The following contains spoilers for Episode 2 of Chainsaw Man,"Arrival in Tokyo," now streaming on Crunchyroll, as well as Chapter 2 of the manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto, now available in English via Viz Media.

The Chainsaw Man anime has already seen protagonist Denji bond with Pochita, harnessing the dog's power in order to kill devils. He's hoping this will help him on the job with Makima and the Public Safety Unit, thinking he'll be paid well enough to finally escape his impoverished past. However, while Makima does seem to like Denji, she's treating him like a weapon rather than a human.

Interestingly, Chainsaw Man's second episode ends up cutting a key manga arc involving their business relationship and why Makima believes in him. This piece of the story would have justified Makima's corporate mandate, while showing her that maybe she ought to change her ways moving forward and embrace the humanity within.


Chainsaw Man's Muscle Devil Arc Is Cut From the Anime

The Chainsaw Man Anime Cut an Integral Trial Informing Makima's Big Decision_0

In Chapter 2 of the Chainsaw Man manga, after Makima finds Denji in the wake of a bloody war and recruits him, they stop for food. However, a delirious man indicates to them that a demon took his daughter. Makima orders Denji to go in the bushes after her and save the child, calling him a "dog" who ought to obey orders she barks.

Denji does so, eventually overcoming the ruse this Muscle Devil puts on. The snake-like demon pretends it's saving the girl from an abusive father, but turns on Denji when he asks if they should run away, thinking it's a good devil. Denji ends up using his saws to cut the creature up and rescues the girl, leaving Makima impressed. She understands she's got a unique asset on her hands, but the Chainsaw Man anime totally omits this, just having them eat and then head to the office.


The Manga's Muscle Devil Arc Informed Why Makima Hires Denji

The Chainsaw Man Anime Cut an Integral Trial Informing Makima's Big Decision_1

In Episode 1 of Chainsaw Man, Makima didn't get to see Denji in action; she just found him at the bloody site after killing a devil legion. She hires him, however, believing he can be a unique tool. In the manga, it's only when Makima sees how selfless and effective Denji is with the girl -- toting her on his back -- that she knows she made the right choice.

By showing the "Muscle Devil" arc, Makima would sense Denji does have good in him and isn't just a worthwhile hire, but a worthwhile person too. This would inform why she eventually tells him that he's her type. Even if she's lying, it would help fool the viewership, as it's easy to think she has a crush on a Denji who'd go all out for a girl he never met before.

More so, it'd place into context why she tells Hayakawa that Denji should be given preferential treatment on the job as this Chosen One. The Chainsaw Man anime ultimately undercuts its emotional resonance by axing the trial, with Makima's favoritism feeling plot convenient as she has nothing to go by -- apart from the first episode's bloody aftermath.