An entire generation of anime fans grew up with Naruto, helping it to become one of the most successful anime series in history. Fans loved the story and the characters, but they also enjoyed watching ninja fighting each other with jutsu. Some justu were used for deception, while others were capable of destroying entire villages.

My Hero Academiais another popular shonen that has helped to fill the void that Naruto left behind, and it takes place in a world where the majority of humans possess some type of Quirk. These Quirks tend to vary from person to person, but they can all be useful in the right situation. Some Quirks are extremely overpowered though, so much so that they would also be overpowered in the Naruto universe.

10 Brainwashing Can End A Battle Instantly

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Sometimes, a person is automatically perceived to be evil because of their Quirk, and that is exactly what happened to Shinso Hitoshi, who possesses the Brainwashing Quirk. As its name suggests, Shinso can force others to obey his commands, and he can control multiple people at once.

The one catch is that the target must respond to Shinso in order for the Quirk to activate. This power would work on every ninja, including Sasuke who is skilled in genjutsu. With it, someone like Shinso can force enemy ninja to stop moving, which would end every battle instantly.

9 Permeation Is Very Similar To Obito's Kamui

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Kamui was a very powerful jutsu because it granted access to an alternate dimension, and Obito could use it in a way that allowed enemy attacks to phase through his body. Togata's Permeation Quirk is quite similar, as it allows him to phase through physical matter.

He can choose to make his entire body intangible, or he can pick a single body part. This makes evading attacks very easy. This Quirk essentially makes the user immune to every ninja tool and all forms of offensive jutsu, including Tailed Beast Bombs and Susanoo attacks. It is also the perfect Quirk for surprise attacks.

8 Double Offers An Instant Army At Any Time

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Twice is also lively and comedic, which makes him one of MHA's more loveable villains. His Quirk, however, has caused him to suffer an existential crisis and to question whether he is the original version of himself.

His Double Quirk allows him to make a copy of an object or person. If he copies a person, the copy can use the original's Quirk, and when he copies himself, he can create a literal army of clones. Naruto proved that an army of clones can overwhelm enemies, and this Quirk can create an instant army that can take down a country without using chakra.

7 Warp Gate Creates Dangerous & Effective Portals

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The Warp Gate Quirk belongs to Kurogiri, and it allows him to create and manipulate dark fog which acts like a portal. The fog can transport anything it comes in contact with to a specific location, and he used it to transport members of the powerful League of Villains.

It could be used to transport an enemy army into the center of a village undetected. In terms of offense, Warp Gate can be used to send ranged jutsu elsewhere, where it can hit the ninja's allies. Close-ranged justu and taijutsu would be pointless because the dark fog can send the attacker elsewhere, like into the center of an active volcano.

6 Decay Disintegrates Anything With A Touch

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Tomura Shigaraki has become a very dangerous villain, which is fitting since he possesses a truly terrifying Quirk. It is called Decay, and it allows the user to destroy anything they touch by turning it to dust. It works on both organic and inorganic objects.

When this Quirk gets more powerful, it can spread beyond the user's body. When this happens, it can disintegrate large portions of a city and dozens of victims at once. This Quirk can annihilate an entire ninja village, and it can kill anyone, including a Tailed Beast or an Otsutsuki.

5 Hardening Would Make Ninja Tools & Taijutsu Pointless

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Offense is incredibly important in ninja battles, but defense can be just as important, as evidenced by Gaara's sand and the defensive nature of the Susanoo. Kirishima's Quirk is called Hardening, and with it, he can harden any part of his body.

This Quirk is highly effective against physical attacks, and it protects the user from potentially fatal hazards like explosions. The strength and durability of the hardening increase with each attack, and the sharp edges can be used for offense. Ninja tools like swords and shuriken would either get deflected or break, and taijutsu would be neutralized.

4 Rewind Can Literally Wipe People From Existence

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Eri is by far the cutest character in My Hero Academia, but she wields a dangerous ability. Her Quirk is called Rewind, and it allows her to reverse a person's body back to a previous state. If used correctly, it would surpass any form of medical ninjutsu since it can reverse fatal injuries.

What makes this Quirk so dangerous is the fact that it can revert someone back to a point where they never existed. A ninja with this ability could simply touch someone and make them disappear forever. It could also be used to revert kekkei genkai users back to when their kekkei genkai hadn't activated yet.

3 One For All Gives Too Many Useful Abilities

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As the main protagonist, Izuku Midoriya is the hero of his story, and he possesses an almighty Quirk. One For All is a hereditary Quirk that bestows superhuman strength, speed, durability, and agility. This Quirk would be able to break through a Susanoo's defenses.

Izuku's version of One For All provides a number of other abilities, like the ability to sense nearby threats, and the ability to build up kinetic energy which unleashes explosive bursts of power. Smokescreens can be used to obscure vision, and he can float and produce black tendrils for long-range grappling.

2 Overhaul Grants Full Control Over Matter

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Kai Chisaki was a high-ranking member of the Yakuza, and his Overhaul Quirk gives him the ability to disassemble and reassemble matter. He can destroy something by simply touching it with his hand, and he can bring it back in its original form or alter it however he wishes.

The ability to control matter is inherently broken because the user can basically do whatever they want. He can destroy an entire Tailed Beast as if it were nothing, or he could merge with a Tailed Beast and acquire its vast chakra and destructive capabilities.

1 Black Hole Would Disintegrate Ninja & Jutsu Alike

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Thirteen is a Pro Hero who specializes in search and rescue operations, and she has a Quirk that can kill any ninja or destroy any village. Black Hole allows her fingertips to replicate the suction effects of a black hole.

Even light cannot escape this effect, and anything that gets sucked in gets disintegrated. Any jutsu aimed towards Thirteen would be safely eliminated by the black hole before it reaches her. Even Baryon Mode Naruto, Susanoo encased Sasuke, and Isshiki Otsutsuki cannot survive this Quirk's pull.

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