Is Vermeil in Gold Really Worth Watching? ( Reader's Perspective)

By: Tom Nov 21, 2022
With 18+ oriented content, Vermeil in Gold is receiving a lot of attention in the Anime community. Does it deserve such attention?
Is Vermeil in Gold Really Worth Watching? ( Reader's Perspective)

At the very least, I have to give Vermeil in Gold some credit for its shamelessness. This production is clearly the result of some proud degenerates who all shared a common goal: To bring to life the story of the big-tittied demon mommy who would use her magical sex powers to turn them into the most popular boys at school, even though she could just as easily smother them to death with both hands tied behind her back. Some folks work their entire lives to put their most personal fantasies onto paper and/or celluloid, and with nothing to show for it. Vermillion in Gold stands as a proud testament to the sheer power of perv-serverance in manifesting one's will unto the world. If I may paraphrase from Field of Dreams: “If you draw it, they will come.”

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In other words, this is a stupid-as-hell sex comedy about a hapless idiot who summons a lascivious succubus in an effort to avoid failing out of his magic school. It's not trying to be high art; it's just trying to make its audience laugh (and provide some material to deposit into their collective spank banks for later use). On that account, Vermeil in Gold's success is tied to the responses of the two most subjective organs in a viewer's body: Their funny bone, and…well, the other one.

It didn't work for me, personally. I struggle to engage with wet-blanket protagonists like Yuji even when they're not the self-insert avatars for a kink I'm also apathetic to. Vermeil's shtick is only intermittently funny—I will admit to chuckling at the awkward absurdity of her just straddling Yuji in the middle of class, for all of his schoolmates to see—but she's not entertaining enough on her own to carry an entire show. I also have no love for the tired “jealous best friend who is romantically obsessed with the pile of mashed potatoes that is our protagonist for no discernable reason".

Plus, Vermeil in Gold is too slapdash in its production values to inspire any admiration on an aesthetic level. A lot of time and effort has clearly been spent on some of Vermeil's key scenes, but I get the impression that the crew at Staple Entertainment had to scramble at the last minute to get the other nineteen minutes of the premiere put together when someone remembered that they actually had to put together a full episode of television. Overall, this might not be quite as terrible as it could have been, but you won't catch me going back to Vermeil in Gold for seconds anytime soon.

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