Few Jujutsu Kaisen characters are as ardent and pure-hearted as Choso. He is the strongest of the human-curse hybrids and the oldest brother of the Death Paintings. He also possesses a coveted cursed technique that is often only handed down among Kamo Clan members.

Choso can use Blood Manipulation more easily than most people because he is partially a Cursed Spirit, and in My Hero Academia, he has a unique Quirk that matches his dexterity with the technique.


What Is Jujutsu Kaisen's Choso's Cursed Technique?

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Choso’s Cursed Technique was granted to him as a result of his exposure to the ancient Noritoshi Kamo’s blood. Popularly known as the most evil sorcerer in Jujutsu Kaisen's history, Kamo earned the mantle with the experiment that created Choso and the other Cursed Womb: Death Paintings, and imbued him with the inherited technique of one of the three great sorcerer families. Of course, Noritoshi Kamo was already under Kenjaku’s control at the time.

The Blood Manipulation Cursed Technique works exactly as its name suggests. It allows those blessed with it to manipulate both their blood and objects that have been imbued with it. Human sorcerers have to be careful while using this technique as the risk of accidentally hobbling oneself in battle is high. To mitigate severe blood loss, they often prepare blood packs ahead of time in order to increase the pool of blood available to control. In an ideal situation, a Blood Manipulation user would never have to resort to using their own lifeline in battle.

Choso is exempt from most of Blood Manipulation’s drawbacks by virtue of him being a cursed spirit. As long as he hasn’t suffered a fatal injury and still possesses some cursed energy in his vast reserves, restoring lost blood is as easy as willing it. Overwhelming his opponents in a deluge of blood manifested from cursed energy is well within Choso’s ability as well. In addition, all of Blood Manipulation’s most powerful derived techniques are at his disposal -- including the ability to increase his physical prowess by manipulating the blood within him and the supersonic Piercing Blood.


The Blood Manipulation Quirk of Vlad the Imp would be Choso's Cursed Technique in MHA.

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Class 1-B’s Vlad Sensei has received very little screen time compared to the rest of the UA staff in My Hero Academia, but the limited showcase of his own Blood Manipulation has proven it a worthy comparison to its Jujutsu Kaisen namesake. Vlad King’s Quirk allows him to manipulate the blood within him, including forcing it out of his body with the help of a support item on order to wield it freely against his enemies.

Vlad King’s Quirk also seems to increase his physical prowess above average human levels. Like Choso’s exclusive privilege with his Blood Manipulation Cursed Technique, Vlad’s Quirk prevents him from experiencing the negative symptoms associated with blood loss. He can similarly change his blood’s state of matter once it’s outside his body, moving it through the air as if it were a crimson mist and solidifying it around opponents to serve as a capture tool.