Hitoshi Shinso's use of his Brainwash Quirk to subdue Gigantomachia was one of the most thrilling narrative turns in My Hero Academia's last conflict, giving the heroes a dangerous ally. Even though Gigantomachia has consistently been All For One's most devoted employee, he may have had enough of his old master's double-dealing. He continued to batter Shinso with the rest of the heroes after the effects of Shinso's Quirk were removed since he was unwilling to stand by his master.

Although Shinso's Brainwash Quirk requires all those who respond to his summons to obey him without question, it has an embarrassingly fragile deactivation mechanism. A sharp tap is usually enough to free victims from Shinso's grip, but All For One went above and beyond. Using another of his unnamed Quirks, he launched Gigantomachia into the air, inadvertently freeing the monster and restoring his autonomy.


The Reasons Why Gigantomachia Betrayed All For One in My Hero Academia 384

My Hero Academia 384: [SPOILER] May Have Just Betrayed All For One_1

Far from being grateful at gaining his freedom, Gigantomachia began to rant to All For One. He acknowledged how much the effects of Rewind had changed All For One’s appearance but could still recognize his former master’s scent because of his Dog Quirk. He reiterated how adept he was at recognizing both AFO's scent and voice before finally revealing the reason for his betrayal. Gigantomachia couldn’t understand why All For One had abandoned him.

All For One hid Gigantomachia away long before he was imprisoned at Tartarus, assuring him that his successor would soon take his place. After accepting the All For One Quirk within himself, Shigaraki Tomura arrived as promised and was unrecognizable from the original Demon Lord to Gigantomachia. The fact that All For One had abandoned him once more after patiently waiting for him for so long and serving him dutifully made the enormous villain angry. Shigaraki and the All For One fusion left the Paranormal Liberation War knowing that he would stay in the heroes' care. Gigantomachia felt betrayed by his old master because they never came back to release him.


All For One's Lies Are Eventually Catching Up With Him in My Hero Academia 384

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Despite All For One's claims to care about loyalists like Shigaraki, Spinner, and Gigantomachia, his disregard for their actual well-being reveals how genuinely self-centered he is. Shinso stated that this abrupt change of heart had nothing to do with his Brainwashing, so it is clear that Gigantomachia's rebellion has been in the works for quite some time. The giant had already been complaining bitterly about his unfair treatment as they traveled from Jaku Hospital to the main battleground at Gunga Villa before All For One unintentionally rescued him. Although Gigantomachia appears to be firmly on the side of the heroes for the moment, Shinso is ready to reapply his Quirk's impact should the giant harm them at any time in the future.

In the midst of the conflict, All For One boasted of having sown several seeds in the past that would continue to work toward guaranteeing his victory, while My Hero Academia's recent patterns continue to suggest the reverse. One by one, the pawns he has always considered predictable and taken for granted start to test him, making victory even more improbable.

All For One, in contrast to the heroes, has always fought for his own benefit. Former pals are deserting him as this fact becomes increasingly obvious. All For One in My Hero Academia would like to think that he can still triumph completely on his own, but he has no chance against the united might of the Pro Heroes and his former henchmen.

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