The Naruto series became one of the most popular anime since the first episode released in 2002. With the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden anime combining for a total of 720 episodes, fans of the series have grown attached to many characters over the years. While the show is incredible, many fans want to express their fandom beyond the screen with additional merchandise to symbolize their appreciation for a character.

Luckily, because of the series' popularity, fans have their pick of many figures varying in both detail and price available now at major retailers. Whether fans are looking for a smaller figure that fits their budget or a high-value statue, there's something available for everyone from creative Funkos to incredibly detailed models from S.H. Figuarts and KIZUNA Relations.

10 Funko Pop! Animation: Naruto (Six Path) Sage Color Is A Simple Yet Effective Figure

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Fans who prefer more detailed figures may want to avoid this option, but for fans who collect other Funko POPs, this is a must-have. For a POP Figure, this Sage of Six Paths version of Naruto is very detailed and is easily one of the best looking Naruto Funko POPs out there.

Funko POPs are perfect items to take to conventions to get signed by artists and voice actors. Fans should check out the other Naruto POP Figures at major retailers. The glow-in-the-dark variant of the Naruto (Sage Of Six Paths) perfectly showcases the character's power.

9 Naruto Uzumaki Rise Hobby Figure By Bandai Is Fun To Build

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The Naruto Uzumaki Rise Hobby may be one of the most creative Naruto figures out there because fans build it themselves. This figure is easy to put together. There's no glue needed, and the plastic is already colored. The low price tag is not indicative of the quality of the figure as included decals make it fairly detailed.

The best part is the chakra magnets fans can put on Naruto's feet that allow the Naruto figure to stand on any magnetic surface. For fans who want to add something fun to their collections, this figure is available at most major retailers for under $30. However, only Naruto is available so far. Hopefully Bandai will release more characters in this line soon.

8 Sasuke Uchiha (He Who Bears All Hatred) By Bandai Is An Affordable-Articulated Figure

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This Sasuke figure is perfect for fans who want a high-quality, articulated figure for a fair price. While fans can only pre-order this item right now, the wait is worth it because the coloring and detail are phenomenal for the price.

Fans looking to complete Team 7 will also find similar figures of Naruto and Sakura to pair with this fantastic Sasuke piece for roughly $60. Fans shouldn't worry about the pre-order process because reliable retailers like Crunchyroll Store and BigBadToyStore can ship these figures anywhere safely when they release in October of this year.

7 Shinra Tensei Pain 1/8 Scale Limited Edition Wall Statue By Espada Art Requires No Shelf Space

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The Pain figure price may be pretty steep, but it's worth it. Pain is a popular character, but his figures are not nearly as common as Naruto or Sasuke's. Not to mention this figure is large at a 1/8 scale and is still probably cheaper than other Pain figures.

The Shinra Tensai Pain is also a wall-mounted statue that features the iconic Akatsuki symbol behind him. Pain fans should act fast if they want this product as there will only be 3,000 of these made. The statue is available for pre-order at BigBadToyStore right now for $179.99 and is expected to hit stores in early 2023.

6 Vibration Stars Kakashi Hatake By Banpresto Is The Most Detailed Cheap Figure

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This is quite possibly the best cheap Naruto figure fans can buy. This Kakashi design is stunning as it is one of the few figures that features his Anbu Black Ops outfit.

Kakashi is far from the only character available. Bandai's Vibration Stars line also features great-looking figures of Rock Lee, Hinata, Shikamaru, and many more for the same price. The price of this Kakashi is lower than almost any anime figure in general. These are available right now, and fans can get them online through popular retailers like Crunchyroll Store and GameStop for only $26.99.

5 Dioramatic Itachi Uchiha By Banpresto Looks Straight Out Of The Manga Or Anime

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Luckily for the many fans of Itachi, they can now pre-order one of the best-looking Naruto figures to date. This figure depicts one of the most iconic scenes in the series when Itachi prepares to fight his brother, Sasuke.

This figure is surprisingly affordable as well and comes in two different versions. "The Brush" version depicts the colors in the anime while the "The Brush Tones" version is black and white except for certain red details, making things like the Akatsuki symbols on his robe pop. Fans can pre-order both versions of this figure today onCrunchyroll Store and BigBadToyStorefor $65.99.

4 Naruto Uzumaki Nero Figure (Manga Dimensions) By Grandista Is The Best Painted Figure

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Grandista's most beautiful figures exist in their Manga Dimensions line. Manga Dimension figures are exceptionally painted, appearing as though they jumped straight out of the colored Manga panels and the execution is phenomenal.

This Naruto figure looks excellent because of the way the light of his Rasengan reflects onto his body. Fans should also check out the other figures in this line featuring characters like kid Naruto, Sasuke, and Kakashi. Fans can find this Naruto figure and most of the other Manga Dimensions line at Crunchyroll Store, BigBadToyStore, and sometimes GameStop.

3 Madara Uchiha S.H. Figuarts (SDCC Exclusive Color Edition) Is Available For Only A Limited Time

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Some fans root for the villains and this figure perfectly demonstrates why. The S.H. Figuarts has created a line of Naruto figures for years, but this particular figure is special because it's only out for a limited time. It was released around San Diego Comic-Con.

While this figure is sold out at most major retailers, Crunchyroll Store still has it available for a fair price of $70. Madara Uchiha is articulated and beautifully colored. His armor pops and the quality is unmatched. This is must-have for fans of the Naruto villain.

2 Naruto G.E.M Series Gaara By MegaHouse Is A Shining Star In A Great Line Of Figures

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The G.E.M series is perfect for fans that have a bit of money to spend and are looking for a high-quality figure. All the G.E.M figures sell out quite fast but often receive re-releases due to popularity and demand.

Big retailers like BigBadToyStore list figures like Sasuke and Gaara at around $170 each. Of the two, Gaara figures are sometimes harder to come by. The price is higher than most, but G.E.M crafted a rare Garra figure that will easily tempt collectors. If fans have the money, this entire line of figures looks stunning and pair together nicely. Each figure displays the character's signature abilities.

1 Figuarts Zero Kurama Minato Namikaze/Naruto Uzumaki (KIZUNA Relations) By Tamashii Nations Combine For The Best Centerpiece

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The KIZUNA Relations figures are easily some of the best looking Naruto figures of all time. Fans can interchange characters and set them next to each other to create one large centerpiece.

The Naruto and Minato figures are the most affordable, around $85 each, and are honestly two of the best looking ones. Similar to the G.E.M series, KIZUNA Relations often re-releases their best statues, but fans can find the Naruto figure on BigBadToyStore to pre-order while the Minato and other characters are available for slightly higher prices on Amazon.

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