More than halfway through its third anime season, Demon Slayer is still popular with viewers all around the world. Many people are still unsure of what will happen to Tanjiro Kamado and his friends as the English adaptation of the show has only recently been announced. Manga readers are anticipating the next and final arcs to begin as their time approaches, even though a second anime adaptation has not yet been revealed.

The "Final Battle" arc of Demon Slayer has approximately 70 manga chapters, although the "Hashira Training" arc only had nine, and it only lasts for one night. Readers have not yet learned how the anime's current "Swordsmith Village" storyline will be replaced because there are still a few episodes left to air. Given the volume of material in the "Final Battle" arc, there has been discussion about whether it should be turned into a fourth season with 25 episodes or two feature-length films, similar to how the "Dead Moon Circus" arc of Sailor Moon Crystal was presented on Netflix.


How a Potential Fourth Season of Demon Slayer Could Work

Should Demon Slayer receive a full-length Season 4, the "Hashira Training" arc should only take up around three episodes given its extremely short duration. As episodes in the past have adapted two or three chapters each on average, the remaining 22 available in the season should have next to no trouble taking care of the "Final Battle" arc's sprawling length.

To save time and ensure certain events do not feel rushed -- which has been a criticism from Demon Slayer manga readers before -- hour-long episodes could be dedicated to the "Hashira Training" arc and the anime's final conclusion, allowing plenty of time to pay attention to the actions and emotional moments displayed throughout.

While half- or full-length seasons have been the norm for many anime, however, Demon Slayer could potentially stray from this format. Attack on Titan's final season has been split into three cours, with some having more episodes than others. As Demon Slayer's "Final Battle" arc has been divided into two halves -- namely the "Infinity Castle" arc and the "Sunrise Countdown" arc -- it could be possible to go the same route as Attack on Titan with yearly gaps between each part.


Demon Slayer's Final Chapter Could Use Two Full Movies

However, not everyone may be on board with the idea of Demon Slayer's final arc being a television series. As episodes are released on a weekly basis, some may forget what all has happened over the course of 25 weeks, prompting them to go back and re-watch or simply wait until they are all out so they can be binged. While there would no doubt be a long wait for both situations, Demon Slayer's last storyline might be done more justice from two long movies.

With the "Infinity Castle" and "Sunrise Countdown" arcs making up the series' final storyline, a film focusing on each one may help viewers keep up with all that's happening. The former focuses on four distinct yet major battles, while the latter is much more directly geared toward Muzan Kibutsuji's endgame -- and there's a drastic change in location between the two sagas.

The "Final Battle" arc of Demon Slayer offers massive action-packed scenes as well as emotional yet joyful finale for both sub-arcs. These range from clashes between the Demon Slayer Corps and the remaining Upper Moons to each character's sorrowful backstory. Both plot threads may benefit from two movies, as the often-rushed timetables of a typical anime season may not be able to capture those moments as effectively.