VTuber News Round-Up: Week of March 20, 2022

By: Jay Agonoy Sep 05, 2022
Welcome to the 12th VTuber News Round-Up! After a major earthquake, Japan is experiencing a power shortage, prompting its electricity distributors to ask
VTuber News Round-Up: Week of March 20, 2022

Welcome to the 12th VTuber News Round-Up! After a major earthquake, Japan is experiencing a power shortage, prompting its electricity distributors to ask everyone to conserve. This led VTubers to reschedule their streams, which is a struggle if they are collaborating with other VTubers overseas. Our neighbors in the Pacific Ring of Fire are also affected by other quakes.

Another struggle that Japanese VTubers have to pass through are tax filings. We told you before about an indie VTuber filing her tax report; now we hear from Kson, who needs to list down her earnings from Twitch as part of her income. Her tax accountant left a response we see as kind of awkward.

Still, we get to celebrate our best moments, just like how fans from Hong Kong do it by placing ads for Hoshimachi Suisei’s birthday on train stations. We still have a lot of stories to run down this week, so let’s get started!

The Ugly: Admiral Bahroo Exposed, Too Much Teasing, Crossing the Line, Model Theft?

Speaking of struggles, the community is struggling to deal with the drama which started from a call-out, and is currently running with Admiral Bahroo being spotlighted. The lesson we all need to learn here is that the golden rule always applies, and we need to control ourselves.

In other news, canine VTuber and comic writer Merryweather is no longer comfortable with his photo being taken at fan conventions, as a photo of him was used to threaten him with physical violence. His cousin Lumi is upset as well, but you’ll still see them in some conventions. They most likely won’t allow selfies and/or photos with fans.

Here are the other VTuber news stories you need to know on this segment:

  • Sometimes we make accidents on stream, and they are covered by clippers—but Hazumi asks everyone to be respectful and know when to clip.
  • Shylily, who just recently finished her subathon, stresses further that she wants her streaming and personal life separated. This, after she tells her story of a guy who pushed for more interaction while she and her friends are in an amusement park, despite her saying no. Let’s read the mood, please.
  • On the other hand, Amaris Yuri defines how too much teasing is seen as rude and dampening. Let’s also remember the human inside, please.
  • We have received a report that one VTuber was using a model commissioned by someone else—and the moment we checked the one being accused of, said VTuber’s Twitter is gone. We find that there are already people pointing out the fault, based on one tweet saved on the Internet Archive.

The Bad: Graduations, Indefinite Hiatus, Acts of Defamation, Sorting out Merch Logistics

Moving back to our main topic, Fae drew a “vent art” which VTubers—especially the indies—can relate to. While this can be guilt-inducing to fans, this is the reality—and this is not a new thing, too. The challenges of being an entertainer include being able to do things consistently while pulling new tricks attract and retain audiences.

Let’s take a look at the other VTuber News stories on this segment:

  • Kamiya Juu announces his hiatus, which is presumed as a step forward to his King arc.
  • Moenaomii also announced an indefinite hiatus.
  • Akumako Rei had to pause her subathon/donothon goals to tend to her injured dog. She is also asking for support.
  • Yuukawa Production’s Eris Voidsong graduated March 24. Following this announcement, they sacked their community manager for multiple infractions.
  • Indonesia’s Harmonia Production condemns acts of defamation against their talents, saying that they will take action against invasion of privacy.
  • Hoku from Thailand’s Polygon Official takes a medical break.
  • Terminated Hololive VTuber Uruha Rushia’s YouTube channel will be closed to the public by March 31, 11:59 JST.
  • Nijisanji is sorting out their merchandise logistics: Yuuhi Riri’s birthday goods were temporarily closed due to an error in the sales page. Their “Girly Collection” sales are cancelled. In the EN side, they sorted out an issue regarding shipping calculation for the EN official store.
  • Aside from Eris Voidsong, two personalities announced their graduation from VTubing: animator Jusagi Chan and content creator Joyeuse.
  • On COVID watch: Moona Hoshinova has contracted the virus, and is taking a rest in isolation to recover. This comes after she celebrated her 1 million subscriber milestone plus her 3D debut at Hololive 3rd FeGet well soon, Moona.

Interesting: Riot Music’s Re:Volt Concert, plus more insights from key community figures

VTuber News Round-Up: Week of March 20, 2022 - Riot Music Re:Volt 2022
Riot Music held its Re:Volt 2022 concert at Line Cube Shibuya last Friday, March 25. (Screenshot from live stream)

Riot Music held its Re:Volt 2022 concert at Line Cube Shibuya, which is also broadcast on YouTube. Before the concert started, a special presentation from executive producer Koki Takeda. Here are some of the announcements:

  • Riot Music will open a Discord server for fan interaction, with details coming soon
  • Six members will be divided into three sub-labels based on their characteristics, strengths and dreams
  • They announced the opening of auditions for new artists

Aside from these, financial services which seem far from the scope of virtual entertainment are sponsoring the event. One sponsor, SBI Securities, offers free NFT souvenirs from the event upon signing up for an SBI account. Teddy recalled that SBI’s investment arm supported ANYCOLOR Inc.’s Series A investment round, according to data from Crunchbase.

Teddy added that most of the venture capitalists which invested in Cover Corp., ANYCOLOR Inc., and VShojo Inc. don’t have much connection with entertainment agencies. One of Cover’s largest investors, Strive, previously focused on APAC-centric B2B activities, while VShojo‘s investor Anthos Capital have invested first in software companies before venturing into entertainment fundings.

Here are the other VTuber news items from this section:

  • During Hololive Super Expo, an eraser was found inside the Hololive Office area referring to Nijisanji’s Tsukino Mito.
  • Bao is given a 3DIO binaural microphone as a gift via Throne. The question is: When do we expect ASMR streams from the whale VTuber herself?
  • Cover Corp.’s CEO Motoaki “YAGOO” Tanigo is now frequenting professional social network LinkedIn. One of his latest posts is Hololive’s overseas expansion.
  • Shirogane Noel introduces the Yamaha AG 2nd Series equipment for live streaming. This set includes a headset, a microphone and a mixer. The AG 2nd Series includes a mic with a built-in mixer, as well as a 6-channel mixing console for live streaming. These will be on sale in Japan this April.

This week is AnimeJapan 2022, the biggest consumer and trade show for anime in Japan. Both Hololive and Nijisanji EN have their own share of mentions. Hololive and Pacific Racing has a collab booth inside the venue, while Petra Gurin takes us to some of the booths inside the event.

Nijisanji EN also promotes the Japan Cultural Expo’s virtual platform with Pomu Rainpuff, Elira Pendora and Rosemi Lovelock sharing their talents in traditional Japanese arts. We encourage you to visit it to see for yourself. Another event happening at the EN side are offline collab streams which started with the besties, then with Nina Kosaka and some of Luxiem, and coming soon is Pomu Rainpuff and Finana Ryugu.

At Hololive EN, Calliope Mori and Ouro Kronii held a manga reading stream for Tanba’s “The Insipid Prince’s Furtive Grab for The Throne” published by Kadokawa. Looks like the publisher’s going all out for this title, as the first five chapters plus chapter zero are free on Book Walker Global Store until April 3, with the rest of the chapters at 50% off.

Remember that life-sized Gawr Gura figure at Hololive Super Expo? Turns out it will be available for a charity auction. If you find that one too big for your collection, they’ll have a 1/7 scale version if it as well. More info about this will be posted soon.

Meanwhile, we got new figures from Good Smile Company coming soon, featuring Nendoroids of select Hololive and Nijisanji personalities, Pop Up Parade Oozora Subaru and a sale figure of Yukihana Lamy. Now give space for new additions in your VTuber figure collection.

Going back, more songs from Hololive and Holostars will be made available on Joysound karaoke machines. Now Japan can sing to songs from Tsunomaki Watame, Hololive Indonesia, Calliope Mori, IRyS, and more.

We have more items logged for this section:

Events – Upcoming / Finished

Merchandise – Upcoming / Released

  • Hakui Koyori releases first birthday goods merchandise set
  • Kanda Myoujin Ginger Ale set with special Hololive packaging featuring Nakiri Ayame, Ookami Mio and Sakura Miko will be available via mail over and over-the-counter on March 30.

Music – Hololive and Nijisanji

Good VTuber News: Visual Novel Featuring Vtubers, Nijisore 2022, Another Maya Putri Teaser

Japanese VTuber Kureha Kurono is someone we admire. She is featured in a visual novel called “Kuroi Tsubasa,” which will be available on Steam this April 4, 10 AM GMT. Aside from Kureha, other Japanese VTubers are featured too. The game is about a devil named Blackwing and his goal to beat parts of himself who became shadows with help from a plain office lady. She also celebrated her 3rd year as a VTuber. Congratulations!

In other good news, NijiSore 2022 returns for a third run, an announcement warmly welcomed by fans in Indonesia as the month of Ramadan begins this April. Fans feared that this series of streams will be axed following Nijisanji’s Indonesia merger with its main Japanese branch.

Still in Indonesia, Maya Putri returns with another video. Two years after her last appearance online, she said that she learned a lot, and seeks to grow up even more. Here are some good VTuber news to check out as well:

  • Yugo Asuma returns after a one-week hiatus
  • Shoto announces he is going to stream full-time
  • MilkyQueen joins Twitch Japan’s Partner Campaign. From March 25 to April 3, subs, gift subs and bits become EXP points and can be exchange for prizes
  • KoMETA Virtual Live officially opens channel memberships—You can now join Elaine, Miria and Virgil‘s exclusive circles
  • Cimrai asks everyone to recommend her VTubers who could use more exposure and she will offer a positive review to be posted once a day or every other day

Milestones and Debuts

Congratulations to the following VTubers for celebrating their debuts and milestones this week!

Milestones / Anniversaries

Debut Announcements

Classified Ads Section

What is a newspaper without some classified ads? Well, we’re not a newspaper, but on this section, we list down the open auditions and job openings in the VTuber community.

  • As Hololive prepares for the debut of its first English-speaking male VTubers, they are looking for an Operations Director. We assume that you need to read Japanese, most likely because you’ll be interacting with Japanese personnel.
  • Virtual Talent Academy opens additional recruitment, following the launch of Nijisanji’s new trio Ranunculus. Open only to those who have experience with streaming.
  • CodeMiko’s newly-established company MikoVerse opens auditions for VTubers, job openings for 3D character and Unreal technical artists, character rigger and Senior UI/UX designer
  • Yaxie Lotte’s IkasuLive opens auditions for VTubers

In closing, we expect that even if we plan so much, sometimes we blink and then see our plans failing, just like how Enna Alouette failed to finish a 1000-piece puzzle in 2 hours. She still had fun completing the puzzle, and that’s why we say that having fun is the most important thing as a VTuber. You have fun, and the audience does too, just like the people who made memes out of Hololive’s 3rd fes, or just recently, Tsukimi Lune’s collab with KoMETA’s Virgil.

As we continue with our weekly VTuber news round-ups, we are continuously tweaking and mastering how we can deliver this to you best. Let us know your feedback through the comments below or through email at jay.agonoy [at] animecorner [dot] me.

One more announcement: We now have an official Twitter account—@VTuberSection—and we invite everyone to follow it for VTuber-related updates from Anime Corner News. You can also mention us in any activity you have, and the best ones will be included in the succeeding round-ups. Catch you next week!

Banner Photo: Isekai Pikamee © VOMS Project, Calliope Mori © COVER Corp., Nina Kosaka © ANYCOLOR, Inc.

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