 chapter webtoon is already complete, so fans can binge the entire series at their own leisure.