Dr. Stone is a uniquely subversive anime that manages to captivate its audience in quite an unusual way. By utilizing scientific methods and principles and explaining them on-screen, the story manages to retain an excellent flow of cool new plot points.

This is largely unique to Dr. Stone as few manga -- and even less anime -- have been so ambitious as to incorporate scientific principles into their writing.

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By incorporating science into the shonen storyline, Dr. Stone is able to continuously surprise its audience with its unorthodox plot progression. Whereas most popular shonen anime focus on acquiring a supernatural power-up or consistently training, Dr. Stone manages to avoid these clichés. By revolving between acquiring new material and creating new items through chemistry, engineering, and numerous other fields of study, the show never finds itself getting too stale. After all, learning is extremely enjoyable when presented in such an interesting format, and it encourages the audience to pay attention all the more closely.

One of the most satisfying plot arcs occurred in season two after Chrome is captured by Tsukasa. Chrome managed to utilize an earlier plot development to aid in his own escape. After witnessing Senku electrifying saltwater with a battery to create sodium hydroxide, Chrome sweats into a cup and electrifies it to create sodium hydrochloride. He then successfully makes his escape after using the chemical solution to corrode the bindings of his bamboo imprisonment. Since both the audience and Chrome learned this from Senku earlier, it is gratifying to see Chrome utilize his knowledge practically; encouraging the audience to as well.

By providing the audience with the knowledge of easier chemical and mechanical reactions, the author is successfully nurturing the audience's interest in the fields of STEM. Considering the target audience is young adults between the ages of 10 and 18, it is important to note that this is a very influential point in their lives. Utilizing anime as a medium of attracting prospective students could become a new phenomenon as it gives an interesting taste of the life of an academic scientist.

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Furthermore, by utilizing scientific principles the anime is able to avoid the tired tropes seen within shonen manga. Instead of the popular trope of spending an entire arc devoted to training the protagonist while side-characters futilely try to fight and delay the main antagonist - Naruto, DragonBall, Bleach etc.; Dr. Stone is able to circumvent this by teaching the audience of a scientific principle that they may not have known about. Since Senku already has the knowledge, his biggest obstacle is acquiring materials and manpower; making for much more unique and unexpected plot lines to develop. Instead of facing challenges in a matter of brute force, Dr. Stone relies on its clever writing and knowledge of science to outsmart the obstacles presented.

This aspect of cleverly implementing real-life scientific principles and practical knowledge into anime is going to prove to be the future of shonen anime. By helping interest others in what the author themselves is interested in, mangaka are able to passionately share their knowledge and experience with others. This development will likely serve to spice up both shonen manga and anime alike and make them stand out amidst the oversaturated market.