My Hero Academia chapter 392 Spoilers and Raw Scans

Jun 22, 2023
Toga’s tragic backstory fully revealed as Uraraka is fatally injured
My Hero Academia chapter 392 Spoilers and Raw Scans
My Hero Academia chapter 392 is set to be published in Weekly Shonen Jump issue 30 on Monday, June 26, at 12 AM JST. The spoilers released recently mark the chapter as an introspective journey through Himiko Toga’s childhood as the fight between her and Ochaco Uraraka reaches a fatal high.


In the previous chapter, the Twice clones overwhelmed the heroes with no end in sight. Not knowing how much blood Toga had in store, Uraraka tried to talk to her about their shared concerns and her interpretation of why the villain could not use Dabi and Shigaraki’s powers. Her claim angered Toga to the point that her true form burst through her Twice guise.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from My Hero Academia chapter 392.

My Hero Academia chapter 392 spoilers reveal the origin of Toga’s tragedy as she mortally wounds Ochaco Uraraka during the battle

According to the My Hero Academia chapter 392 spoilers, the chapter is titled “Villain Name.”

My Hero Academia chapter 392 spoilers begin by showing Clones holding down Tsuyu Asui, who is unable to shake them off due to her injuries sustained at Okuto island. Toga, meanwhile, accuses Ochaco Uraraka of saying such placating things because the hero has had an easy life.

A flashback goes back to Toga’s childhood, where her parents accuse her of being “unnatural” and “inhuman” because she was seen drinking the blood of a dead bird, and later that of a classmate. A young Toga often witnessed different forms of love that were deemed acceptable by social standards despite being so widely varied.

She wondered why her form of expressing her love was deemed an aberration, and why other people never felt the urge to drink blood and become the people they loved. My Hero Academia chapter 392 spoilers then reveal a sorrowful montage of Toga being caught trying to drink blood and her parents not believing her honest explanations.

They, along with her Quirk Counsellor, promised to make her “normal”, never asking what she wanted. They never tried to adapt to her, instead forcing her to adapt to social norms. Back in the present, Toga hallucinates that a vestige of Curious is asking her whether she puts on a mask to suppress her true self in order to match social standards.

Uraraka once again traps Toga using her wires while Jiro tries to rescue Asui. Kamui Woods warns her that that is a clone as he is holding the real Asui. As the clone attacks Jiro, the heroes realize that Toga’s clones are drinking the blood from the battleground, and can thus turn into anyone she pleases.

Asui starts talking about how she, too, believed in the clear-cut binary of heroes being good and villains being evil before she saw Ochaco trying to understand and reach out to Toga. Now, she has seen the merit of he friend’s approach. So even if Ochaco is late, she is trying, and Toga should give her a chance.

However, in the next panel is it revealed that Toga has stabbed Ochaco through her stomach. The villain tells Ochaco that they are fundamentally different, as are their experiences and the ability to feel joy. My Hero Academia chapter 392 spoilers end with a flashback of Twice asking Toga about picking a villain name.

According to the spoilers, the manga will be on a break following this chapter. Be sure to keep up with more My Hero Academia anime news and manga updates as 2023 progresses.


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