• Jujutsu Kaisen is currently in its final phase, with the Culling Game arc being one of the most exciting parts of the story.
  • The upcoming fights in the Culling Game arc are incredibly important and are expected to be absolutely massive, leaving fans stunned.
  • The editor of Jujutsu Kaisen has hinted that the next two chapters will contain a shocking event that could be either good or bad, leaving fans in anticipation.

Jujutsu Kaisen is currently in the Culling Game arc and it is certainly one of the most exciting parts of the entire story, given that the series is now edging closer to its end with each passing chapter. Previously, the author made it quite clear that the series will not continue beyond 2014 and, as a result, fans have already made peace with the fact that the story is currently in its final phase.

This means that the upcoming fights in the story are going to be incredibly important and right now, interest in the story has peaked tremendously due to comments from JJK's editor, who suggested that the next two chapters are going to be absolutely massive in terms of what they are going to offer and that the fans are going to be absolutely stunned.

Jujutsu Kaisen At The Moment


Presently, JJK finds itself immersed in the gripping narrative of the Culling Game arc, an exceptional segment of the story. In recent months, avid fans have witnessed a series of awe-inspiring battles unfold within the manga. The saga commenced with the protracted confrontation between Gojo and Sukuna, a duel that captivated readers for several months. Surprisingly, Sukuna emerged victorious, and Gojo met his demise. Contrary to expectations of a respite following such an intense battle, the narrative intensified, with relentless and intense fights continuing without pause.

The spotlight shifted to Kashimo, who engaged Sukuna after Gojo, ultimately pushing him to his reincarnated form before meeting his own demise. Subsequently, Yuji, Higuruma, Ino, and Kusakabe plunged into battle, marking what seems to be the culmination of the Culling Game arc.

Simultaneously, readers witnessed Kenjaku's clash with Takaba, culminating in Kenjaku's triumph. However, this victory served as a setup for Yuta to make a surprising move and decapitate Kenjaku. Currently, fans are grappling with the unfolding events, with the primary focus on the battle between Sukuna and the aforementioned four fighters.

In the recent chapters, the narrative has extensively explored this intense battle, with Hiromi Higuruma taking center stage. Higuruma showcased his sorcery skills in combat against Sukuna, and in the preceding chapter, he succumbed to the fight after utilizing the power of reverse cursed technique and domain amplification. Notably, Higuruma managed to seize the cursed tool recently bestowed upon Sukuna and entrusted the Executioner's Sword to Yuji. The narrative now hinges on Yuji's shoulders, creating anticipation among fans to witness if he can bear the weight of this responsibility.

JJK Editor's Hints


Recently, one of JJK's editors, Junya Fukuda, had the opportunity to talk about the manga and the ongoing events in the story. It is a common practice for mangaka to be a couple of chapters ahead of what is being serialized weekly in Shonen Jump. As such, fans should expect Gege to actually be a couple of chapters ahead of schedule at the moment. Recently, the editor, Junya Fukuda got the opportunity to comment on the upcoming chapters, and according to him, what's coming next is going to be incredibly shocking. He specifically mentioned the next few chapters of the manga and his reaction was that of a speechless person after seeing what happened in the upcoming chapters.

The host of the interview reached Junya while he was editing the upcoming chapters and even the host managed to see the shocking moment which is going to happen in one of the upcoming two chapters of JJK. For the telecast, the panel has been completely blurred out, and, unfortunately, fans will not find out what it is before it actually happens in the story. Nonetheless, what fans can be absolutely sure about is that this is something that is going to completely shock them, in either a very bad way, or a good way.

What The Shocking Event In The Upcoming JJK Chapter Could Be


There are many ways this shock could go in the upcoming chapters of JJK. For one, this shock could either be good or bad and there are several plausible guesses for what it could be in either scenario. When coming over to the good things, fans could expect something major such as the return of Gojo Satoru or a character such as Nobara making an appearance once again. These are characters that fans would absolutely love to return to the story ever since their tragic deaths. Gojo, in particular, is a character that fans would absolutely rejoice to see back in the story. After his death, there have been countless theories about him returning in some chapter, and this could be his moment to return to the story.

Similarly, Nobara is a character whose death was never officially confirmed in the story and, even though she has been written out of for the vast majority of it now, she could potentially make a return once again. Another good thing that could potentially happen in the upcoming chapters that the editor was completely shocked by could be the death of Sukuna. Yuji Itadori is currently engaged in battle against him and he could potentially pull off the unthinkable and kill Sukuna, which would be shocking enough to get that reaction out of the editor.

Of course, when speaking of JJK, one should acknowledge the fact that the chances of bad things happening are more than that of good things happening and, as a result, it is possible that another major character could end up dying in the upcoming chapters of JJK. Perhaps, something as shocking as Yuji himself dying is possible as well. Another terrible possibility is that Yuta ends up dying or, potentially, Kenjaku ends up taking over Yuta's body, since they are in close proximity. There are countless possibilities as to what will happen in the upcoming two JJK chapters there's no way to predict what exactly is going to happen, however, what fans know for sure is that Junya Fukuda has given out a major hint to the fans and braced them for a major change that is coming in the upcoming chapters of the story. Thankfully, JJK is making its return after 3 weeks later this week and fans are incredibly excited to see their beloved characters on their screens once again.

Jujutsu Kaisen is available to read via Manga Monster. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The release date for the next chapter of JJK, Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 248, is set to be January 21, 2024.