Itadori Yuji has been the series' hero since the beginning of Jujutsu Kaisen. His bravery has not gone unnoticed, from saving Megumi Fushiguro in the first episode to risking his life to save humanity from Sukuna. Despite his bravery and self-sacrifice, Itadori's capacity to wield cursed energy originates from his status as the King of Curses' vessel.

Itadori's supply of cursed energy comes from Sukuna, hence he has little to no cursed power without the curse occupying him. This is the young sorcerer's reality as of Chapter 212, "The Ripening, Part 2." Despite this, the valiant protagonist retains extraordinary abilities that have people wondering where his strength comes from.


Itadori Defeated Sukuna Without Using Cursed Energy

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Itadori watched in terror as Sukuna switched vessels in the most recent plot twist of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga. The curse took control of Itadori's body for 60 seconds, instilled all of his energy into a finger, and force-fed it to Megumi Fushiguro, using the vow he had previously made with the sorcerer. This sparked an all-out struggle between the curse and his former vessel, in which Itadori fought to liberate his companion in the same way that Fushiguro had done for him.

In the following battle, Itadori was able to hold his own against Sukuna for the duration of the fight -- a surprising accomplishment considering his complete lack of cursed energy. During this time, he survived and shook off multiple direct attacks, including one that left a hole in his torso. Most impressively, Itadori was able to withstand the King of Curses' deadly Cleave technique -- one that usually dices its opponent into small pieces. After fighting through Sukuna's powerful barrage of attacks, Itadori was not only still standing but also successfully fighting back. The sorcerer landed a powerful punch on Sukuna, even managing to draw blood -- something only the god-like Gojo Satoru has been able to do.


Itadori's Strength May Be Due to a Divine Limitation

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Itadori has had a major power-down yet could still hold his own while fighting the King of Curses. Without a cursed technique or any cursed energy, this should be impossible, as even the most powerful of sorcerers have struggled against Sukuna. However, there are a handful of individuals within Jujutsu society who are known for their incredible power despite having no cursed energy.

Maki Zenin and Toji Fushiguro share Itadori's extraordinary power and endurance. They are members of the famous Zenin dynasty, and despite the family's reputation as great sorcerers, they were born with very little cursed energy. The disgraced Zenins' immense physical might is due to their Heavenly Limitations, a bound that a sorcerer is born with that exchanges cursed energy for unimaginable power. Toji was powerful enough to compete with Special Grades like Gojo and Geto, and after Mai Zenin sacrificed herself to complete her twin sister's Heavenly Limitation, Maki was elevated to the same rank.


Yuji's mother, Kaori Itadori, possessed a cursed technique powerful enough to pique Kenjaku's curiosity, eventually becoming one of the antagonists' power techniques. Itadori, like Maki and Toji, is descended from sorcerers. Itadori, like the Zenins, may get his extraordinary power from a Divine Limitation. The sorcerer may have been born with the same bound on his body, bestowing extraordinary physical power in exchange for cursed energy. This would explain why, even without his own cursed method or flow of cursed energy, he was able to fight Sukuna with such ease.

Itadori survived a one-on-one battle with the King of Curses, and his endurance while doing so is similar to that of other people with Heavenly Limitations. The sorcerer is no longer Sukuna's vessel and is significantly weakened as a result, yet his sheer strength has taken no blows, hinting that something else is at work.